How can anyone be bisexual?

Think about it for a second. Here's a metaphor: imagine there is a restaurant where they only serve a shit sandwich and a cheeseburger. Most people obviously would choose the cheeseburger. There's probably some real freaks out there who would choose the shit sandwich. But I do not believe for a second that there is anyone who would have trouble deciding. That's what bisexuality is like.

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its just that you're not hungry enough

no it's more like there's a restaurant that serves cheeseburgers and hotdogs in a weird fucking town where about 99% of the population only likes one or the other.

i know people talk mad shit about food analogies but this is probably the dumbest one i've ever seen in my life

>relationships are only about sex
You can be attracted to guys without wanting to fuck them in the ass

you could take a sandwich because its cheaper and probably order some coffee too

Sexuality is not a choice. I never chose to be straight and bang 7-9/10s, it's just who I am

Its not having trouble deciding, thats bi-curious. Its more like ordering both the sandwich and cheeseburger and consuming them messily, violently, and while making loud pleasurable grunts the whole time.

Bisexuality is more that they prefere the cheeseburger, but occasionally get horney for the shit sandwich.

However, a gay person doesn't see the shit sandwich as a shit sandwich, they are it as a cheeseburger. Get over it you fossil

Nah. It's more like choosing between a cheeseburger or a regular burger

>mimimi why do you like dicks?
Why do you care user, are you jealous? There's no reason to be angry over someone's sex life unless you feel envious

Op is obviously a massive cock smoking faggot.

Anyway, when I worked at McDonald's I stuck the straw up my anus. This is probably where you're getting the shit sandwich from. Also it's why you live giving men rim jobs. You have learnt to love the shit smell

>a gay person doesn't see the shit sandwich as a shit sandwich
Yeah, they're crazy delusional.

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For some people both options are cheeseburgers.

OP either got rejected for the 50th time or is a cock addicted femboy that can't come to terms with his identity

homosexuality is the cheeseburger

They're both cheeseburgers, but one has shit on it (in reference to homosexual sex involves the anus, which poop comes from).

no, roasties are the sandwich because they're shit

I'd rather eat roast beef than poop.

you mean period blood, dead tissue, dried piss, and other mucus?

Yes. None of that is anywhere is bad as poop.

not that you'd know
fags clean out their butts but most roasties don't wash their vaginas, hence the rotten fish smell meme

How do you know fags clean thier ass out, do you have first hand experience. LMAO

I see it more like double the chances of getting rejected.

Then imagine if the restaurant only sold the burger once a year. Then your only choice is to eat the shitty sandwich until you can actually get the burger

More like:
>bisexual: pick both
>asexual: pick neither
>gray-asexual: pick either and have a bite or two

Retards really do exist, and they visit this board.

Quite rude to be honest

Elaborate? That just sounds like a prude gay

Female here. It's easy to be bisexual if you're a girl. Girls are just soft and beautiful and delicate whereas guys are... guys ...but women have the instinct to enjoy being dominated and sexual attraction overrules the incompatibilities between men and women. I am in a straight relationship . and yes, I'm still attracted to women but I prefer the m/f dynamic and can't see myself having a long term relationship w a woman unless we were best friends or something like that.
I really can't picture how dudes would be bisexual even though I do believe it's real. Gay m/m sex is kinda gross and unattractive to me since I'm not a gay man. But girls are great and cute and I think some women recognize that to a sexual degree.