Femanons. Why do you hate yourselves so much? Why all the self harm and tattoos? Actual, serious question.

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Because i'm absolutely fucking hideous and thus my worth as a person is zero in the eyes of men, who I require attention from for some unknown reason.

I'm quite mentally ill tbqh but what did you expect.

i'm pretty great, actually! i don't hurt myself but i would like some tattoos. i have a list of ones i want.

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why live?

Attention whoring, I thought it was obvious

Daddy issues, crave attention.
Please kids my scars and tell me I'm still beautiful it gets me off.

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I don't self harm or have tattoos but I starve myself and make myself throw up, and abuse laxatives in hopes that it'll kill me.

I hate myself because my whole family has hated me since I was a child because I was too sensitive and weird. I was the black sheep of my family and was targeted to all sorts of abuse. I didn't even get an escape in school as I had zero friends and was bullied. I still have no friends, no family, and no reason to be alive. Yet, I am too worthless to even end it by suicide.

>my whole family has hated me since I was a child because I was too sensitive and weird
You realize that any family who would hate a child for being "sensitive" or "weird" is fucking garbage, right? Thus their judgment of you as sensitive or weird is meaningless because they are awful people.

do you engage in casual sex to satisfy the urge to be loved?

Your daddy issues aren't a bad thing. They make you even more beautiful.

This wasn't original enough

Nigger, im a male AND im ugly that means I'm a fucking cumrag for society to use youll be fine

Make you interesting. Everyone loves a tragic backstory. Give you sexual fetishes that make normal girls seem boring by comparison. Make you more desirous of intimacy and affection. There's a hundred reasons.

Yeah I suppose you're right.
I'm completely infatuated and clingy to guys who remind me of my father, but they always hurt me and break my heart. I just want to be loved.

I don't think I could promise you that sort of constant love. I like sexual sadism too much to do it.

damn I hate women like who need to get fucked by a million men to feel validated, help me out and tell me how to avoid someone like you? I'm genuinely scared

Why do you want tattoos and what ones do you want to get.

Yeah that's what a lot of guys tell me. At least I like being used.

Shut the fuck up faggot.
Die a thousand deaths.

>At least I like being used.

That's entirely different then. I got you wrong. Discord?

What I tell to people:
Because I feel so lonely, I have zero friends, I was bullied, nobody wants to hang up, feel excluded.
The true:
Because Chad doesn't want me.

get fucked you pathetic whorebiter

I know how people see me. I know that I'm worthless and shouldn't be alive. I try to hide myself from people because I know I'm a disgusting waste of space and I don't want to offend them. Occasionally I have periods where I self harm but no one knows and no one has ever seen it. If I'm taking drugs I don't self harm.

I don't use discord. I'm sorry user.

Fugggg. What do you use then?

Girls with tattoos are trashy though. I'm a girl and even I know this.

You're not worthless! You can take drugs and give head while you're high. Your mouth and pussy are really useful!

No one wants to have sex with me, I'm not even good for that.

not true, any man would have sex with you, you just gotta pick the one that would love you forever

My dad left me and my mom beats me. It went on until I was 20 and I let her because I felt sorry for her that she had to deal with me. Im 22 now and whenever Im frustrated or sad I beat myself in the head and body until I am bruised all over.
Im lucky in that Im not ugly or anything.. so I can start a new family and life but I feel like I dwell too much on my abused past. That victim role became too comfortable for me because thats all that I knew before. Just trying to not kill myself and stay safe. Now that I have the opportunity to change my life I feel as if I dont have a clue on how to do it because I never got the chance to grow up in the first place.

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you mean you turn down any guy who isnt a 9/10 and then ignore those dudes who actually are into you

I dont really hate myself, I just enjoy being spoken down to by men. I've never self harmed and I dont have any tattoos.

No Chad deep inside me
It hurts so much

Have you ever even tri d to have sex with a man?

>you just gotta pick the one that would love you forever
That's the dream but at this point I'd be happy to have sex with anyone. I feel developmentally stunted because I'm the only one I know who is still a virgin.

Is this a passive aggressive way of asking if I'm a lesbian or are you genuinely asking if I've tried? If you are being genuine, I haven't tried for a very long time and gave up when I was 21.

Hearing fembot's stories makes me feel very sad.
I'm sorry you've been treated so badly.

I don't, to all three

No. It's not a passive aggressive way of asking you if you're a lesbian. Are you cute?

I think I got tattoos because of aesthetic - in some ways I got tattoos because I wanted others to know that I was an independent adolescent (my parents didn't interfere with my choices). It made me feel like more of an adult and more mature. I self-harmed because it's a coping mechanism to deal with anxiety attacks as it releases endorphins in my brain that I need to balance the serotonin imbalance.

Actual serious answer.

Do you have a decent body? Are you a virgin?

I am in a similar situation as you right now. All I ever got from other people was hate and pity until I eventually drowned in self-pity. Now I'm 28 but I'm finally ready to start my life. The time I'm missing and the mental wounds still hurt but I guess that's my life and I just gotta start from where I am now. I wish you the best of luck and the strength to life a live that fills your heart with joy.

That's sad. What are you doing now with your life? Getting better?

I constantly reject advances from nice guys because I don't deserve them, and date douchebags instead.

Nice troll you retarded moid.

no cuts and not tattoos!
we should stay how god created us

i'm a total sperg that can't pick up on social cues. i'm a sociopath that's incapable of being responsible. i act in my immediate best interest. i'm impulsive and blunt. my thoughts are absolutely ruthless. at the end of the day i recount all the terrible things i did and try to justify them all. it's torturous.
i think about how my fathers bloodline is going to end with me because i'm so dysfunctional. i was the result of all of my ancestors and i amount to a quivering fuck up. i think about what could have been if i was just normal.
i'm also kinda ugly and i wish my hair was straighter.

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As if a woman here would respond to any sort of genuine support such as this.

>self harm
To have control over my pain
Because I like art and it's a modern form of expression

The tattoos thing is retarded. They're not art.