Memes aside robots. What would you do, unironically...

Memes aside robots. What would you do, unironically, if you came in your sons room and caught him fucking himself with a big black dildo? What is the appropriate course of action?

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38 to his head, 38 to my head.

ditto my brother

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Close the door and pretend nothing happened

Throw him out. I'm not raising a faggot.

You should only do this if you're living on your own desu. Too risky with conservative parents around

I don't mind a bit of homosexuality.
But I wouldn't have to think a second about disowning and kick out a self hating faggot.

>leave immediately
>treat him no differently, don't bring it up

Leave the room, later on, let him know that lube works a lot better than spit, hand him a bottle of lube, tell him I love him, and that if he needs condoms, or to talk, that he knows where to find me.

Everyone needs loving parents, including the robots on this board. I've honestly read a few stories written by robots, and known in my heart of hearts that if their parents had been just a bit more loving, encouraging and understanding, they might not be robots. Which is why, with my kids, I do nothing but love them and support their passions. Most robots on here have an insane amount of untapped talent in computers, in artistic ability, and a myriad of other things, and had their parents even gave a single shit about them, they'd be making millions with these talents.

I love you robots, I'm sorry your parents didn't understand you.

-Love, a Mom who will care about my kids no matter what.

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Oh look, it's a female promoting more gay bullshit. How surprising. You fucking disgust me.

beat him senseless and probably kick him out of the house.

Im not raising a fag that fantasizes about taking bbc up the ass.

studies have shown that people with a high degree of intolerance to people who are different than them were shown less love in their formative years.

it's okay user, I love you, it's okay to be yourself.

I'd shame him by driving him into the ghetto with a dress on and putting a sign on his back that says "I love nigger dick"

Kill him and try again with another kid

You're advocating for young men to engage in high risk, biologically damaging behavior that will likely preclude them from having a normal relationship in the future. Turn off your compassion and use your brain for once, you bumbling retard.

I"m advocating for a young man to be happy, and as long as I can help it, be healthy and loved as well. If you shame him, the only thing he's going to do is hide it, and engage in risky behaviour. If I show him compassion about it, he won't feel the need to hide it, and I can keep him safe.

I'm sorry your parents didn't feel the same way about you, user, but I will not have my kids feel that they cannot come to me with their problems or interests.

>talking about studies without providing them
Nice lies, tranny.

You remind me of my mother, fucking whore. Your "support" only ever brought me down, bitch.

Truly, I feel sorry for any child that you let be pushed around by the winds of "happiness." It's unfortunate that we have to rely on women like you to have children, ok otherwise we wouldn't have so much deleterious trash in this world.

i'd tell him he's working this summer and force him to participate in hard physical labor on a crew with other men. He'll be too sore to want to fuck himself with a giant rubber cock.

What you're advocating will ruin his life and make him miserable. Studies show that faggots are a unhappy no matter what and the best coarse of action is to stop it right away.

Take him on a ride down to the lake

beat him bloody and throw him out tell him he can come back when he hates niggers and faggots

In all seriousness, I'd rather have a happy faggot as a son than some self-hating incel.

Send him over to detroit as a gift for all niggas

Just like when I caught my mom masturbating, never mention it ever again.

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Can a male like anal play and still be straight?

I have neighbors who think like this, they let their heroin junkie son steal from them instead of getting him help and whilst on holiday the son took their life savings and the father died of a heart attack when they returned.

Things like these need to be nipped in the bud. Tolerating harmful behaviour is worse than supressing talents.

>walk in
>get a hold of the dildo
>fuck him senseless
>ram his prostate
>listen to his moans
>make him come from his ass
>swab a little bit of his semen on my finger
>lick it off
>tell him to call me next time
>take the dildo with me and leave
Not the appropriate course of action I have to admit, so it's good that I'll probably never have children.

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Fuck him senseless, but only if he's a femboy/trap. Otherwise I'd do nothing since I wouldn't care.

I would divorce his mom, she caused this faggotry and all the while defending him every time I tried to throw his lazy ass out of the house and get his own place.

>beat the crap out of him
>buy him a a slightly bigger white one

Denounce having a child, kick it out and delete any reference in the will.
There is always next time I suppose but at that point I'd have no son, only an individual trespassing on my property.

Send him to a military school, go be a faggot somewhere else
>Older than 18
Kick him out, go be a faggot somewhere else

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>That pic
I have the original lol

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You remind me of my mother a little. Very 'supportive,' and she loved to lash out by attacking what she knew I was confident (and after I dropped all that), then what I was insecure about. I don't know if you're like that, but on the off chance you were, please self-reflect and don't take your anger out on your child or husband. Please.

Poor fucker, good times when you could whip your child with a telephone cable for being fag and nobody gave two fucks about it

I agree they need to be nipped in the bud and he definitely needs help, but also realize that mental illness such as depression or some lack of a digital support net is literally always the largest risk factor of drug abuse. He needs help, and enabling him certainly isn't that, but the hardline Jow Forums mentality you seem to have won't help anyone either. If anything, it'll only make his issues worse.

*social not digital

based logical level-headed poster

I'm so sorry you got whipped with a telephone cable. It's a terrible pain, worse than belts.

My mom found a collection of plugs and dildos that I had been building and I caught a world of shit for it. Although to be fair I was 15 at the time, so

Ive worked a trade since i graduated, ive never been too tired to do gay shit. Unless your son is so obese that he cant nove afterwards (your fault for letting him get fat) or you work him too hard, he'll still be able to.
>faggots are unhappy
What surveys show that? Id love to see. Id say that me loving men and unironically advocating for artificial wombs and genocide of women makes me gay, yet i dont really feel sad at all. Am i the single outliar, or is your claim an asspull?
If hes a bugchaser though put him down, happy fags deserve death no matter what if they dont stay safe
Retards will say no. Fagness is loving men, if you dont love men you arent a fag. Prostate play feels nice to all men, the only people who say its gay are either retards or people who are unsure if they're straight and think anything that isnt 101% bull shark testosterone filled manliness is gay.
>military school
All fun and games until he likes it and joines the navy
Im glad my mom never found my stash. I was always a computer slut so i had a few towers in my room at any given time, so i took an old optiplex, gutted it, and used the case to store stuff since i knew nobody wouls look in there. If she ever did find it i would've probably made love to the end of a 500 magnum

Meh it's shit but it is effective at teaching you a lesson, like not to hit your brother with a twig into submission.
As i said, go be a faggot somewhere else

>hormone blockers until a teen
wtf why not just give the fag hrt?
hormone blockers at that age would already ruin the male body and make it a perma weak bitch

In my exprerience depression comes from overthinking things and having too much spare time. I won't let that happen.
I don't think those things are big as a impact as you believe, most drugs come through their friends.
It's important that your child is able to cut off bad influences like that and stand for themselves, how are you supposed instill that behaviour if not through discipline?

Why would I ever want to have children to begin with? Seems like a big chore.

What did it teach you other than unquestioning obedience?
You really think it was good for you, being treated like an animal that has to be controlled?
Your'e a fucked person and your kids will be after you've whipped them with telephone poles a few times

Not even him you incredible fucktard but it's clear that it taught him the pain of being hit with something repeteadly, a pain you won't inflict upon others again now that you know it well.

Now kill yourself 70IQ braindead moron.

Your kid is not the next you
They are themselves
Narcissistic fucker

It's the people who were abused who do the abusing numb nuts
Why do you think they call it a cycle

this got me hard, am i gay now?

based oreginioni

If it were majorly discipline and restricting access that determined addiction, then Portugal's program of "decriminalize everything and give treatment" wouldn't have been so insanely successful in reducing their drug addiction rates. I agree that your kid should be able to stand for themselves, but the whole point as a parent is that you support them until they can do so all on their own. Discipline is nice, but without support you're beating someone on the ground and yelling for them to get you.
>t. Asian and career military family

yes, super gay in fact

anal is safe if you do it no more than once a week and don't go past the colon

Anal is degenerate, gay or not, anyone who thinks otherwise is mentally ill.

>Your kid is not the next you
Of course not, they are an extension of the current me. Through their life I extend my own by 50%.

If he is living under my roof and he is doing something i disprove, i have the right, as owner of the house, to tell him to do it somewhere else. He can be his faggot self all he wants, just not under my roof

Slap him and buy him a big white dildo.

>be decent looking guy with full head of hair
>wife is a fat cow
>son is a tranny
How has he not killed himself?

It's kinda gay. Not entirely gay, but like 60% gay.