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how many languages do you speak, robot?

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4. 5 including a bit of Spanish

Maori, English, New Zealand Sign Language.

just 2 outside my own.

I speak English Spanish and Japanese

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French and Japanese, I know a few words in Serbian.

Currently only English, sadly.
Trying to teach myself Swedish though. Any Sweanons want to be frens?

i speak just english. i tried to learn german but gave up.

German, english, russian and spanish

German english and polish

English,spanish but i wanna learn aafrikans

Anons any tips for learning language? I am learning my first secondary language and finding it hard at times.

chinese, malay, english
currently learning japanese so i can watch porn without subs

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English, German, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, French, Turkish a bit, learning Swedish, Norwegian and Japanese


english and japanese right now, kinda interested in a 3rd but undecided

Lithuanian, English.
I can understand Russian for the most part, but speaking is difficult to me.

English, Hebrew, some Russian and Polish

english korean japanese chinese french swedish danish norwegian icelandic finnish
only ever use english, thanks dad

Native spanish and a broken english.

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how the fuck does everyone here has such a big brain, learning a language is hard as fuck and takes so much time

maybe parents who spoke that language and taught them young
autists who have interests in learning languages
or they count saying a small amount of sentences in that language as "speaking it". My criteria would be having an in-depth, prolonged conversation in it.

>bit of polish
t. slav german mutt

>Hebrew, some Russian and Polish

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I can only speak English

Greek, English, was taught French and German for a while but remember practically nothing, currently in the process of learning Japanese.

makes sense, its probably all of those but mostly the first one, i would guess its normal for euro people to know 3+ languages being that there is so much different languages close together over there, i only know english as a second language but thats from several years of exposure through the internet

Anyone from a a country where English is not an official language learns first their mother tongue and then English at an early age. All it takes for a 3rd language is interest in neighbouring countries/prospects therein or, like slavs and Scandinavians, the languages are very similar so they are easier to learn.

2. French(native) and English (in class). I don't speak Chinese because i was told it would help to ""integrate"" France and not be """communal""".

How naive. Now sometimes the racists expect i go back . Hell no , won't be scammed another time.

Three, currently learning the fourth and inshaallah in the future, plan on learning a fifth

Just wanted to precise , i say integrate but i was born and grew up there , of course . Stupid clowns .

2 well, 3 okay, but only 1 of them were learned as an adult

3 fluently, 4 if counting being able to make oneself understood and understanding what one hears.

im swedish but i doubt we'll become good friends because i HATE BURGERS literally. Cheeseburgers are disgusting.

English and a lil bit of Japanese. I want to continue learning Japanese but I find it difficult to motivate myself.

Dutch, English, German in order of fluency.

C2 Italian
C1 almost C2 english
A2 French
A1 German
Understand a bit of spanish since it's similar to Italian
Currently learning weaboo language

I speak English and Finnish, and have a slight grasp on Swedish and Latin.

I'm British you poohead

thats true, i should start learning italian or french since they're close to what i know, i tried japanese before and its way too hard

english turkish and few words in german. currently i am trying to learn japanese

>first secondary language

be patient and constant

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Finnish as native, English, some Swedish and some basic Russian.

English (bad grammar, but its enough for Jow Forums standards)
Tried with Japanese but failed, i can't remember kanjis at all

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native russian
fluent english
few swear words on swedish
few sentences on japanese

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>french (lvl 2)
>russian (only learned to decipher cyrillic)

Technically 3, but I haven't used one of them in many years (Galician).
I also want to learn Icelandic. Any place in which I can read stuff in Icelandic?

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You spanish? want join a server for spanish bots?

i just speak chilean and a bit of spanish
obviously english too

english and spanish. working on russian and japanese. i know more japanese than russian.

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2, English and my mother tongue.

Russian, Lithuanian, English. French and Norwegian to some extent. Also studied German and Arabic at one point.

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Russian, English,German

They think knowing a couple sentences is knowing the language

1. I only need to speak English.

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English and spanish.

La sabiduria del robot es algo que abarca tantos temas de las conductas mas intrinsecas de la naturaleza humana.
Este foro de imagenes tiene demasiado valor.
If you understood what i just said i will share my can of beans with you.

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two, I'd love to learn spanish.

English and Japanese, the classic Jow Forums combo.

Russian native but breaking as time flies, English is becoming v good, Korean, Japanese but poor and simple convos, Mongolian

german, english and turkish. Lnce im less busy ill try to learn korean,chineese and japanese as well

Sauce? Who is this thot?

french english spanish, learning russian

learning greek


>currently learning Tibetan

My native language
Russian speak/read, cant write because fuck russian grammar
English speak/read/write with horrible grammar mistakes ofc

English, malay, arabic. Learning japanese and greek

the only language i need is american

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English and French
Learning Spanish, Russian, and Arabic

I have read every language learning site/ watched every Ted Talk on languages and it's all gay bullshit designed to sell courses and exchanges. All you need is an interest in the language, a dictionary, grammar site, youtube, and Jow Forums. Honestly most of the stuff is scam designed to fool losers who think learning Spanish or French is hard but that they can teach them for a price. Humans were born to understand and learn languages

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EOP master race

Lmao same. Russian is my native language but the grammar fucks me every day.

Is it just the cases that are confusing?

Tbh i just have predisposition to learning languages, i should use it on maximum and perhaps bind my life with it, but instead i'm shitposting and trying to become at thing that i have no predisposition what so ever :/

Goblin english
Spanish spain
Spanish mexico
Spanish chilean
Spanish mexico blanco
Spanish argentinian

english, spanish and a bit of german.

>Spanish chilean
wena weon

i would like to hear about goblin english please

Dutch, English, French (not fluent)

mijn neger. iedereen die frans koos is kinda gay tho :^)

wow, same here. but i can also read russian semi fluently

Can we please get a sauce on this saucy grill?

Spanish (argentinian), English, and italian.
And currently intrested in learning russian.

Whats the point in naming all those different spanish? it makes no sense, the only substancial difference is just the accent

Native: Portuguese
I can only speak english and I am learning spanish

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Estonian, English, Russian and French

censored caus same
and learin german an jap

English, Afrikaans, German, some Dutch

Chinese (Mandarin)

Hanguk mal chogum arayo curigo yo hablo Espanol y Ingles

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English, german and chechen

English and Spanish. Fluent in the former and not less fluent in the latter.

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