You will take the pinkpill and I will post webms to help encourage you to take it so as to change yourself as a person...

You will take the pinkpill and I will post webms to help encourage you to take it so as to change yourself as a person for the better.
You are gonna take it and you're gonna love it, I will train you to love your new self.

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I support the pink pill so that you retards become of those suicide statistics.

kill yoursleves you shitlords

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His face looks like that of my friend when he smiles

he's quite cute. Where would one hypothetically get a hypothetical cosplay like that haha
asking for a friend

Oh god I am so horny right now I would rapidly thrust his ass.

but the pink pilk dramatically reduces suicide rates, silly animeposter

I dont want to be a girl and I dont want a feminine body. I like being big and strong, and while i do wish i could be small and weak to completely submit to a woman, I accept my stature and instead become strong in order to be this woman's protector should an occasion arise that she needs it, not to mention any other people I care about. I just wished the 3 dominant women on the planet were into big guys

absolutely based and red-pilled

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my heart stopped when he smiled behind his hand to blow a kiss

How do I get a face like that

Post more webms of her

I thought that was marky from the thumbnail

Plox no pill pushers, less you erase someone's boy friend now OP...
(so as they say above all anons, be yourself whatever we turn out to be!)
That having been said, while I am a trans girl and transition can have benefits, 1st it needs careful considerations >_>

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>You will take the pinkpill
lmfao no i won't

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Wow some of you trannies are okay! Don't go to the gay convention tomorrow!

I'm all for the pinkpill if it produces more people like Allana

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The pinkpill actually reduces the chances of suicide.

Statistics you say?

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is this a pornstar or just instagram thot?

i really wish that he was my bf (boyfriend).

make-up and long wig

I wish he would creampie my gf and videotape it.

Im a virgin closetfag but strictly into femboys only, dont wanna change into one tho, at least not right now, does that mean i took the pinkpill or im just big dumb? train me