Be 22

>be 22
>go to normiebook
>lets see what my highschool friends are into
>normie 1:married
>normie 2:married
>normie 3:in a long term relationship
>normie 4:married
>normie 5:relationship with foid I was crushing on
>6 figure salary as a web dev
>own a porsche
>have deep interest in math and cs
>somewhat interested in philosophy
>Jow Forums
>taller than like 3 of these goblins by at least 5 inches
>2 of them are ethnik with white foids and not even thugmaxxed just skeleys
>be white
>irl friends now
>1st one 25 and married to a qt lithuanian bitch
>2nd in a long term relationship with white foid
>even older brother is 5 years married

What a fuckin clown world. Where is Elliot when you need him?

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>i don't have social skills which means our world is doomed

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"Just social skill max bro"
>be me
>get piss drunk
>cuck 3 faggots at a bar
>get foid right near my hotel
>say some retarded shit and fuck it all up
>second time get drunk
>see friend grinding on a different foid
>cockblock him
>we start dancing and making out
>retard friend comes inbetween
>makes it awkward and walks away

All you're saying is to get pissed drunk faggot.

too pure for this earth.

have you tried talking to women while not drunk maybe?

I come off as a retarded sperg the foid I was crushing on even said "wow we have matching eyes and looked at me for like 2 minutes" and only now am I realizing she was coming onto me.

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You seem like a downright rotten person and they probably realise that at some point and bail out. Can't blame them.

How come people marry so young these days? Back in the 90's NO ONE even thought about marrying before they hit thirty. People wanted to build up their careers and have fun.

sorry mate, you can't fix it, just like everyone on this board

>web dev
front or back end?

"SWEATY!! its ur rotten pursonality xddd"
I don't reveal my power level, retard.

Full-stack obv.
Most foids understand the importance of their biological clock regardless of muh 3rd feminism.

>Full-stack obv.
i'd swipe right to that, but don't expect roasts to appreciate anything meaningful like that.

But men can breed up to their sixties at least. Why to marry so young?

>all friends married at 22

where the fuck do you live op? guessing the south or midwest.

>20 year old male
>desperate for foid attention
user you retarded?

commiefornia, most of them are mid to late 20s

ah i guess that makes sense, i thought all your friend were your age. honestly makes me anxious af to see everyone married by mid 20s though since im 22 and have never had a gf.

Also the biological clock of women do not start ticking until mid twenties. There's something else behind this marriage boom. Maybe it's because young people haven't got much anything else to do, because creating a career, or even getting a steady job is so difficult these days. Also marriage is not taken very seriously anymore, it's like big parties to have some nice photos of to post on your social media page, and after you get bored with your spouse you may divorce.

Not according to statistics. Divorce rates are decreasing.

user you lousy LIAR. You do not have to marry anyone to get some attention from women, if that is what you mean in your nonsensical reply. As a matter of fact if you are the one being desperate for women's attention, you're the type of a man who do not even get them to have a chance to marry someone.

No you retard, those 20 year olds get blinded by love and start convincing themselves that this foid is amazing and begin to crave any affection she gives.

These statistics are probably applying to all age groups, and there might be things like financial instability behind of it. And you can not conclude anything from these statistics concerning the youngest generation, because those people have been married for such a short time, for a few years only, that divorcing is not needed yet. You need to come back to this issue after they were married for more than five years to say whether they divorce easier than older people. It's just the general attitude, that marriage is not respected the same way it used to be, and the reasons why the youngest people divorce, when they do it, are very light. As are the reasons to get married in the first place.

I also read a domestic article about how getting married is not that popular anymore. So, actually the people who get married very young, are some kind of exceptions, such as drop-outs of society or NEETs who have no better things to do, or then they are from the elite, so that they do not have to spend time to struggle to create a career and find their place, as everything is given to them by their parents and connections, so they can start a family early on.

You're pretty much a retard yourself as you are not grasping what an OXYMORON you are presenting. If you are low quality male enough to be DESPERATE for a woman's attention, to the point of becoming blinded by your love for her, you are not the kind of a male who finds anyone to marry in the first place.

Well I am not going to repeat this to you for the third time so I guess it's the end of discussion.

>having a kid when you're over 40
Enjoy your autistic child!

>...REGARDING the youngest generation, because those people have been married for such a short time, for a few years only, that divorcing is not needed yet. You need to come back to this issue after they were married for more than five years to say whether they divorce easier than older people OR NOT.

You're implying women aren't just as fallible to this shit when interacting with a guy they are romantically interested in for years.

Autistic people are often times GENIUS in some ways, and they are representing the next evolutionary step of humanity, or a new human species that will go on existing along with the Homo Normicum. Imagine that we could actually have TWO human species existing at the same time for a long, long time!

Women are fallible but men usually are not, unless they are desperate.

Yes christina western chandler is truly the apex of the human species.

20 year olds aren't men not in this day and age anyway.

Albert Einstein kind of was. And he's not alone.

That's probably due to the present societal situation in which it is extremely difficult to create a career or find a job and buying or renting a house or a flat is too expensive. And it will get worse as the automation and globalization eats away jobs in the west. People just need to stick to their games consoles and Instagram or find some other hobbies to fill their time with.

Are you saying chris chandler is a genius? lol

This meme again. Autism does not mean you are a genius. In fact it's the opposite.

You're ugly in one way or another. You exude bitter loneliness, or you're just physically unattractive. You can fix either of those if you aren't too far on the negative side of the scale.

according to i am a 4 on the psl and lookism I am a 5 according to friends I am a 6 so I am a normie to high tier normie.

If Chris Chandler is not a genius it does not mean that other autistic people could not be, lol.

It's not a meme, but a fact. The number of genius or above average intelligent people is percentually higher among the high functioning autists than among the neurotypicals. Even part of the low functioning autists have savant skills. No low functioning neurotypical have such.

181 cm is very short though

No one with Autism is really smart. They just speak in this weird tone that makes them sound like an intellect but in reality they're idiots.

Are you implying an intellectual heavy weight like sargon of akkad has autism?

Let's see a source. After all if it's a fact you should easily find one.

yeah in the netherlands maybe cuck

What kind of Porsche do you have?

Sorry, I am too tired to search you a source. You can use Google yourself. But it came evident about a ten or more years ago when I was studying autism in the internet reading everything I could find and participating on autism forums. Obviously, those articles are long gone as are the forums.

>le hurr no u google it defense

No, I feel sick and tired. You use Google yourself. I'll go rest now.

a fucking hot wheels one
OP drives his moms Grand Caravan IRL

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>have deep interest in math and cs
You'll die alone.