Anyone else constantly feel like ghosting their friends...

Anyone else constantly feel like ghosting their friends? I don't do it outright because finding compatible people is a pain but instead just play around and gaslight them, but they still won't go away somehow.

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hey add me I always fall for guys who do this sorta stuff to me for some reason

have you tried necking yourself, harmfulfriend?

I feel like there's 2 people inside me. One enjoys talking to them and is happy when we talk, and the other just doesn't want to log-in/call/talk and just shut itself inside doing all my own hobbies alone. I don't understand the two urges, so its weird and I'll periodically either just play some video game hard or just get busy in life and end up ghosting everyone until I have a ton of free time again.

I ghosted my friends, though not because I dislike them, I just used to prefer being alone and preferred only being with them in person which used to happen quite often. it was accidental ghosting and self isolation

worst mistake of my life, I'm now basically entirely alone. I've grown distant from them and I didn't realise it was happening until it was too late. be a better friend to them op, you will regret it too.

ITT avoidant personality dissorder
originalo googleonini

You're mentally ill and probably proud of it so won't change, and you also probably look down on other mentally ill people like a hypocrite. That's just what it seems like OP.

these kinds of posts make me miss someone I knew reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I am an extrovert and have always had a lot of buddies but when I experience depression I can find myself blocking my friends numbers and disappearing for months at a time. My best friend from the army actually drove to my house when I did this one time (New Orleans to Atlanta) for a period of two or three months because he had known I had gotten divorced and was miserable.

I love my friends and when I am happy it is natural to find them anywhere, but when I am sad I hate to burden them and know I can not give them the same energy.

i think you're talking about me

I'm always surprised when they miss me or try to get back in contact because I often feel the relationship wasn't that good to begin with. I usually ghost them after several instances of shitty behavior on their part. it's hard to find someone who isn't some kind of fucking chimp playing games all the time and trying to be better than me in the most useless and superficial ways

They're hardly worthy of being called friends, but yes I also partake in ghosting these retards. I like the idea of us being friends, but I honestly have no genuine emotions towards them. Every second I spend with them feels forced to me thats the main reason I ghost them. I can sit in a room with someone and be utterly disgusted by their presence.

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who are you?
what makes you think I'm talking about you?
I know he posts here sometimes but it's so rarely I doubt he'd be on right now and in this thread too, pretty desperate to talk with him again though if that is you

Patrician edge?

It's interesting how the knee jerk reaction to this type of sentiment is "It's you bro", when it's so painfully obvious the majority of people aren't worth being friends with.

What is your steam nickname's first letter?

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be alone sometimes.
I personally hate the kdea of bring available to peoples every beck and call.


what's yours retard

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M, not me then.
t. other user

Oh yeah.

I had a really bad day because of personal reasons, my best friend refused to be nice to me, I made a suicide threat and they continued to be flippant. I legit feel like going dead online to punish them but it probably won't work.

i'm antisocial to a fault. i just don't care about what other people are thinking / feeling / doing but get kinda bummed after seeing people from school / coworkers having fun hanging out because FOMO. I check every box for ASPD and the older I get, the more I realize that this is really my life.

Suicide threats lmao, what are you 6 yo, faggot?

i end up doing it. terrible decision, but honestly not much has changed.

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Yeah, fuck me, right, I mean...
>I got fired
>my paycheck was held back because of a mishap and I was without money for food since I spent my savings on rent
>I'm disabled
>my roommate harasses me
>my roommate gave me bedbugs
>as a result I'm going to have to throw away or store (for at least a year) all my vintage records, paintings, art supplies, guitars, bedding, family heirlooms, etc.
>had my vacation (the first in yearsh ruined because the people I was gonna stay with don't want bedbugs
>had a scholarship I worked my ass for stolen from me
>didnt get into graduate school as a result
>oneitis friendzoned me
And all I wanted from my friends was a hug and a couple hours at the pub to laugh around some drinks - and they proceeded to call me a faggot and encouraged me to off myself while agreeing with my self deprecation after years of being a really good friend.

So yeah, I got desperate for a small sliver of kindness and took a pathetic and desperate measure to get it. But, like most things in life, it failed miserably and they told me to "do it faggot" and ignored me. Guess I really am dumb.

God I loathe normies like you.