Socializing is complete bullshit

So called "banter" is just hurting someones honor, disrespecting him heavily and if you fight back they say "LAMO bruh that's just banter" "Stop being a whiny bitch"

ESPECIALLY women when they try to fit in they just blatantly insult the weakest member of the circle and if he fights back, suddenly the group becomes her orbiting circle and shits on you.

Back then you were forced to do that tiresome shit because you would die without a gathered community. Now the state pretty much provides everything so you don't need to suffer through that bullshit.

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Why the fuck are you even trying to fit in a normie circle? They are shallow and boring
Make your own community

learn to fight back with some tact. trust me it goes a long way, famalam.

That's really sad to hear, OP. Me and my friends have great banter, truly enjoyable rips on each other.

I don't have any female friends though.

I just wonder how this dynamic works for anyone. Especially if you are together with a group for longer periods they just drag out stuff you said in the past randomly and godwin laws your ass.

It's like a game but at the same time it's not. Feels like a social status battle under the guise of joking around.I have fought back before but I'm always hesitant to. It's like if I start going back and forth with them it won't take long before it gets too real and I'm gonna get sort of beat into submission because it's so easy to roast me. Like they're gonna bring up something that I really can't argue with. I'm a loser and probably most awkward person on the planet. There's no winning for me and I think everybody knows that.

>So called "banter" is just hurting someones honor, disrespecting him heavily and if you fight back they say "LAMO bruh that's just banter" "Stop being a whiny bitch"

t. muslim

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Yesterday I was really depressed because of a myriad of things (being fired, not getting into grad school, getting bed bugs because of an abusive roastie roommate) and I told my friends and they started laughing at me. So I got reslly desperate for attention and started saying things like that I should drop out, there's no point being alive, etc. and they all basically went "yeah lol do it faggot". So I actually made death threats and they told me to sober up.

Thing is, I genuinely don't mind banter and think that people would benefit from not taking themselves so seriously. What sucks though is that it's rarely equal - it's usually one person being shit on while everyone else laughs. And if said shit-on-person says anything moderately funny suddenly it becomes "offensive" and "mean".

My friends seem to thing just straight up insulting me is okay. I saw a guy I liked and asked my best friend if she thought he was in my league and she said "no". I told this friend about a guy I like and she said "yeah be definitely doesn't like you, sounds pretty abysmal to be honest, but at least you can stop orbiting him" with the inplication she was the one inconvenienced by my crush. Another friend literally went on about how "you're wearing a tent" while singing circus music because I wore a maternity shirt to draw attention away from my tummy. Like I said before, these people can't handle when the jokes on them, so when I joked about his mom being fat he got mad because "dude my mom has diabetes and she can't move that's not okay to joke about". Same friend makes jokes about my grandfather's dementia. Another friend always makes Holocaust jokes to me because my family is Polish / Jewish but I make a single "poo in the loo" joke and he starts whining about "white feminists" who mock race. Apparently the Holocaust is funny (it is) but Indians shitting in the street and worshipping toilets is not.

It's fucking absurd. Burn it to the ground.

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In black and brown neighborhoods, we take banter to the next level and slapbox. Teasing and playfighting is part of being a man. If you can't joke back, you're seen as weak. Then the "banter" may become genuine disrespect.

Yea, you are just cannon fodder for them. They see you as lower specimen, thats why they think they can insult you all day and any sign of defense from your side would put them in the wrong light amongst their peers.


And there's a fundamental lack of empathy. Like, they seem to think because I'm "cool" with this sort of thing that they can do it regardless of what my personal circumstances are. For example, making a Holocaust joke is one thing - making a Holocaust joke when my mom lost her mom (who moved here to escape Nazism) and I have been having to deal with her mood swings are too different things. Making fun of me for being ugly is one thing, and making fun of me for being ugly when I'm seconds from asking a guy out is another. They never factor in context because "lol user is always so chill".

Furthermore, they never interrogate why we're "so chill". Like your friends probably never seriously reflect on why you (assuming you're OP) go along with the jokes. Is it because you, like me, genuinely have a dark sense of humour? Is it because you're too scared to tell them to stop? Is it because you genuinely believe those things? Is it because you feel invested in being the archetypal "funny friend" or "chill friend" and now when the jokes are poorly timed or cutting too close to the bone you feel like you can't object (like me)?

They never think about any of that because they're pigs that don't care.

Not OP, but previous poster. You seem to have very toxic companions, i would cease friendsip with them at once, better to be alone at this point. I would write more elaborate reply but I am out of time, feel free to write email at [email protected] , dont even suggest discord.

why do ya'll do this? it seems so unnecessary and childish. shitting on each other and beating each others asses is just a part of life for you niggas?

What is this, Tumblr? Fucking faggot. Thanks for saying this. I keep thinking I'm to blame.

>cease contact
Definitely considered ().

I got drunk and told all this to my crush. I immediately regretted it. He's the only one who's nice to me. I know he'll be nice but I'm so terrified that he'll see my antics and lump me in with my BPD girlfriend. I didn't act this way (make suicide threats) for no reason, I'm in legitimately horrible situations (abusive boss, bedbugs, etc.) and no one was helping me. I hope he understands that I'm not that crazy and has a similar POV to you - that my friends are assholes and while I shouldn't have made suicide threats (since that's emotional blackmail) I wouldn't have had to do that if I was given the emotional support friends are entitled to during a genuinely difficult time.

Anyway, thanks again user. Have a nice day.
>btw what does "cz" stand for? Czech?

Friends are overrated. I have noticed the bullying dynamic too much. Even when it isnt me who is being bullied it bothers me to see it. I am tired of hearing normies complain about being bullied by their so called friends yet doing nothing about it. Are they retarded? Do they even know the meaning of friends?

I cut off most of mine and try to only surround myself with people who genuinely care about me.


Thats literally what friendship is for. There are plenty of assholes in the world, why would I want to hang out with them?

on noo how will the roasty ever recover?

This. There's no banter between actual friends, that shit is always aimed at the weakest guy in the group.

I know that feel, bro. Whenever that shit would start I could just feel myself shut down. Get flashbacks of my old man when I was kid, and the cunts in high school. I've just learnt to avoid those sorts of people and situations like the plague.

>I got reslly desperate for attention
Well you see, there's your problem...

I'm a virgin and I'm gonna guess I'm older than you and have worse problems.

Yeah, I know, I'm such a cunt for wanting someone to pat me on the back after
>I got fired
>my paycheck was held back because of a mishap and I was without money for food since I spent my savings on rent
>I'm disabled
>my roommate harasses me
>my roommate gave me bedbugs
>as a result I'm going to have to throw away or store (for at least a year) all my vintage records, paintings, art supplies, guitars, bedding, family heirlooms, etc.
>had my vacation (the first in yearsh ruined because the people I was gonna stay with don't want bedbugs
>had a scholarship I worked my ass for stolen from me
>didnt get into graduate school as a result
But yeah, you're right, I'm such a fucking cunt for expecting hug from my friends and maybe some laughs at a pub instead of ridicule and mockery. Fuck me, right?

God I hate normies like you. It's so easy to say "lol just forget about attention lol" when you're so innoculated with it you don't even comprehend what neglect and abuse looks like. Get fucked and choke and die.

I think there are different cases, i think banter is only acceptable when you know the person enough, but some normies feel like complete fucking psychos, they banter with you even tho you barely know them and when you call them out they get mad, theyre the type of fuckers who are just overly social and typically asking "why are you so quiet?" And actually getting angry because of it, i hate em

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Yeah you defiantly have more problems than the guy with no family and a dozen mental illnesses completely unable to function in society
fuck you stupid bitch

>Fuck me, right?
yeah fuck you
just get different friends normalfag and go to a community college

>no family
Sup, bitch. My stepfather punched me in the face on Christmas Day and my mom drowned out my sobs with the Rankin Bass Rudolph.

>dozen mental illnesses
Yeah, welcome to my life. I'm diagnosed OCD and GAD by medical professionals. My OCD is so bad that it limits my academic, career and living prospects. I have turned down lucartive scholarships because they would require travelling to regions of the Arctic where I'd be in a confined space and I knew my OCD would hurt the entire research party. I'm living in the worst part of my city and in one of the poorest postal codes in my country because it's the only place that accomodates my OCD neuroses.

And despite all of that I haul my ass out of bed, work two jobs and have a degree at a top research university at my country. So I find it pretty fucking rich that a maggot like you with a fraction of my problems (one of my formative memories is riding my tricycle up and down the street on my birthday waiting for a father who would never come) turns to me and goes "oh poor roastie wants attention". Hell yeah I do, I take on problems that would be Heruclean for the average person, let alone a person with multiple severe mental (and physical - I'm epileptic) disabilities and no familial financial support.

So fuck you. You're sad because you got dealt a shitty hand and you laid down and rot. I'm sad because I was dealt a shitty hand, fought tooth and nail to be better than my circumstances, and am constantly laughed at, bullied, and neglected by people I considered friends and did everything for

Try whining with someone else, cunt.

>different friends
More like no friends at all.

>community college
I'm currently going for my doctorate. Why would I do that?

>Sup, bitch. My stepfather punched me in the face on Christmas Day and my mom drowned out my sobs with the Rankin Bass Rudolph.
congrats mines still worse
>OCD and GAD
lmao those aren't even too bad
try those plus adhd aspergers and bipolar
You are perfectly capable of making friends so stop complaining

Want to know a secret? Work out and people will be afraid to challenge you because you are strong.

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user if normies are accusing you of being a nazi I have news for you

>one of my formative memories is riding my tricycle up and down the street on my birthday waiting for a father who would never come
poor you what a terrible life
>ocd and gad
what terrible problems you have
is this bait?
i'm sad because my fucking brains wired that way you stupid cunt

Enlighten me as to how people insulting your appearance, intelligence, mannerisms, and social mistakes is at all enjoyable.

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All said to me at various times by my """"friends"""" in high school. They also hit me "as a joke". Every fucking day. They were the only ones who let me sit with them though.

Because we love each other. We're brothers. It's totally different from when trashy normies just shit on eachother for social dominance.

>mines still worse
Dude, I didn't even get into the worst shit.

>OCD so debilitating that my entire life revolves around it
>not bad
And I only mentioned my diagnosed conditions, not stuff I suspect (which does include ADHD, depression and PTSD from watching my mother beat my sister into a concussion twice). Are you even diagnosed?

>making friends
This board is literally full of people just like you, who, as you can see, aren't very sympathetic towards me.

And it's cute that you left out my non-mental conditions like epilepsy and only focused on "making friends", as if that was the only thing I mentioned, you parasite.

>poor you what a terrible life
Normies are devoid of empathy: News at 11.

>boo hoo my brain wired to make me sad

>being stuck with abusive assholes because they're all you have
Are you me? Anyway, fuck those guys. And lemme guess, whenever you tried ti improve your looks (if they ever let you have the coursge to try) they laughed. And then when you didn't try they laughed. And when you told them to fuck off they laughed. And then when you tried to return the banter they didn't laugh.

Fuck those assholes.

your the pussy crying about the people you CHOOSE to hang out with dumbass
and ocd and anxiety don't wire you to be sad

Maybe you are a whiny bitch

Banter is an Internet meme that gamers use when they want to call people the n word.

Socializing is fun and you learn things about people and have a good time.

There is zero honor in being an incel

that's an actual fixable condition with pills you never have to worry about it
maybe you should have helped your sister pussy
i have empathy just not for normalfag roasts that choose to hang out with people that don't like them yet complain about it

You have shit friends, that's not banter those are insults

>In black and brown neighborhoods, we take banter to the next level and slapbox. Teasing and playfighting is part of being a man

Black dude here

While this is true, dudes would literally shoot another man if he talked shit about him on social media. Not all banter is out of fun.

And you're a brainlet who lacks the reading comprehension to get the point.

>they don't wire you to be sad
Yeah a medical condition that destroys the lifelong dreams that are at my fingerprints really wire me to be happy.

>fixable with pills
Confirmed for not knowing shit. Look, if things work well with epilepsy, you get the right meds and you can be episode free for about a year. That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt my life, that it never happens, that it doesn't deny my career prospects, and that I'm part of that 50%.

>helped your sister
Yeah, a little five year old should have gotten out of a moving car to help her sister on the side of the highway while her mom drunkenly speeds away, you stupid cunt. You're autistic, so let me say clearly that I think you're repugnant.

Again, read asshole. I'm 27 and a virgin.

Notice how I'm nice to everyone in this thread and don't fucking minimise their problems unless they start to minimise mine and play oppression Olympics? See how I talked to OP and those other anons? Now see how you talk to me unprompted. Maybe it's not your """""diagnoses""""" that cause your isolation. Maybe you're just a whiny cunt who lacks the ability to be decent to people in worse or comparable situations and that's why people wish you were aborted.

Exactly. I'm thinking about dropping contact.

The one friend, when her dad died, I literally cooked her whole famiy a Christmas dinner so they wouldn't have to worry about it and this is how she treats me.

Why, you been through something similar?

You can also hire a variety of niggas to shittalk on the phone you to hone your skills.

>Unironically fighting for who has it worse
Martir syndrome

fuck off

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That's not banter, that's just disrespect.

>nigger speak
>calls others brainlets

autism is better than someone delusional enough to think ocd is debilitating

You actually tell your friends you love them?

>Yeah, a little five year old should have gotten out of a moving car to help her sister on the side of the highway while her mom drunkenly speeds away,
yeah sure
it would show courage and be better than nothing
the point is that she is clearly normal and just chooses not to find different friends for some reason or just have no friends seems pretty idiotic.

You call it shitting on each other, we call it playful teasing. It's just what men do. It makes us laugh, as long as it's not serious and doesn't go below the belt.
>beating each others asses
That's to prime us for the inevitable fight we'll find ourselves in. Fistfights are common so we prepare by sparring with one another. What better way to practice fighting than with someone who cares about you and doesn't actually want to hurt you?

It's just masculine bonding.

>can't tell who's a real friend or not
>chooses to be nice to people that are mean to her
>wants attention from a father that clearly cares nothing of her
High IQ

>"user is such an asshole anti social freak. Look at him forming a pathetic incel clique. Lets make his life miserable".

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because this is anonymous reddit

>t. Autist with shit banter
Or shit friends

different user but I tell my few friends I love them and they usually reciprocate.

>Why, you been through something similar?
Sort of, i was a very angry teenager so anything you said even as a joke could get me mad so of course my friends loved that with the years I started to chill and take the banter and defend myself with words but I had an advantage my friends weren't dickheads they weren't harmful in their comments and all the things they said were in a joking manner. Going as far as to insult grandparents (mothers and sisters were a common joke but always like hearted jokes like "your mom /sister is hot XD") was a insult and could culminate in a fight, a friend of mine received a good kicking for joking about another guys brother who was in jail

>"hey user stop being a fag and sit with us "

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>being a brainlet
>onions and redditor buzzwords

Point to where I unironically used "nigger speak" and then explain to me why you're being autistic about my grammar and no one else's.

>literally lost jobs over it
>housing limited
"But yeah in an era where electronic communication is more ubiquitous than ever I'm sad because I can't make eye contact and talk in a monotone voice."

Fucking tell me about it.

It's not even about having it "worse" - they're the ones that minimized my problems. It's about these cunts acting like they're the center of the universe. I'm perfectly nice to everyone else in the thread.

>five year olds should jump out of speeding cars
>a 27 year old epileptic virgin with OCD and GAD who comes from an abusive family and studies microorganisms for a living and lives in a rat and bed bug infested hole is normal

Well, I gave up on my dad years ago. If there's anyone I try to wrestle affection from it's mommy. But yeah, I get I'm a meme.

>insulting family
Yep. Not sure if you saw it but my friends mocked my grandfather with dementia and family members who are Holocaust survivors. Can relate. It's super scummy and makes you never want to bring people over to the house.

>start a fight
Well that's the thing - they zero in on people they can provoke. Trouble is that when you do the opposite and show your belly constantly they just keep proding, which it sounds like you understand.

>She's a Jew
like pottery

>I'm sad because I can't make eye contact and talk in a monotone voice."
it comes with way way way more shit than that but okay

Fucking hell I cant imagine doing that. How do you build a relationship to that point? At what point do you suddenly feel comfortable to say "I love you" to a friend?

>Has normalfag friends and keeps them
yep that's a normalfag
and the mother is no better than the father from what you have said

There are two types of banter, the type that is good-natured (actual banter), and the type that is basically verbal abuse disguised as banter. I've found that in groups of friends, they will reserve the first type for everyone in the "in" group, and the second type for the outsider (in this case you, I've been it to). If you're the outsider in a group like this, it's best to abandon them, because it would take a lot to make them change. If you don't abandon them, try to just make them feel bad about "bantering" that way with you by either staying quiet or saying something like "Oh man there goes my self esteem," maybe in a downtrodden or ironic way. A soft approach works better. If you fight back hard their view of you as the outsider will cement even further.

Tell me how exactly how ocd can be debilitating

Like I said you have shit friends I would have cut all ties and maybe punched one or two in the heat of the momment.
Those people are doing it with malice or they are extremely autistic and don't understand humor

Look, ill be honest with you, I feel like you had a hard time and you need a friend, unfortunately I cant facilitate that and neither can the people you actually considered friends. Lose them. Not because youre weak or because you need them. Merely because in your time of need when you could have really needed atleast a little form of a morale boost, they werent able to reciprocate. If they are so uninterested in your problems, that they will be interested in you leaving? I dont think so, so just do yourself the favour and leave them behind

Just tell them you love them it isn't weird

Said that in the first post, genius.

Oh, you mean like epilepsy and OCD? Yeah, I'd hate to have someone minimise the problems created by my disability, you stupid hypocrite.

>being shit on by normalfags makes me a normalfag
>ironically saying "nigga" to a black bot on Jow Forums is the same as normies unironically using black slang

>mother is no better than the father
She's worse.

So basically I have really intense physical compulsions that medication has done little to remedy. My primary one is that I need to spin in circles semi-regularily to keep calm. This is part of the reason I also was examined for autism. Like many OCD sufferers, I can typical problems with hand washing, lock checking, and turning lights on and off.

My job often requires travelling to remote locations with minimal water and space, such as the far north or the open ocean on a boat. When accomodations are feasible (such as when I'm the only woman and get an entire room to myself) I can perform my job very well. However, when this is not the case, I would have to share rooms with other people.

Other people doing hard scientific work for months at a time do not want to be kept up by me pacing, checking locks, turning lights on and off, etc. For myself, a lack of liquid water means obsessive focus on hand washing. A lack of space means I cannot rock, pace, or spin and this gives me such profound intrusive thoughts I can hardly manage.

As such, to be fair and responsible, I have turned down very lucrative job and scholarship opportunities - things I've wanted my whole life - because I don't want to inconvenience others with my disability.

Furthermore, my epilepsy and OCD intrusive thoughts has left me terrified of enclosed places like subways. As such, I have to bike or walk everywhere. For someone who works at a university downtown, this makes housing difficult and leaves me living in subpar conditions with abusive roommates and pests.

Empathy is that what all of the people need.

This. Telling friends you love them is normal.

I tell most of my girlfriends that I love them. I have a male friend and I tell him that too. He literally told me today, "I love you, dude, and nothing will change that."

>extremely autistic
What's annoying is that they're not. If they were, I would just tell them plainly they're hurting my feelings. However they joke about being "autistic" when they're not.

What kind of science you do ?are you a biologist or something

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When I'm socializing with you mentally ill incels and calling you out on being the useless, pathetic shits that you are I guarantee you it's not banter

>implying i take the time to read normalfaggatory

who the fuck says this in normal conversation?

>Oh, you mean like epilepsy and OCD? Yeah, I'd hate to have someone minimise the problems created by my disability, you stupid hypocrite.
those aren't nearly as bad as the ones i have though
also apparently ocd if that counts >hand washing, lock checking, and turning lights on and off with intrusive thoughts.

This is a good answer dude

when i had friends we weren't like that. I think it's a basic normie thing.

Aspergers makes you literally unable to bond with or really understand neurotypicals which are 99.9% of the population so good luck

>lack of empathy
Sure man, because you women hating, school shooters types are known for your empathy. Fuck out of here, you demented incel

I fucking despise banter. If hell is real, I hope whoever started that shit suffers in it for eternity. All banter assholes are some of the biggest cowards. Too scared to get their ass beat so they pretend to be joking. FUCK BANTER.

You don't read period, asshole, but I bet you always plan to.

>they aren't nearly as bad
God, could you be more myopic and whiny? First off - fucking explain to me how you have it worst. Plenty of my coworkers have autism. My fucking supervisor - who makes anywhere between 100-200k/year admitted to me that he's probably on the spectrum. Autism doesn't limit your housing options. But yeah, you struggle with finding a girlfrien- oh wait I'm perpetually single too because OCD compulsions are hard to live with lol. But yeah, sure, you have it so bad [citation needed].

And even if you do have it worse than That doesn't make me a normalfag. That doesn't make my problems not worthy of respect. That doesn't make you not a cunt for talking down to me. There are plenty of people in this thread with problems worse or not as bad as mine and I was totally nice to them either way because I'm not a fucking bitch.

I don't wanna say too much, but I work with microbiology / geochemistry.

Thats cool, im a brainlet so idk much about those, do you ever go to the ice and drill stuff to study the ancient organisms?

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Real autism makes anything involving others hard
Bipolar is one of the worst barring the ones that make you an absolute lunatic
Adhd makes concertating nigh impossible
Also 99% sure i have schizoid personality disorder considering i have every symptom
I guess your self torture for seemingly no reason just messed with me.
how does ocd limit housing?

>woman hating
Scroll up, idiot, I am a woman.

I'm sure you could do this if you tried, cause I'm a brainlet, too. You just have to learn study skills.

>drill into ice
Mostly I collect iron samples.

>doesn't name specifics
>self diagnoses
>says my problems are "self torture for no reason"
Get fucked. And I already explained how intrusive thoughts combined with epilepsy limit transportation and thus housing options.

>>self diagnoses
and what is wrong with that? it's for one thing that i have every symptom for you stupid bitch
and yes you hanging with people that hate you is self torture
tons of people have intrusive thoughts

people are afraid of me because i weigh almost 200, have 15 inch biceps, anger managements issues and they think i'm violent for some reason, probably because of my appearance and attitude.

normies judge books by their cover, they're retarded as fuck and there's a reason they're limited to shallow conversations and make the same mistakes over and over again.

>>doesn't name specifics
of what?

lmao you really are being a bitch tho

Mm OCD, intrusive thoughts, have it too, awful thing.

Pretty much this is 99% of group normie interactions, they only bond by picking on the less popular, or gossip about the absent members of the "group"

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not all friend groups are like that though, if you're close you know the boundaries of your friends and never roast them so hard it actually hurts. and if you do you apologize because you care for your homies

this is exceedingly rare though, i had it for a while but all my close friends slowly moved away and got partners and stopped talking so much. now i sit alone and take drugs after work to cope with the crushing feeling of loneliness. at least i have my cat

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>what's wrong with that
Why don't you fuck off back to Tumblr and see if you can figure it out.

His conditions. I gave specific examples of how my diagnosed disability hurts me and he just went "well I feel bad".

It's the absolute worst. When I was a kid I thoughg I was possessed. Even though I'm not Christian (raised Jewish) I went to a priest who gave me a crucifix. I'm an atheist now but I keep it and whenever the intrusive thoughts get real bad I hold it.

I don't see how being intelligent enough to know obvious stuff makes you tumblr but okay.

Where are you from? dgfch

i'v listed examples you moron but fine i'll do it again
>adhd- inability to focus 90% of the time and forgeting what i am doing
>bipolar-severe depression for no reason and then hyper overthinking everything and really really impulsive and complely random not good
>Aspergers- makes it very hard to connect with anyone or understand them also you are auto a weirdo to eveyone, inability ti make eye contact, having very few interests and repeating the same stuff, hyper sensitive to certain sounds, not sure if related but panic attacks
>not diagnosed but squizoid speaks for itself

>not diagnosed but squizoid speaks for itself
and shouldn't need to be since it should be obvious to you if you are one assuming you know what it is

I workout. I still get insulted randomly ib groups because they know they can hide behind the police if I decide to punch the shit out of them.

>I workout. I still get insulted randomly ib groups because they know they can hide behind the police if I decide to punch the shit out of them.
if only we could go back a couple hundred years
but then well they'd just shoot you
okay 600 years

Whatever, lemme know when you diagnose yourself with DID, you LARPer.

>do it again
Yeah, mut be annoying huh? That's sarcasm.

Oh and hey remember when you told me to just take pills for my epilepsy? Why don't you just take ritalin, fag? Problem solved! Right?

>thinks any of those are specific

>Whatever, lemme know when you diagnose yourself with DID,
>Oh and hey remember when you told me to just take pills for my epilepsy? Why don't you just take ritalin, fag? Problem solved! Right?
i hate faggots you retarded cunt, and i guess because epilepsy pills actually work and ritalinjust makes you a complete zombie? dumbass

how are they not specific enough? do you want me to write a autobiography?

also even if ritalin did work for adhd how in the fuck is that going fix anything? the others are just as bad and the aspergers has nothing for it at all.