Why aren't games fun anymore?

I have roughly 450 GB of games installed and 200 GB of cartoons and films, and I'm just sitting here in the dark f5-ing during Jow Forums's slowest hours. How do I get excited about media again? I'm thinking back to high school and I used to be able to easily lose 10+ hours to a game in a single day, but now nothing. I get burnt out after an hour or two and that's it.

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you dont get excited anymore user. this it, you've reached the point where slacking off isn't fun anymore. you might find a game, go for it head on for a month until you get this feeling again. i've been feeling this feeling for years and its nobodies fault but mine. its might fault i dont go outside and make friends. its my fault i take melatonin after a 12 hour nap just to sleep again.

things arent going to get better unless you make them better and at this point in my life i dont want things to get better id rather just not be here


there is something you truly want, what is it OP?

Sad thread? Ah well... Yeah, odd as it is, my interest in video games has become something of a barometer for how bad my depression is at a given moment. A lot of days, weeks or months even, I just can't summon the energy to play something like that. I'll just stay in bed and stare at nothing. That's why part of why I've been posting so much on here, actually.

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Take contoll over your life, get some healthy routines, start small

I wish I was young again where I could play Team Fortress for hours and keep denying dinner from my mother
But the cause for this feeling is none other than our own neglect of happiness. We're just barely getting by each day and constantly wonder why we're still here.

>there is something you truly want, what is it OP?
That's the problem, I have no idea.

it's what happens when you stop being a child

that's the trap of depression, I believe. It really feels like if you could just find what you're looking for you would get interested or passionate again. I don't think motivation actually works like that though. I think the drive to do something comes first, and then your mind picks something to focus it on. Does that make sense? Don't blame yourself is what I'm saying, op.

>how do I get excited about media again
I'd believe that if video games were being replaced by something else. That would be completely fine. It's just that it sounds like op is losing interest in everything that used to give him joy, not good.

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>sounds like op is losing interest in everything that used to give him joy, not good.
melancholy is insidious in it's progression

the worst period is when you're lurching from thing to thing that should be giving you some measure of happiness, and none of them are working for more than an hour or two. Everything just feels wrong. Eventually you just... give up and start f5ing. From there we reach the not getting out of bed stage etc...

I've written my own experience, but I suspect it's a collective one.

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What do you do for fun, boomer?

>it's what happens when you stop being a child
So your soul dies when you become an adult? Makes sense I guess.

My interest in games has never been super high, but other than multiplayer, I have almost never considered games to be "fun". I don't get what people mean when they say "I just got ___ and I'm having a blast", as if they're smiling and laughing when they have to walk across the whole game's map to get an item or something. I usually can't be bothered to play games now unless the story is interesting. I'm playing Ocarina of Time at the moment and it feels like a step below work.

>wake up
>it's 2007 again, but you're the same age you are currently
Does your situation improve?

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Eventually you might start to notice the scripted and repetitive nature of videogames, so they become boring.

They still are to me but I only mostly care for games from the 3-6 gen. Some in 7th like Dark Souls. By last gen though gaming took a turn for the worse unfortunately. I am shuddering to think how bad next gen might be. Listening to the based Halo CE ost right now.


you're not doing anything productive user. that's why. plus when you're over-rewarded (for example masturbation), you're brain chemicals will be unbalanced. forgot which one but it's the one where your brain feels good or something. too much of it will make you feel numb and shit.

>it feels like a step below work.
This. some where along the way you just stop caring to get "into" something or to git gud.
It takes too much effort and the payoff is what? you don't get anything in return.
will you be playing game x in z years? probably not. so why put the effort in

also this, you have seen the same shit over and over and you start to see through the made up world that games are in and you see how its made. once you do this you lose magical aspect of gaming, not knowing what will happen if you do x. the sandbox ish type of feel

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I mean technically yeah since I can just invest in bitcoin and become super rich.
I'd have the exact same life but I'd be rich, that's a big improvement compared to now where I'm poor and in debt.
Besides, money is the only thing I care about so I'd be happier as well.

The internet (as it exists today) ruins your attention span and causes addiction and makes it hard to do anything but refresh Jow Forums or reddit or whatever. This isn't necessarily the cause but it's one that most people overlook. People didn't used to constantly make threads like this.

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The payoff of everything just generally isn't that good. Why bother doing anything.