Any betas willing to be my paypig

I am a girl(female) no cock here
Ill only post discord if youre serious

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Do you accept payment in actually feeling loved by another person and making you a fulfilled and desired housewife?

And get nothing in return? Hell no. If I pay you, you will spread those legs.

If you are not like creepy incel tier yea
I do get attached easily
But i am not bpd either or fucking psycho

You may not understand that tgere are no creepy incel tier men able to have you and sustain you as a wife.
Most content you see in this board is satire or exaggeration,if you want the real pathetic fucks go to reddit, they are much much worse than most r9k users, with the difference that they hide their problems with a facade of normality.

post discord so I can perform my mating ritual consisting of sending a dickpic

Hey man
I am fucking degrading myself enough for this 20 dollars
No way am I gonna use reddit for this.
I am serious but I ain't that serious
I will still talk and send pics though dont get me wrong.
And where would I even look on reddit?
Ah classy
Who said I woulndt?

Im sort of poor whats the bare minimum to just be discord friends and how do you want to receive payments?

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Just on steam for payment
Like 10-20 is fine
I am canuck anyways

>she sends private pictures of herself over the internet
You are not worthy.
In fact you're whorety :^)

I mean i haven't yet
But if you give big bucks ill consider

Get married, or just get a boyfriend, that's the ultimate paypig, and at least you'll actually make someone happy.

ah, yes
love those threads
they always bring me joy

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Everyone where I live doesnt like me because of Hs

And i would honestly feel guilty
Marrying a guy just for his money

If we are going to have sex then fine, I'll pay you. Where you at?

How old are you?
You would feel guilty for that but not to whore yourself over the internet, to disrespect any person that might love you, or you might love yourself in the future.

What do you want? steamcards? a game? or just paypal?

19, 20 soon
Why is that interesting i am curious

A game thats all
I dont give a fuck about cards and paypal is too gay for me

which one? originalo comment

Um it's embarrassing i will just drop my disc now i guess

>ywn have a paypig
>ywn have a sugar daddy

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its because you got a trip and tripfags are annoying as f.uck

It's because nobody wants to pay a crossdressing gay man

I don't crossdress dummy

Because you do that with such ease and casual way, you're willing to desecrate yourself, for such a miserable amount of money.
What's interesting is what turns have our times taken, a female on demand, looking but no touching or loving, a step further into more impersonal prostitution, and more alienation of the people you entertain with your offer.

The very fact you chose to do this instead of just looking for wealth of heart and not only of matter is very telling on how girls are raised these days, and tge fact you could find aomeone that loves you and will provide for you with extreme ease is even more indicative that women, at least when young, cannot take good decisions and have to be forcefully given direction.

let me guess, you're from france, right?

Its not really at ease for me
I am scared about a lot of stuff doing this

But i dont really get what you mean by the last part

But idk dont blame other girls and me for doing this
You blame the people who provide for the people like me
It works so we do it, if i know I wouldn't get Jack from this i woulndt be doing it.
Even if it does scare me that i would get doxxed or something

I am probably not making sense but what do you expect.

You're making sense, in an extremely low and immoral way, future dads, do not give any form of communication to your daughter that you cannot monitor, as long as she lives under your roof.

Despite this post i do value modesty
And if i did have children i dont think i would let them do half the stuff girls do nowadays
I dont wsnt to seem like a poser but i really do think girls should be more modest and not soil themselves so quick

At this point I am only a paypig to traps, trannies, and guys who would be considered twinks or androgynous

Women are property
Trannies are mentally ill crossdressers who take their fetish too far
Fuck /lgbt/ for raiding this shithole
Paypigs are worse than actual cucks
Gookmoot should just nuke this board because for the past 4 years it's been terrible.
Jannies are actual discord/reddit faggots.

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What a very original and mature post user
how old are you may I ask?

I'm sorry, if I call you a good paypig and send you a picture of my feet, will you be less upset?

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not op, but dumb female (female) here
won't say no if anyone is interested in being my paypig..

Sorry op, but if I'm gonna pay a girl money I'm gonna want at least a blowjob semi regularly.


only if u send nudes and eat poop on cam

tits or gtfo, go back to plebbit if you want a paypig that badly

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I'm not looking for an dating or whatever, Wanna play terraria tho? we can be frens

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terraria is fun yea
but i lag like a motheerfucker

Follow your own advice then, be serious in your "paypig" search, you might be surprised how many people are actually decent in here.

Look, add this dude he's some 30 something guy that seemed like a decent person in my last conversations with him, and his job pretty much assures you would live a comfortable life if you ever met him in person.
if you're reading this tussi, yes i'm still rooting for you


Stop looking for attention dumb whore go back to ur shitty instagram breeding ground


but i dont wanna live a comfortable life if the person i am living with i dont truly love

i mean would you?
even if free money, i woulndt do it, i just feel bad taking advantage of vulnerable lonely guys

On all fields and kill all betas and discord fags and trannies

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You cannot love what you do not know.
Don't worry i think the dude knows his shit, he won't be easily exploited if he smells a scam.

This board is finally dead and over.

this thread makes me very sad

this is not new at all
dont act like my post just ruined Jow Forums as a whole

i guess that is true, but there is such a big age gap and gap in maturity
i am spring chicken, you said he is 30, that is 11/10 year difference.
whos to say it woulndt beone sided where only I like him after we talk more.

but thats reassuring I honestly hope he can find someone
idk sorry about disappointing you and your friend

He's 30 with the experience of a little boy, a virgin guy looking for a girl with his same experience, going for women her age, or even 5 years younger would be difficult for him.

Just give him a talk, that's all i ask if you're genuine.

>women his age*

i mean i can try
but you haven't gave me anything interesting or note worthy about him other than
he makes money
hes 30
and virign
a lot of people are like that what makes him stand out?
idk i am trying gomensai

I won't say no if you are willing to prostitute yourself.

Well that already stands out by itself.
But as i said, when i talked to him he seemed like a nice person, isn't that enough?
He might be fit and good looking since he jogs a few times a week and was compared to a certain movie actor.

What else do you need?
I mean the step to know him is not that long, should he complete impossible feats to stand out? Slay a dragon? Conquer a country?
You tell me, i spoke to him as a fellow user, and since i'm a person with good eyes, after swimming in this sea of trash for more 10 years, i can easily recognize the gems and good people from people with problems, and if you happen to check the archive and find the thread i spoke to him, my reaction was the same, i insist here simply because he would be wasted goods if he didn't get a wife, and if things won't change for him, he never will, that's why i still root for him.

Your selfposting is pathetic

i meant like hobbies he likes
like stuff he is interested in user..

I didn't discuss with him enough, also i'm not him, i'm Ra#4109, so you know i'm not self posting or bullshitting

Why even use this board? You're as naive as a preteen, stick to trying to get money on discords full of fellow kids.
Here's the scoop user, the 'person' advocating for Tussi for over half an hour is fucking Tussi. He just knows how pathetic it is to directly try to pick up the type of women looking for paypigs. Noone would have respect for such a man, nevermind the whore trying to choke out some betabux.

But I'll give you all the love and affection you can handle.

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Fuck you. but in an original manner please.

im just bored
you do realize this irhgt i am just playing along as i dont have anything better to do

any femoids want to be my paypig?

>Only one other use of 'tussi' discord was 2 days ago trying to get another e-girl.
Sure bud you just added him despite being a lonely man and bonded enough to know he's a winner already. Not just a loser using an alt to big himself up.
>I was just pretending to be retarded
You're a dumb hoe who wants money and attention and if you don't get it you pull out that card. It's not as orginal as you think user, sadly a lot of teenage girls are this fucked up.


Add if you have cute feet fembot.

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>he's a winnder
I never said he's a winner, i said he's been fucked by life, but seems like a good person to bond with.
Go ahead add me and voice chat, then add him, and have us both in voice chat if you do not believe.

Good deeds towards other fellow anons are really so impossible to comprehend for you?
As i said my whole life in this garbage dumpster has been seeking gems, i seek good in this forgotten by god place, and never have my eyes failed so far in finding what i want.

As i said, don't believe me? Add us both.

>think about women taking money from men like this
>think of me taking money from women in the same way
>feel bad
How the hell are so many females just complete niggers holy shit this is some next level sociopathy

>there is a wingman in Jow Forums

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