So did the Bianca video ever surface?

So did the Bianca video ever surface?
I've only seen a 2-second webm from it

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pretty sure there isn't a video. the one circulating with a guy pounding at some girl's neck with a knife seems to be fake because there's a third person holding the camera

I've only seen the images, share that 2 second webm.

there isn't a 2 second webm op is lying

Here is the video guys. Watch out. Its gruesome.

thanks user. can't believe something so brutal got on youtube.

Rest in peace little angel

didn't even need to hover over the link

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Me too brother, I am on the lookout for XcQ

I'm not even mad. :/


She wasn't famous at all she had like 800 followers on instagram and she probably didn't even play video games. I fucking hate kike media

Clicked on this thread assuming her two sex videos she made with Marc Linden were going to be discussed.
She had around 2K followers and only started to play Minecraft recently due to some other egirl from here called Ratchan. Overall her death has been whitewashed in every news article about her.

By the way there was never any video. The pictures are real but the video isn't

There weren't any videos, only a picture of her decapitated and the pictures of the emofag slitting his own throat (which didn't fucking work lmao)

Whatever still far off from "social media star" and "gamer girl"

is it that girl who sold her bath water ?

>social media star

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No that's belle delphine or whatever

Was agreeing with you. 2k followers is below what the average girl has on Instagram and most of her followers disliked her by her own admission and her sparsely used Tellonym. She was more hated than loved while alive.

Was clarifying on the gamer girl thing because she barely played any games except mind games with the guys she emotionally abused.

>There Are Tragically Still Pictures Of Her Body On The Internet
Why do normalfags act like this is the worst part? They're just pictures. It's as if the biggest offense is not that he cut open her fucking throat but that they had to see it. Otherwise this would be another headline about white trash you could likely find in your local news right now.

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Who even gives a shit honestly.

>Some nobody thot with 2k followers died somewhere after being a druggie cunt who treated everyone around her like shit


Bianca followed me on Instagram and i didn't follow back, god im such a chad

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Because fuck thumbnails, right?

>Why do normalfags act like this is the worst part?
Because it invaded their supposedly positive Instagram bubble and the image did not violate community guidelines so they had to do vigilante volunteer moderation by flooding Instagram with pink clouds tagging her. It was a traumatizing experience for most egirls.

>not using a url shortener
Very unimpressive user

It's gross how much the media portrays her as an angel. She was a textbook sociopath. And she wasn't a social media star either lmao.

There was never a video. I have all the pics though if you want them. Including the cum pic

Kek go for it, you'll probably piss off a bunch of people

Okay. I will start with this, why the fuck does she have so many followers now

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This is the first pic to surface on his snap

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I know two other e girls who were murdered by orbiters but they were not as pretty and there was not much drama so no one cared. Just some pedos messing around with damaged little girls. This kind of stuff makes me sick. Bianca had is coming and so did those girls though.

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Posting the third pic he released. There are a few I am not including because they were just gay shit.

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what is the cum pic?

Like every other user, I spoke to her a bit. She added me in a thread off of soc and I disregarded her because I did an archive moe and archive of sins search of her discord at the time and she was obviously damaged and a slut. Here is the next pic, Brandon goes outside

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kek that name

Kek, fucking normies

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Brandon was a lot like Bianca. A damaged, narcissist who thought they were in a movie and while thinking that he was better than everyone, he also thought he was a loser (which both of them were). Here was the next pic.

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(You)r pic related is already gay shit. Was this supposed to be deep?
Also post cum pic, I'm curious now.

Kek, she looks retarded.

A guy came on a photo of dead Bianca and sent it to her mum (her mom was an enabler and knew her daughter was whoring around on drugs so no sympathy)
Bianca lied a lot about her mom too.
It is one of the last I am being chronological

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Thank you for explaining. I'll wait.

I forgot to reply to this one to keep the chain going
Alright now here is the pic. There was another where he shows him sending it to Biancas mom but I forgot to save it

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What'd you expect retard, he said he'd post the pics

Now here is faggot Brandon now. I am gunna go for a bonus round with two cute Bianca pics
This fag who failed to kill himself is pleading not guilty and he will probably get away with it if the court is not a bunch of cucks.

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Here are bonus pics. And to clarify he is going to jail/prison no matter what. A nigger might murder him. I would love to see an orbiter go to jail to murder him.

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Aww, are you upset that your paywhore got her neck cut?

How the fuck did Bianca end up with this loser?

Bianca had the same reaction to me as basically every e girl has to a pale, boyish guy from r9k
The old
>aawww you are so cute! How do you not have a gf? I would love to hug you
You know, the cute fluff before they get retarded. I have been fucking with e girls for almost 4 years now. They are not worth it I am still addicted to making them like me

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What is that?
This faggot trying to have us watch something retarded?

Relax, my friend. I didn't know if they were the same, but that doesn't matter. It changes absolutely nothing to call me a retard or a faggot. I hope you do feel better now.

>getting this offended because someone called you a name

>Aww, are you upset that your paywhore got her neck cut?
Have you been reading my posts? I find it funny and think it would be even funnier if Brandon died in a retard way too because he was too much of a bitch to take his own life.
She never was with him. He was an irl orbiter. Her bf was at the concert. She had this thing she loved to do where she would expose the dms of two orbiters and have them duke it out in a server every few weeks. This was something she did irl. She had this orbiter drive her, made out with her bf at the concert in front of him while they were all high, then posted about how funny it was on discord. Retarded bitch still let the cuck boi drive her home.

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>Left has danger hair
>Right looks Jewish

Here. I am too lazy to find the original and I am at work so have this distorted text some roast used. (This is what he sent to her mom along with a cum tribute)

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Wait, did this faggot try to kill himself in the same way he killed her?
He regret it or some shit?

That's how it seems from the pic related, and other pics posted here.
I'm not well informed about this case.

Right is her sister who is normie and doing well. Still prime pussy. I kinda want to dig up the grave of Bianca but I do not live in New York. I know someone who robbed graves but they are pretty far from NY too.

I said it doesn't matter, that I'm completely indifferent about it, that it doesn't matter what you call me, not to myself nor anybody else. Now please explain how I am offended, if (You) will.

He did try. He did regret it. (Suicide and killing her. He loved her.)

that was her boyfriend?
why was she kissing other dudes while they were dating? I'm sidin with Brandon on this one. If my girl cheats on me in front of me, I'd kill her too.

He was not her bf. She never had sex with him. He was her orbiter and she kissed her bf at the party. See my post I know the situation better than most people so ama

Holy fuck that is BRUTAL

It's time to bring back rickrolling boys. It will be a rick roll renaissance

I mean concert

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lol ok sperg

Nice explanation and nice trips.
I see this is getting nowhere, but that is just the way it goes with zoomers and summerfags

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Did you know her boyfriend was Donatello?

This post aged very poorly
>pic related

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>journalists are so dumb they think the internet is a place

Silly... It's a series of tubes...

Yeah, the retarded trip fag. Trip fags always get prime egfs one day.

They also consider it a person sometimes.
>blah blah happened and the internet went wild

Didn't those Darkcel guys post the video on their page? Saw it on the news.

There was no video dipshit


>dating Instagram whores/egirlZ

The only logical outcome.

So what ever happened to Donatello after this? Did he an-hero after he learned his GF got turned into a pez dispenser? Seems like he just dropped completely off the map after this whole incident.

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He did not date her. Just an orbiter
Your average r9k e boy pedo tripfag. Pic is him. He just hunts for and dates barely 18 (and underage) e girls for validation/attention

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He looks like he has the autism.

the media really wanted to bring attention to that, everything is a internet conspiracy now because technology is too good.
i literally forgot about that the same day the thread was posted.

when i saw it resurface on the news i thought it was different fucking case and my mind was refreshed.
that's everything now, that's how irrelevant and transient EVERYTHING is now, don't they fucking get it????
you'll live and die and no one knew who the fuck you were, no one cares.

Her eyeliner still on fleek tho...P impressive to be quite frankly.

>being this unbearably new

I may be thinking of a different guy but I think he does have it and gets genuinely offended when called an autist irl.

This is what happens when you sneeze with your eyes open

Shame I probably don't like nowhere near the cunt.

>This post aged very poorly
This post aged the exact opposite of poorly

I haven't seen him on here in a long time.

I saw some messages. He freaked out day one. He stopped posting a while ago but is apparently already hopping discord servers in pursuit of his next egf.

>I saw some messages. He freaked out day one.

Can you post em?

>He stopped posting a while ago but is apparently already hopping discord servers in pursuit of his next egf

Based. Literal Chad.

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look at that hairline oh my god oh noooooooo ahahhahahaha

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>Can you post em?
I never saved them. I did not think to when they were exposed but I am the guy who dumped all the pics and have been following the shitstorm since day one. So trust me or not, this trust is the most closure you will get on Don for a while.
>Based. Literal Chad.
Yeah, on the constant hunt for that damaged, e girl pussy. I used to be similar but it made me feel bad a gross so I stopped fapping with e girls. It got to the point where I could not remember how many females I lewded. Biggest shame of my life.

Bad and gross*

>he sent her mom a cum tribute
A hero we didnt deserve

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>So what ever happened to Donatello after this?
According to some news articles they wanted to track him down for interview because he was part of Brandons motive because she kissed him, but he never shows up in subsequent interviews or articles. Instead you see Chels and Ratchan quoted by journalists.
He can probably never tripfag here again without being reminded by some user of her death.

if you say so permavirgin

Do you know Donatello? Or have spoken to him directly?

This made me smile. My internet was lagging, and a little bit of me hoped it was this in that time.

Dilate some more, faggot.

Honestly I do not know. I know people who know him and have seen posts about him. I think I have spoken to discord but cannot confirm. All I know is I have spoken to him back in his tripfag days on Jow Forums. I am not the most reliable source for this.

>Bianca getting shat on beyond the grave
feels good. Would actually pay one of you fags to irl shit on her grave too

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>gamer gurl
what did she play? besides orbiters feelings obviously

NBA 2k19, Cock Carousel, and Life is Strange otherwise known as blowjob

To be honest with you, I met Donatello in real life. We became friends over Discord.