Old school runescape thread?

Old school runescape thread?

Ive played osrs for 4 yrs now and still havent maxed out my ags pure. Soon i will be fucked when jewgex nerfs gmaul and i have to drop 1m each time i go pking. I dont even have a main on this game so i cant afford pking supplies a lot.

Also, any1 else glad warding hasn't come in to the game? If not why?

I didnt want warding since im an autist and dont like new changes

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I dont really care that warding didnt pass. While it would have added a good chunk of fresh content to grind out it felt a little too convoluted to be considered "oldschool"

Ik man it wuda made osrs into beta rs3

The GE ruined OSRS already
Theres nothing "Old School" about the Grand Exchange cause thats when the game died in the first place

>tfw 110m on my account
>havent played in a long time
>probably wont ever again

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Yea I switched to an ironman when that came out.

>no trading
That ruins the game too

Grand exchange is a cancer on the game. I agree too man but warding wuda made osrs even shitter

What wouldve been so bad about it?

Warding is sorta like invention in rs3 and bringing warding into the game wuda just caused more hassle for the devs because of a new skill. Devs should focus on improving current skills instead of creating new content.

15k hrs in rs3
atleast 6K in osrs now

game suk.

just get good
trading ruins runescape

based and aqua-pilled

>one of the main mechanics of the game
>ruins it

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>110m on my account
Can smell the incel from here

Got banned on my old account was combat level 98. Made a new account and got to like 60 combat but gave up. The game is just a fucking grind.

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Why did u get banned?

5% increased experience feels so good man, gotta work for those optimizations

>800kc dry of prims
>+1 str and +2 to all combat styles

can smell the envy from here

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grinding up a 13 def pure. It's a god damn chore ill go to pvp when im like 80-85 in str, range and mage. Currently 51 str, 75 range and 51 mage. Sigh...just a couple more mils of XP left.