I'm starting anti-depressants (Zoloft) tomorrow. what should I be expecting?

I'm starting anti-depressants (Zoloft) tomorrow. what should I be expecting?

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>what should I be expecting?
To put it simply

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to have no motivation and do nothing and become impotent and have your brain turned to mush

Your libido will die.

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Who cares OP isn't having sex anyways

Don't expect them to work right away, if you feel like nothing's happening after about a month you'll need to consult with your therapist.

I was on 100mg Zoloft for most of adolescence. Made me not depressed at all, but to the point of mania and killed my sex drive and ability to orgasm. Better than being suicidal though. Also couldn't trip on psychedelics on Zoloft so I kept going off my meds to trip / cum and always fell into depression a couple months later.
Now I take a low dose (15mg) of Prozac. It helps depression for me just as well as Zoloft but I can actually cum and feel psychedelics.

Maybe I'm bipolar (technically having a quick reaction to SSRIs is part of the diagnostic criteria for bipolar, so ok) but I always felt them within 1 day to 1 week. I'm still alive and not manic but if you have a very quick reaction of feeling good / wanting to up the dose to feel even better, you're probably bipolar.

>making the cute gril into a lesbian
Shit series.

Sertraline is horrendous:
>shrinks testicles
>makes your immune system weaker
>sometimes feels like you're on coke or other drugs
>sexual issues
However it reduces anxiety too so mixed with no desires, you're immune to women and their filth.

You will feel great but your libido will disappear and your dick will stop working. Like you're on the verge of cumming from jerking it to some quality porn, you got hard fine and everything just stops and it just disappears. God is cruel man.

This wont happen til you're on it for at least a month and it legit starts curing your depression.

Try to go straight welbutrin if you can.

Nah that's not the criteria at all, get a real doc

Well not for me at least. Been on zoloft for months now and i feel like fucking every girls i see passing by as opposed to how i was before. Could even say it has made me more confident and i can approach girls without being scared too.

I have a real doc and a diagnosis. + do your research. Nobody said it was the only diagnostic criteria retard

I've been on Wellbutrin for about 3 months & I haven't gotten any of the side effects you're mentioning here. However, I haven't really been depressed for a bit, am I just lucky?

i tried it for 2 weeks and quit because it made me feel soulless and very aggressive
dunno what to do

you'll feel like shit for the first couple weeks then your depression goes away and anxiety levels out to normal. People say your sex drive dies but mine hasn't, takes ages to cum tho

I mean, it's probably different for everyone. Wellbutrin is the 3rd anti-depressant I got prescribed after the others didn't work.

I mean the best you can get is soulless/emotionless and no side effects

Yeah the side effects i was mentioning are strictly ssri related. Welbutrin on its own won't do that which i why i was saying try that first. Welbutrin plus an ssri like zoloft may be able to cancel, but i was on 20 mg lexapro and both adderall, which i had been taking, and welbutrin didnt reverse the libido/numb dick/not cumming like it was supposed to mitigate

Did you try it in conjunction with an ssri? That worked for me for the most part

>Did you try it in conjunction with an ssri?
no i'm not a dumbass that want s to perma fry his dopamine receptors

I got off that shit because I'm a chronic masturbator and the Zoloft ruined it for me. Took me forever to finish every time.

Both times I tried antidepressants ten years apart they started making me super paranoid and ten times more anxious 3 days into taking them. Everyone thinks I'm lying and they think I need to give them a chance but I can't help it if they make me feel even worse. I'd rather be depressed and suicidal over feeling impending doom and ten times more anxiety and paranoia nonstop.

I'm also going on Zoloft for OCD and Bipolar disorder. Don't really know what to expect since I've never taken it before.

To suddenly have the strength to kill yourself.

total, irrevocable emptiness

Been on a variety of those medicines. In my experience, it's usually tiring and difficult at first. It always felt like I had sleep right behind my eyes
After some time and continuously taking the medication it will properly work in your system

Anti-depressants are a tricky thing though. It's likely that if you're taking them and you don't have a chemical imbalance in your brain, you won't be able to properly go off them. So if you're clinical, it will either have a desired or adverse effect.
If it's being prescribed to you because your doctor's a lazy piece of shit, then you need to find a new doctor because that doctor doesn't care about your well-being. If you do not have a legitimate chemical imbalance, then taking those medicines will actually screw your natural brain chemistry up and you risk permanently damaging it overtime.

you might have some bad suicidal tendencies and thoughts the first week taking it. i never had any help from zoloft, so i don't know anything except it didn't fucking help at all.

Maybe zoloft will help you but most pharmaceuticals are sold primarily to make money off of people, I wasn't even given a fucking information sheet when put on fluoxetine (prozac) which is another SSRI medication. Maybe even ask what the correct dosage is for your condition, I was on 20mg prozac the whole time and was told later that the dosage for anxiety is 40mg, which is why I took it in the first place.

Also if you decide to go off of them be prepared for electric shock sensations/tremors in the brain, this is more common with stronger ssri meds like zoloft but even ones with a longer half life like fluoxetine can cause it, especially if you quit cold turkey. Oh, and don't forget about other withdrawal effects like increased suicidal thoughts, and increased depression/anxiety, which your doctor may interpret that you actually needed the meds rather than to taper off them more slowly.

Had a manic episode once. It was amazing. I worket OT like a dog, got to know everyome at work, worked oit with old friends, house was sparkling clean and i learned to ski.
Then it passed and i spent a week building courage to go upstairs to the kitchen in my own house, calling in sick for work with a loaded shotgun i intended to kms with.
Fuckn life.

Practice abstinence

my manic episodes just cause me to talk fast and do stupid impulsive shit
i don't get much more energy

The amount of energy i had was, its hard to describe, imagine being yes man signing up for everything and not getting tired.
I did it all, i got paid double monthly salary for two months because of the OT while having a blast at work, lost 16kg in 2.5 months, learned some french, did a complete washdown of my house once a week... one time i was between two 12 hour shifts, woke up after 5 hours of sleep with 3 hours before work so i cleaned the bathroom while waiting. Wish i could be like that but i got completely burned out. I've spent 4 months recovering. Tried doing pushups like i did then, did 20x5 with 3 minutes of rest, but after 14 i fell down wondering whats the point.
Wish i could just be like that. Doing whatever healthy shit pops in my mind. I was myself around others and confident about it.

i go from lethargic tier to kinda average tier
oh well

I'm on 200mg daily and it did nothing for me. I dont think the dosage can go any higher than this. If anything I just feel worse.