My parents are kicking out the house because I refuse to support my transgender "sister"

My parents are kicking out the house because I refuse to support my transgender "sister"

Anyways im homeless. With about $100 US DOLLARS. I have a car but can anyone give me any tips or tricks to the street?

Where can I eat, where should I shit? Where should I eat?

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Talk with other bums that don't appear too dangerous or far-gone mentally and you'll learn quick. Best of luck to you user.

Also DONT start doing drugs with them. Don't trust anyone, keep your wits about you at all times.

>My parents are kicking out the house because I refuse to support my transgender "sister"
this cant be real, can it?

I also have a library card if its helps

and willing to suck dick

>Where can I eat
Your car.
>where should I shit?
Public restrooms.
>Where should I eat?
Your car.
If you meant to ask WHAT: soup kitchens exist for a reason.
Also check the dumps outside of fast food. They are extremely wasteful. You will find full warm pizzas and donuts and stuff.

Never been homeless but seems like common sense. Please do not get hooked on crack.

Why don't you pretend you support your "sister"? Lmfao it's not worth being kicked out for such a tame reason. Try enduring years of physical and mental abuse until you actually WANT out because home life is worse than homeless wife. You people are such fucking babies.

obviously fake, but you're a faggot if true.

If ur in Cali Ill let you live with me I dont want anything in return except for you to be a decent roommate and help pay for electricity and internet when you get a job

give me 300 usd a month and i'll give you an extension cord and water and let you park in my yard

Sew the money in hidden pockets inside your clothes and keep a fake wallet with expired/useless cards and a couple of dollars and keep it in the same pocket with a screwdriver.

>and willing to suck dick
are you cute and will you dress as a i tell you?

My mom is one of these ultra progressive women. You know she donates to various non profits, attends events, canvasses for progressive candidates, causes.

She recently became involved heavily with this tranny rescue house. She is so wrapped up into it that I believe she is forced my brother to transition into being a female. So I'm taking off. Nothing against my bro. I love him.

Swallow your pride, go back home, and tell them that you've become "educated" and you'll respect your brother. Fucking dipshit

>because I refuse to support my transgender "sister"
Nice bait leddit

If he "came out" recently, you can still save him. Smack him around, lock him up in the trunk of your car. Get some cattle prods and zap the gay out of him. It will hurt you more than it hurts him. Tell him to start going to church and have children or you'll do it again but worse. Set him straight, son.

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shit in public restrooms go get a job even if its a burger flipper. Study apply to schools get money from government and build your own life

if you love him why are you gonna leave him to suffer at the hands of your crazy mom

She is kicking me out. I don't have a choice... Either I support or I leave

Have you tried talking to your grandparents? Other family members? She's clearly insane, US sure does sound like fucked up place

and what does your brother think about this? your parents are fucking crazy, im pretty sure i could kill someone and my parents wouldnt kick me out

If you pay rent she has to go through the process of properly evicting you. Even if you don't pay rent, in some states you are still a tenant. Check your local laws.

What city are you going to be homeless in?

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get out of here discord OPs sister

My brother has been telling people she's ok with it and she finally feels free. But deep down I know shit is wrong

Santa Rosa CA

Im not kidding if you can make it to Chico you can sleep on my couch till you get shit together.

maybe its better if you just cut all contact and fuck off, try to get a job and build from there at least you have a car

She's clearly a woman who is used to having her way in life. She thinks she can control all men, including her own sons. What you need to do, user, and I'm deadly serious, is show her that she is nothing but a quivering gash. Here's how you do it:
>pretend to come back to apologize
>knock her down, tape her mouth shut and tie her hands and legs up
>tie up the other house occupants, like your brother and dad
>tear your mom's clothes off and ride her hard while you bruise her up a little (don't go for the head or you might kill her)
>get a lighter and burn her, get a cattle prod and shove it down her anus
>beat the shit out of your dad and brother, especially the little queer
>after a day or two of nonstop torture, tell your brother you'll let him go if he tortures your mom
>the both of you can go to town on your mom while your dad watches, he's a pussy bitch for raising a god damn queer anyway
>give it a week to be safe and then you can let your mom go but only if she kills your father
>after the deed is done, lock her back up anyway to be safe and dispose of his corpse with your brother
>buy Greyhound bus tickets to Mexico or some distant state where you, your brother, and your fuck slave mom can live
>withdraw all cash from her bank account and you should be good for awhile
>keep fucking and torturing until she is undeniably a cockslave
>you and your brother can take turns working for 6 months while the other stays home to watch over her
>do this for 5 to 10 years, moving as much as neede to escape investigation and by that point, it's safe to let mommy have a little "freedom"
>trick her out for extra cash, pool resources together and maybe dump her in a swamp and move to Moldova or Bolivia or something with your brother
>start a new life knowing your brother ain't gay no more at least and you're a real man

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very low-energy bait thread

>talking shit about your family who did nothing to you
I hope you get shanked, my sister could be a serial killer and I'd still support her. You are the lowest of the low, you are subhuman scum.
What your sibling does or is shouldn't even matter. What you personally think about trannies is irrelevant. If your sibling is one you are to support your sibling.

I wish you all the worst.

Who the fuck cares. Pretend you're chill with it and live your life. Technically you don't have any say in whatever your mom's doing. Or your brother. I assume he's underage, so he's under her care, not yours. This literally isn't worth the banter. Apologize and stay under a roof while you can, if you're so uncomfortable with this, find a job and gather money to rent your own place, then move out, better than living in a car over some petty argument, ya stupid Jow Forums faggot.

It seems that your mother cares what others think of her, that is your weapon against her.
Ask one of her friends to crash on their couch for a day or two, if they ask you what happened just make a story how she had thrown you out because you didnt want to crossdress and act like a girl( imply you are gay with no interest in that).
Get a job in public works(collect trash near roads etc.), if not beg for money at events you know where she will be.
Your mother can be progressive as much as she wants but for everyone to see her son to beg is ultimate punishment.
People talk and gossip between each other about others and that will hurt her much more.
Dont just lay down and take punishment for trivial thing like that and fight back.

dilate orgn


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Off yourself. Family are just roommates to me honestly lmayoo, if they fuck up its on them

I got a room for you in Oklahoma if you need it. Fuck trannies and their enablers.

Fucking knock her out pussy

Your parents are good people, shame on you.

What kind of car do you have? Couldnt a person theoretically just live driving for Postmates/Uber Eats until some sort of disaster (read: car trouble) happens?

Granted it takes about a week to get started, but that would be the same with any job. At least you can deposit your earnings right away and eat cancelled orders

just a few years of propaganda brainwashed retards into kicking out their own blood for going against the forced social norms of this age. big fat r.i.p., OP. hope you make it out there. it's a wild, wild world.

You are so dumb , why couldn't you cope? It's not like she was going to rape you

OP, find a friend's place to crash at, or take up one of the user's offers of safe harbor. It's your only chance if you don't want to be your moms bitch.

>Santa Rosa CA
Oh user I just moved out of there, you could have stayed with me. I'm sorry. Please just pretend to be okay with your crazy sister until you save some money. There's nothing affordable in SR.
She seems to know what she's talking about.

it doesn't matter whether the bait is quality or not, any thread having anything to do with trannies gets guaranteed replies on Jow Forums

Your "sister" is degenerate and you parents are double degenerates for enabling it. Get 100$ more get a gun go back and kill them all. Fuck this scum.

>my mom is a complete retard and loves flushing money down the toilet, the less money she has the more deluded she is that she somehow is helping
I see those once in a while and they're actually part of the problem, more so then you and me that hold onto our money

Why don't you stop being a selfish asshole and support your sister, if she really wants this you should be there with her and support her like a good brother.

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crashed at a friends place and convince the bro to go with you

no way duude

>I hope you get shanked, my sister could be a serial killer and I'd still support her.
>tfw ywn have a bro like this

>to eat
Churches give free food once a month
Get foodstamps
Snatch shit from peoples gardens
Wait outside restaurants until they close and eat whatever they put in the dumpster or if youre smart enough place a false order and wait until they close to grab the unscaved food from dumpster

>to shit
24hr mcdanks

>and willing to suck dick
Boy you are going places

What a dumb, gay LARP, even for Jow Forums standards.
No, you are not homeless.
No, you don't have a tranny brother.
No, your mother isn't ultra-progressive.
Yes, you are a faggot.
Yes, you should kill yourself.

I been telling it for years burgers are mentality ill

I kind of know that feel
My family are all progressive libtards like that in a way. They just follow blindly with all the "trends" and by what other people say. I think at one point they tried to make me the gay son or something cause theyre always tried to get my interests in faggy stuff i find no joy in and gaslight what i do enjoy.

My aunt is a huge dike and owns the gayest fucking house in the city. Im talking rainbow flags draped outside like its the faggot embassy. Her sons a queer. His twin brothers an outright cuck their older brother is borderline neet/childrapist anime freak like the majority here. I hate them.

Join the Army or Navy? Isn't this bloody obvious?

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>Telling me to die in a ditch because some sandniggers were mean to muh cloth
Fuck off

You've probably waited too long, but in the current year, it wouldn't have been too hard to falsely accuse your "sister" of trying to rape you, and then spin that as why they kicked you out. Start a goscamme account, and you'd have been set.

are you a druggie?
if not unironically this is gonna be eye opening for you. Just beg like pic related. Tey to take care of yourself a bit but still, youll make hella cash unironically. Just dont spend it on drugs. You can shit at any restaraunt jf you buy food, or any rest stop if youre going city to city for free (some restaraunts will let you in even if not). Try to stay away from scary places and alleyways at night to avoid the niggers. Youll actually get a decent surplus of cash after food. You can clean clothes at a dry cleaners and assuming you have a car thats a place to put them. If you wanna shower (Which you definitely should. People wanna give money to clean, sane looking people) use a ymca or do what space niggas did and use wet wipes. Having a car means you shouldnt need to worry about getting robbed in your sleep, or raped, or dying from exposure at night so thats great, but if you want a bed look into a hostel or even a cheap motel room.

>Santa Rosa
Holy shit, another user in SR. I'm at work right now, but i'll buy you lunch today if you can make it to the target shopping center around 12-1ish.

>every military career is grunt shit
If you're not dumb, you can just maintain serverstacks or fuck around on ships or basically ANYTHING that isn't being boots on the ground

Buy peanut butter n eat that when you get hungry it works to make your stomach stop aching

>if you're not dumb
he posts here

I am sorry about your inferior cultural background, but have you tried not living in third world countries?

Consider that posting here indicates posting as a hobby which can be called a mild form of "reading as a hobby" putting you squarely above bullet catchers who drink beers and shoot crows for fun back in the bayou
He's probably dumb by any educated man's standard, but almost certainly not by Uncle Sam's

Drinking beers and shooting crows is unironically a more productive hobby than posting on here.

>He's probably dumb by any educated man's standard, but almost certainly not by Uncle Sam's
This seems like a great line from a satirical piece.

Semi-related, I asked my mom if she would report me to the police if I happened to be a serial killer and she said yes. I don't know why, but I felt kind of betrayed by that and I told her I wouldn't report her. Would you anons report your family members if they did something horrible?

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Learn about edible plants in your area. Go to a hidden away wild area. Build a substantial lodge for winter. Build up foodstocks for winter. DO NOT live with other homeless