Are girls turned off by a big nose?

Are girls turned off by a big nose?

I've got a big scottish nose and I saw a picture of my side profile recently and its making me insecure because I never considered how it might look to others considering I'm so used to it all my life. Its probably normal though. But is a big nose bad?

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I don't think it is. It depends on the rest of your face though. A weak chin or big ears tend to look a little goofy with a big nose. It's definitely not ugly.

My chin is pretty average same with ears, definitely not recessed thank god. I keep a little facial hair there though which helps. Its cruel that the only parts of your face that continue to grow are your ears and nose. Blame it on the RNG.

Honestly I am a woman and I love a big nose. Maybe it is a sign of wealth because jews

I have a big nose and never thought anything of it until I moved schools when I was 16 and some fag pointed it out to me. iv been super self conscious of it ever since. sometimes I think it looks fine other times I think I look like a troll. its the main reason im a recluse these days, I hate going in public, and im sad because of it. hate my life.

I remember back in high school two girls (or it may have been the same one, honestly can't remember) said I had a "cute little nose" then another made fun of me for having a big one, leaving me confused af

I have a BBN (big black nose) and no girl has ever been turned off by it, as far as I know. People definitely notice because people make jokes about it sometimes but girls seem to think it fits on my face.

Here's a tip: save compliments on your head, ignore anything else. Any opinion a person has on you that's not constructive, it's not worth taking seriously. You have a cute little nose.

If it bothers you that much, just get a nose job

>letting your fucking nose hold you back

Some girls like big noses, its a masculine feature.

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Yes even guys are turned off by large noses, the most you could hope for is going on Grindr and MAYBE just maybe some fag will considering topping you

Does it look more like a chimpanzees nose or a gorilla?

You need a sissies opinion to get an honest answer, go on /soc/ and post it user gays and traps are 100% right

Large noses look good if they are sharp and thin rather than flat and rounded. Only if you have s chin to balance tho otherwise it looks like a beak

>trying to cope
>making absolute shit up

Sure bud and they also think a 5 inch penis is masculine too

Big anything on a man is hardly ever a dealbreaker. Small stuff always tends to be the problem (e.g. wrists, neck, jaw, height, etc.)

My brother is a chad, literally slaying on Tinder these days. He's got a big jew looking nose. I think he makes it up with eyes and cheekbones.

Good have a really big belly and manboobs

more bone/frame/cartilage related, not adipose

Try being a girl with a huge nose and recessed maxilla which makes it look even bigger.

>more bone/frame/cartilage related, not adipose

No shit Sherlock