I am a 26 year old virgin female. Ama

I am a 26 year old virgin female. Ama

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social anxiety, eh? Feels pretty bad, man.

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Getting fucked in the asshole and sucking off chad don't mean you're a virgin. Leave.

lies kys shill

I honestly dont like the way this cartoon looks directly at me.

haha, sorry. It's my interrogative akko. How's this one?

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Wow, nice dubs akkoposter. You really are magic.

What is your reason? Social anxiety? AvPD? Or are you just saving it for someone?

its cause the shill is syphoning off of me

would you date a 5'5" male

If you were a yuru yuri, which yuru yuri would you be?
Follow up question: if you could yuri a yuru yuri, which yuru would you yuri?

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why not just become a lesbian?

Night virgin female. 25yo virgin Male here who was once in a relationship for 5 years with a girl who was scared of intercourse so know that I know what your going through somewhat.

Im a 25 year old virgin, and there's nothing these fembots will do about that.

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Haha gotcha fags. Stop responding to these threads.

>I am a 26 year old virgin female. Ama
can i have a jar of your pee and some sweaty socks?


You gave me a (You) thats a win in my books

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Bro 5'5 isn't really bad, height is a real issue when you're like 5'2 and below. As long as you're above that and have a good face/frame/hair you'll have no problem.

>have a good face/frame/hair you'll have no problem.
Where do you think you are?

I'm just saying don't blame it on height, only 5'2 and below fags can actually blame it on height

It is almost always a combinations of issues.
Though the taller you are, the less your facial diffects matter

I would yuri a sensei.

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I wish I could give you some of my height fren. I'm too tall for my own good

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Show us how ugly you are

yeah if u look like the pic u posted you wont be for long

man this thread is funny. a "female" opens a thread and there are already 3 men who make this all about themselfs. show interest in women if you fags don't want to be eternal virgins.

Why? You obviously just don't want to lose it, are you mentally ill/asexual? Or saving it?