SoIve this anons

SoIve this anons.

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8 / 2 ( 2 + 2 ) =
8 / 2 (4) =
8 / 8 =
8 / 8 = 0
answer is zero fuck you

its 16 you dumbass.

The answer is my two last digits

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Math is fucking stupid

with this shitty notation, it's 16, but if it had been written properly, it would be 1
lame pic

I think this stuff is taught in elementary school, isn't it?

not this time bait man

Poop shit

8 / 2(4) =
8 / 24 = 1/3
op obviously meant concatenation when he wrote the formula like that

I am afraid I'm retarded, but here goes.

8 : 2 (2 + 2)

Distributive Law
2 (2 + 2) = 4 + 4

8 : 2 (2 + 2) = 8 : 8 = 1

Oh yeah, 16 works too if you divide 8 by 2 first which isn't clarified here.

by the definition of pemdas you go parenthesis and then left to right:
8 / 2(2+2) = 8 / 2(4)
8 / 2(4) = 8 / 2 * 4
8 / 2 * 4 = 4 * 4
4 * 4 = 16

It's 1 but any expression that uses that division symbol instead of a fraction is bait by default.

Are you some kind of retard?
Or wait, is it because you're Americans?

for all you fucking idiots in this thread, this is a poorly defined formula, theres even a fucking paradox called after this:
its all just comes back to the fact that op is a faggot and he doesnt know how to properly construct a readable mathematical formula

Parantheses first
Then move left to right
(Multiplication/division are interchangeable)

math was my worst subject but I will say 16.

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its a trend on twitter faggot I didnt make up the equation

I don't know what you're talking about but i do know that first you finish off the ( ) then proceed with the rest of it

This should settle it

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Is this bait?
This post is original


are you fucken retarded

also according to bodmas/bidmas or whatever division and multiplication are given the same importance so you would go from left to right. therfore the answer should be 16.

Also it's with pointing out you officiall wouldn't write the equation like this. you would write it as 8 over 2(2+2) which would make it clear you want 8 divided by the rest equaling 1 (because 8/8=1). or you could write it as is and get 16

>retards still taking this bait in 2k19

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It's 1 and this is original

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So i tried to make a program in the pajeet language java using floats and apparently alll of you are completely wrong you utterly fucking faggots. 8/2(2+2) is 0.999973 FAGGOTS

Naruto never did math. Anyway, BEDMAS, my ninjas.

The issue is that this is poorly written. Treating this like a brain problem is lie deliberately writing a sentence like "can i has cheeseboiger" and getting mad when someone who doesn't speak English often (like most anons use math) give pause.


We get taught only one method here so I take that one for good.

An obelus is not a fraction. Yes, fractions are division, but an obelus does not imply a fraction bar.

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Oh FFS I was always taught it was PEMDAS. What's this new BEDMAS crap? Maths isn't supposed to change like that! This is fucking anarchy!

1 and 16. Ambiguous representation.

Parentheses and brackets is same.

well 2+2 is 4.
8/2 is 4.
4 * 4 is 16

64 with some decimals