I haven't talked to any real life "friends" in over a month. I have no one. For people who were once at rock bottom...

I haven't talked to any real life "friends" in over a month. I have no one. For people who were once at rock bottom, does it get better? Or should I just end it here?

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Even though my life is better significantly, I still want to commit suicide daily lol

Yeah I worry that even if it gets better I'll keep bitching about shit

Embrace solitude, you failed normalfaggot.

Only have one irl friend left from when we were in school, 8 years ago. He got a job and a gf but we still talk occasionally. Really happy for him, out of the original group never suspected he'd be the only one to make it. Everyone else is either missing, institutionalized, or dead.

I just want 1 fucking person

I haven't talked to my irl friends in 7 months.
One of my old high school friends came into town but didn't even reach out to me.
Talk to two dudes online one who doesn't really like.
(if only you knew how bad things really are)

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>only a month

Oh fren LUL.
Try having no friends all the time. The worse part is sometimes having friends but not really. You get a taste of it but it never lasts.
>travel jobs

a MONTH?!?!?!? a month?!?!?!?


oh sweet summer child. this is just the beginning

1 month was just a short message and a reply. I haven't had a real conversation in even longer.

1 month is not a long time. I haven't spoken to anyone other than my mum and brother in 3 years

Better get used to it pal. Lmao
Welcome to the real world. Alone besides work etc

>does it get better?
nope. it just becomes the norm. i have talked to any of my old friends in 5 years

Fuck... Guess I should've expected this to be how I'd end up


See. The world answered it for you bud. I want to say it gets better but it doesn't. Your best bet is to be a normalfag again some other way.
Via work. Gym or whatever you want to do.
Having friends is pointless and retarded. You're better off just having a few drinks with co workers and making sure they are cool to which most normies are.
The true fun is slowly red pilling new frens

Then go get one. Otherwise embrace solitude.

At this point if I died they wouldn't find my body for months.

Can't make new friends, being a mentally ill reclusive neet. But that's fate. Isolation and loneliness will eat away at you and deteriorate your mind. Best to find a hobby or work on yourself physically, mentally, or spiritually. it's unnatural to be alone.

Sadly I had a co worker die this way. We don't know yet if he an hero or not but he wasn't found for weeks. Somehow my buddy went in to grab things but I can't imagine the smell or how it looked.
I feel bad but he was older and hated the world. His room had tons of 7-11 pizza boxes and beer. I still feel bad that he passed.

Fate is keeping me up at night. My mind tells me what my fate is. I accepted it but it keeps harassing me.

I went a year. Yeah, it gets better. Because you will get better.

You have to build the insight required to make friends, maintain friends, and find happiness. The growing pains are rough but, if you keep trying, you will improve at making yourself happy.

I want to make some friends at some point but I'm neet. Even online. Lonely for some years now. 99% it turns to a crapshoot. Chimpanzees have an easier time socializing than humans sometimes, between the dominance fights.

Ha loser, I haven't spoken to an irl "friend" in 4 months.

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