Muh 14/88

>muh 14/88

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What a fat pig with cow tits

So thicc would fuck/10

Salveagable. Not good that she's exposing herself for attention, though.

>white knighting a fat white female
She wont even smile at you,niggerfags.

I would single-handedly reverse the declining white birthrate with that woman

Would fuck but not date

big heavy breasts

Do you actually have no standards?what is wrong with you guys. She isnt even here you dont need to debase yourselves for her sake. She doesnt and will never know you.

r9k is filled with those pathetic orbiters

I would fuck her very deeply, user.
It's unfortunate she's dressed like a whore in public like that, but if she became a good girl I would make her my wife.

>Because the beauty of the White Aryan women must not perish from the earth.

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You are pathetic. You have to be b8ing me right now.

>posts one ugly woman
>all white women must be ugly then
you're sure dumb as rocks arent ya

>>all white women must be ugly then
it's true

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I'm not.
She's a bit overweight, sure, but we could work on that.
She seems fine otherwise.

They are ugly both in soul and body. You literally can not trust them.

Agreed. "White" "women" neither earn the title of white, or of woman. They are neither. They belong to no one. They are a group of demonic degenerate vagabonds that prowl the earth destroying societies and causing ruin, death, and misery wherever they go.

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>a bit overweight
>a bit
And she is willing to go out in public dressed as a slut what do you even think you are able to salvage?

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She has a nice body. Thicc and big boobs. Don't tell me you wouldn't fuck.

The absolute STATE of white women lmao

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>thicc meme
Now actually i wouldnt. You are only attracted to this because you havent met a "THICC XD" white female before.

>And she is willing to go out in public dressed as a slut what do you even think you are able to salvage?
That's just what society has told her to do.
She probably just wants validation, and flaunting their sexuality is the only source of it for girls in our current culture.
I find it hard to hold it against them.

White women are obsolete. They are washed up and complacent

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I once dated and fucked a girl whose body was quite similar to hers.

Asian women are materialistic whores as well user.

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You ade making excuses for her.

What part about me saying she's showing bad behavior by wearing skimpy clothing for nerds, especially when she is overweight?

You are saying she is salvagable when in fact she is clearly not. You dont give drug addicts second chances too,do you?

Why do threads like these always fucking turn into a race war. For fuck sakes

>it's all about your personality br-

There's a lot of shitty messages people are given in our society, I can't blame somebody for falling for them.
I can;t blame somebody for seeking validation when they otherwise get none.
If she is an otherwise good person, I can look past her dressing like that in the past if she realises why it's not good and stops doing it.
Of all the shit girls these days do, dressing like that is a pretty minor one.

She's fat but I wouldn't give her that low of a score

What do you mean started?do you even know what 14/88 means?it is pretty clear what my intentions were when i made this thread.

Food is the hardest drug to "quit" , so I'm not especially harsh on being overweight if someone is willing to change. OP's picture is about 4 months of proper diet and exercise away from a normal BMI. The only thing to change would be to stop the attentionwhoring, which I'm not sure you can get any woman to do.

That's probably the most mature thing i've heard on this damn foresaken board

Would you stand by your statement if it was a guy and you were gay? If not you are just a horndog.

"Why does a thread about the 14 words turn into a race war?"

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Man, not everything is about sex. I know it's hard to believe but I would say the same if it were a guy. What's wrong with it. She's hurting no one and for some reason your speging out because muh dressing standards. Let her do that, if it gives her validation which she probably doesnt get, let her do it.

Oh so you are just complacent. Thats even worse.

This is so fucking sad. Why couldn't we save her.

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I have no idea how fags think, and I have no desire to.

Because that would be antisemitic.

Hope you're being ironic user. Don't tell me you're actually sad over a blacked pornstar.

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Ahoye girls do this shit to themselves. Dont be sad. Be angry at how stupid they are. Ahe wasnt forced into that pornstar life. She chose it.

You're projecting now because you've got nothing smart to say.

I'm in love
Please marry me originally m'lady

Got anymore buzzwords for me or are you half assing it this time?

>Schlomo sits down at hos computer to make a demoralising thread about white women
>people instead identify and react with anger towards the systems that caused these women to turn out that way

Nervous, Schlomo?

It's not a buzzword. What I'm saying you're just insulting me now because you have nothing smart to say to the fact that she isn't hurting anyone but you're fucking fantasy of the world.

You're not on Jow Forums dummy.

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