What's tinder like for the average guy...

What's tinder like for the average guy? I have no idea what it's like since I'm a girl but just curious what your experience is like.

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Not sure if I'm average, gonna say im not based on what I've read for other experiences, but for me I get no likes and therefore no matches
I only swipe on girls that seem interesting and within my league. Sometimes if I see an alt girl I swipe on her too
Same deal on every other dating app desu except POF which is mostly bots. I just want to be loved but that seems to be asking for a lot

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Almost nothing. Without Tinder Gold, it's virtually impossible to get matches reliably. Even at your most attractive, girls arebso picky and you're up against such steep competition that you get maybe half a dozen matches in a week of determined, relentless swiping. The algorithm is set up so that even if you have a match or two in your radius, you won't see them and it's easier to just pay than to wait for your swipes to refill and try again. The algorithm places matches in back of the line.
Additionally, 90% of convos will result in ghosting and 10% will be insane.

>maybe 2 matches before running out of swipes
>one is a prostitute bot
>never get messaged first
>the girl will never take any lead in a conversation
>get unmatched in under 20 minutes
>0 dates
Just my experience with Tinder as a failed normalfag.

just make a fake tinder with a guy profile and you'll find out

Meet lots of new people, pretty easy to find a one night stand and a great conversation. Next to impossible to meet anyone going forward with, Tinder has been my only consistent friend since I have gotten divorced

OkCupid has sweeter girls but the girl I hit it off with via the app yesterday has already invited me to her house (parents out of town this weekend) to smoke and presumably have sex so we will see if she stays around thereafter

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All posts complaining about the algorithm not giving you matches and all girls being insane are cope. Tinder is pretty shit but it's not that bad.

I'm normie and get 1-2 matches a day. If you don't get matches you either aren't attractive or just super unlucky or you just aren't swiping on the right girls.

could you find a more useless subfield of biology?

I tried it for fun, first day was slow after that i mached with almost everyone, removed it though since i have a wife.

The average guy doesn't have any experience because they don't use it. Tinder is only for Chad to rope in his Wednesday nights slampig or for loser incels hoping to find a woman using an app made to connect people for casual sex.

Anyone on tinder is a piece of shit, but the women are worse.

Why lie? Are you a gay psyopper?

The only women on tinder who will match and fuck me are women who were already fucking me.
Also, Tinder sometimes has memes.

Eat a dick old nigga

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The average guy doesn't use or need to use tinder to get women. Tinder is only for the desperate and for the sex obsessed. It's an app meant to connect two people who want to fuck casually. Like, imagine a woman using that. "I'm an absolute complete whore that needs my holes filled, can you find me my dick for the night?"

Nasty as fuck.

Not all women are on tinder for sex. Some do it purely for validation-whoring and vanity.

I wouldn't know because I've never used it, but if you're curious about it, why don't you try making an account using the pictures of an average guy? I've seen lots of guys do this experiment with female pictures, but never the opposite.

And to advertise their Instagram

Aka "how big of a whore can I be?" But are too scared to go through with it because of their reputation.

>goofy smiley
Off to a lame start.

you can make a tinder with a chad profile pic and be drowning in pussy in 30 minutes

Average at best guy here. I've had one relationship and one date on it after using it on and off for years.

You can find normal people on tinder. I know couples who met on tinder. Why are you making shit up?

No matches. I tried to be selective with swiping to avoid fucking up my rating. I did get likes, but they were all from women who were either obese, or pink-hair-piercings-etc, or both. So it didn't work out for me, personally. But I may be below average in appearance.

It's literal crickets. It's all a scam anyways. They tell you have 20+ matches wating for you and relentlessly hound you down with "just buy tinder gold bro" every time I open the app. Don't fall for it boys like I did. Never spend money on a women thats not putting out.

how would you have no idea, just look at the guys you match with and you know how it fucking is. roastie piece of shit

i get matches but my conversation skills suck and i photoshop my face (just acne removal).

tinder is very much an ego booster for girls, because even girls that a lot of ppl find not so attractive still get a lot of matches. there's actually been a paper (or multiple) about this if u care to google.

tl;dr: for guys, it kills ur ego, and u dont get a lot of matches.

>get matched after a month of installing
>check tinder
>no matches
Fuck tinder

I did a little experiment. I installed Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr (not gay).
I went on Tinder and Bumble and put pictures of myself up. I swiped on many women. Probably swiped over 1000 times, even on fat women and uggos. I did this for about a week. No matches.
Within 5 minutes of installing Grindr and setting up my profile, I instantly had fucking faggots messaging me "YOU'RE SO FUCKING HOT"
I literally had one guy message me asking if I'd shit in his mouth.
It's a a blessing and a curse to know that men find you attractive and want you to make love to their boyholes, yet at the same time, women want nothing to do with you.
This makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. I'm not ugly. I didn't even get to speak to any of the women so it can't be my personality. I think women have incredibly high standards.

You are a retard that swiped right on everything and thought it would somehow not impact the status of his account

What does that have to do with anything? Status of account? What the fuck is that?

A desolated wasteland
At this point i only have the app installed cos i like to watch roasties while i take a shit.

Imagine being this retarded, users who are not the least bit selective when they swipe are tagged as bots/unattractive or otherwise useless accounts. Your photo and profile is moved to the absolute back of the queue to make room for people who do not swipe indiscriminately and receive positive feedback from the people they swipe on

You retards do this shit every time then go AHA! Look! I knew it, no woman would ever like me, all the while completely unaware you look flat out retarded. Kill yourself

That doesn't mean anything. The women that I swiped right on could have matched with me if they wanted to, but they didn't and you're saying that's how Tinder works for some fucking reason?

God damn you are probably the dumbest nigga on this whole shit, they do not see your profile to like it or dislike it to begin with because you have effectively shadowbanned yourself by being retarded.

I am average / above average. Fat, but that's literally the only thing that keeps me from looking attractive (I am too lazy tho)
I swipe right on like 1/3 of the girls and got about 80 matches even tho not many people in my country use Tinder. Fucked a 16 yo girl (was 18, legal in my country) few days after I left my parents just because I wanted to fuck a random girl (already lost virginity, but it was with fat weeb girl) and it was kinda weird. I just felt weirdly empty after it. Never talked to her later. Met a girl from Tinder later with no sex, we just chilled at my flat and talked, we did this like 3x and then we fucked, she is my girlfriend now. So I guess I have positive experience, most of the women there are simply uninteresting.

Shadowban? I wasn't aware of that because, dude, I'm just trying to get fucking laid. Apparently using Tinder by the way it was designed will get you "shadowbanned". Good one.

It's retarded but it works that way. Just try to choose more. Make a new account and swipe right on girls you are actually interested in. Keep it under 50/50

You should be remaking your account like every week anyway, they kill your shit after like the first day. Get about 1-3 matches a day by the end of the week but the first day can get like 14

Stop swiping on ugly chicks or stop swiping on attractive chicks, one of the other

>You retards do this shit every time then go AHA! Look! I knew it, no woman would ever like me
Hate this the most about r9k, they are too socially retarded to understand pretty obvious dating app algorithms (just dont swipe right on everybody like a spastic) and then think their experiments are breaking new ground.

I've done this and swiped left on the vast majority of girls, it doesn't work.

Post your profile, could be some combination of being unattractive/autism

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This is the guy that offed himself lol.


>What's tinder like for the average guy?

Fucking horrible

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Probably both? I'm a nerd and I'm not good looking. The point is you can't just say "oh it's because you're swiping right too much", when it's much more likely that we're simply not appealing at all and even if our profile is getting shown to women, they're swiping left.

If you are swiping right on everything your profile will not get shown to anyone and you will still be unattractive/nerdy should a girl make it that deep into the mens profiles and see your shit

Also why is being a nerd a bad thing? I would play that shit up, every normie girl is into anime and video games today. They tend to know way more about that stuff than I do and I was a nerd in middle school. Just dont wear anime t shirts or something and you will be ok

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you are such an unbelievably dumb person holy fuck

If you are so smart comparatively figure out some way to get some bitches on your dick Einstein. I know way better looking guys than me who have purchased premium and chose your swiping method to no avail

You are doing it wrong and its no one fault but your own you cant get laid as a nerd in the era where thots are watching comic book/Star Wars movies

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>If you are swiping right on everything your profile will not get shown to anyone and you will still be unattractive/nerdy should a girl make it that deep into the mens profiles and see your shit
I don't dispute that, but you're suggesting user would have had better results if he was swiping selectively and I've tried it both ways (swiping on everyone to try to maximize chance of matches vs swiping very selectively to avoid rating deterioration) and it didn't make a noticeable difference.

>Also why is being a nerd a bad thing? I would play that shit up, every normie girl is into anime and video games today.
Everyone is into video games today, it is not evidence that being a nerd is suddenly acceptable or popular but simply that video games are now enjoyed by a wider variety of people and no longer seen as being a nerdy thing. Being an actual nerd is still unattractive to women.

lmao you are one sad fuck. there is nothing special about what you are saying to these girls, its just what you look like. its just amazing you actually think its your epic game brah. moron, get the fuck off this board

>would you consider yourself an empathetic?
What the fuck are you talking about?

>it didnt make a noticeable difference
Eh, post your profile. If it is not your method it could be having something unappealing on there. To me the less on your profile the better.

Girls being into nerdy shit just makes it easy as hell to talk to them, I have not seen hardly any of them Marvel movies so a date for me might just consist of her coming over to my place trying to explain that shit to me while we watch some shit I really like under the pretense we might watch a Disney movie

These are insular hoes today, you do not have to leave your crib to get introverted pussy
I am not claiming that but I am a normal looking dude and have two dates this weekend just from swiping on girls I am attracted to and left swiping on girls I am not

It is simple

user, that guy is far more interested in posting pics of how much of a bad ass pussy slayer he is lol, he's a fucking idiot. pretty sure ive run into this retard a couple times, he posts his tinder conversations and tries to convince himself its totally his conversation skills and not his looks that gets them.

>I am a normal looking dude
if you are getting pussy off of tinder, you are not a normal looking dude, you are attractive and you are downplaying this fact because you want to convince yourself it totally isnt just for your looks

Yall some God damn defeatist/crabs, I am telling you from personal experience short of posting my face I do not know how else I can convince you these women are literally nothing special and just as interested in being with you as you are in them. People have been having casual sex for a million years and now youre not good enough? I bet your grandpa was ugly as fuck and still got hoes because he never taught himself it is impossible

Nothing at all. I periodically delete and remake Tinder every time the horny loneliness starts creeping in, with absolutely zero results each.

Tinder is a giant cope for sub 9/10 men, but it's the only cope available since meeting girls IRL is impossible.

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you sound extremely stupid, so thanks for proving your personality isn't what is getting these women off tinder.

I've been trying and I matched with 1 bot, 1 hot black chick and 1 died hair chubby. The black chick hasn't replied

I wholely recommend you take nice pictures, at least 1 outdoors and in nice clothes. I'm not having much luck with my 3 weird ass pictures of me in my room

If youre so intelligent invent a bitch

Gays don't count. It's like going out shopping for you.

>Eh, post your profile. If it is not your method it could be having something unappealing on there. To me the less on your profile the better.
My profile was very minimal. A photo of myself, my job, and a couple other fields I filled out. I forget what exactly (deleted my account a while back). I could post my picture but that isn't allowed on this board.

>Girls being into nerdy shit just makes it easy as hell to talk to them, I have not seen hardly any of them Marvel movies so a date for me might just consist of her coming over to my place trying to explain that shit to me while we watch some shit I really like under the pretense we might watch a Disney movie
I think having to listen to boring normalfag stuff like capeshit movies doesn't really make it easy to talk to someone, but that's just me.

damn look at this magnetic personality guys hahahaha

You are lying. Please don't believe this obvious doomposting bait that only wants to make you feel worse about yourself.

You are also lying, it is impossible to match with almost everyone.

Traditionally if your photos are in the sun you will have a bit more luck, I feel you on not wanting to talk about normie stuff either but sometimes you can have a fun niche topic with a girl from there. The last chick I met was big on history so we debated Kaspar Hauser for like two or three hours in a parking lot in my car. The shit just flowed naturally which is rare but they out there
I am sure women love to hear about how much you dont like yourself and how it is impossible to have sex unless you look like Brad Pitt

>I am sure women love to hear about how much you dont like yourself and how it is impossible to have sex unless you look like Brad Pitt

women only talk to you because you are attractive, there is nothing interesting about you. kaspar hauser lmao, yea i watched that herzog movie too

I met my gf on tinder and it only took 4 years

She is a virgin aswell so i really lucked out here

>Why does the American mongrel look brown :/
Whores and their amazing IQ

>Traditionally if your photos are in the sun you will have a bit more luck
I used a photo with daylight illumination only (no artificial lighting) although not quite "golden hour".

Remember the shittiest of the normie advice most of us have heard at some point in our lives?
"Don't worry! Love will find you eventually!"
Yeah, that's how it works for women. They don't have to do anything to find love. Hence why Tinder and other dating apps are full of unlovable hambeasts, bots and attention whores. Normal women don't need it.

It is not attractive to have a negative attitude, you already created a self fulfilling prophecy to protect your ego in which nobody can ever be attracted to you. You really think every girl likes the exact same type of dude?

I feel you just experiment a bit if you care to, you can really set yourself apart in a visual medium with a high quality photo.

Not being attractive means you don't get likes


Ok mate.

lmao and here comes the life coach shit. you types are all exactly the same, every time you get in an argument you fall back to self help tony robbins tier bullshit because you have nothing else to say. it's so easy and predictable

An equally generic response where a dude pretends to be so uniquely unattractive that under no circumstances would a woman be into him. Just say it out loud without contorting your face, I bet you can not because it sounds crazy, go outside.

There will always be way worse looking dudes than you who do way better through some combination of factors not known to you.

>bro uglier guys than you get laid!!!
and he wants to talk about generic responses lmao. its always some retarded comparison game with retards on your level. im so lucky im not a starving african child!

There's only so much you can do with a phone's lenses and I'm not really big on the idea of shelling out for a proper camera just so that women can see a better photo of an unattractive person on a dating site.

I didn't have any luck in my hometown and started to get depressed, when I moved to a new city I instantly got 10 + matches and multiple dates. made new friends and have been seeing a girl for a month and a half and want her to be my girlfriend

I am unconventionally attractive so when I had a good bio I got maybe 2-3 swipes a day all by edgy girls. All the girls are basic bitches though so I changed my bio to say I hate pitbulls, netflix, pizza, parties, weed, and astrology. I also said Trump is not that bad. So now I get maybe one a week. I matched with what I assume is a femanon but she never messaged me back when I asked her what boards she browses pic related.

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Lol my best home boy from the army expecting a baby with his girl and just got a job for the first time in two years because she got pregnant, they were both living in his moms house and she was working while he played video games all day

He does not get benefits because dishonorable discharge, a loser by all accounts but he got a pretty girl pregnant with his seed

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Was it a different country? Was there something in the water in your old town?

You're misrepresenting the reality based on it's intended purpose, everyone knows it's for hookups but we live in a clown world full of idiots so everyone pretends it's a fairytale app they'll meet thier oneitis through, come on use your head man stop talking out of your ass, if you don't know what it is or how it's used then just shut up or don't post.

>dishonorable discharge

now that you mention it, it pretty much is a different country. Where I'm from its 90-plus percent white, here it's a bunch of older white folks and then the rest (50%) is blacks and Puerto Ricans.

and i know a loser drug addict that got an 8/10 pregnant when he was about to go to rehab. do you think these stories mean anything? are you saying i should turn into a drug addict because thats a sure way to get an 8/10 lol? falling back to anecdotes is a pathetic brainlet way to argue.
also not seeing anything special about your personality, you seem like another moron and you seem pretty cunty too

88m legitimately just running bitches over while deployed, nigga went crazy in my opinion
So your super special anecdote about not being able to ever get pussy is somehow of any significance? You proving my point, the biggest ugliest losers can pull the baddest bitches. Your issue is you are scared not ugly

thats what you got out of that post? jesus christ you truly are one serious fucking idiot

You gave me two anecdotes, one about a drug addicted loser who actually left his house and talked to a girl and seeded her. And one about a loser who thinks you need to look like Rick Fox in his prime to get a match on Tinder.

Given my own personal experience, having left my house twice today, I think it is completely logical that most men are not having problems getting women.

I usually get a handful of matches when I first use it, then basically nothing afterwards. I try not to let it get to me, as you need a specific look/mindset to be successful with it, but I work from home and Tinder/internet dating is one of the few avenues I have to meet women.

Probably the hardest part is knowing that they're never going to initiate the conversation and it's going to be an uphill battle to get them interested. I had many moments where I just didn't know what to say and didn't say anything to them at all.

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got it, im going to become a drug addict and go outside and get pussy bro thanks you have changed my life lmao

You would probably be a more desirable person thereafter, not gonna lie. Truthfully though what does getting mad at me cause you cant get a girl do at the end of day?

Ima still keep doing my thing and you resigning yourself to a life of unhappiness for what? A chance to win the most miserable man contest on the internet?

Insecurity and just being scary can fuck up your whole life but they both easy to overcome

why should i listen to you at all? ive never met a person irl that has success on tinder. i have met people who are drug addicts that are successful. clearly drug addiction is the way to go

She matched him and messaged first. In what world is that rejection? A girl matching and messaging first on tinder means she finds you quite attractivene

Average Indian guy here. ~15 matches a week in Canada, ~50 a week in the US. No dates because I don't want to actually associate with girls who go on tinder. Also I have no personality and no life so I dont talk much on dates

Thats not true. The top profiles are always whoever gets the most right swipes

I got banned for shitposting after having no luck (matches, but almost no conversation). I'm a manlet so there was hardly any hope. As an experiment I once tried using images that didn't show my whole body, just my face. I matched with a girl who was actually responsive--however, when we were arranging to meet up she asked for my height. I answered, and then she unmatched.

Wish there was an app just for easily finding and talking to people with basic common interests, like a hobby or specific band/series/movie/etc.

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ohnonononononono brown bros how will we recover?

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im like 1 point more attractive than him and im white. i'd probably get the same type of treatment so i'm not subjecting myself to it

Well, he says in the video that he knew of plenty of ugly short dudes that were white and got tons of pussy in Taiwan. That's why he thought he'd be successful as well.

yea well you have to have some pretty shit taste to even want asian girls anyway, boring bug people

>I got a date today lol
why do normals do this?