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Hypersensitivity edition

How are you holding up phimobros? Reminder that no one can be an actual "robot" without phimosis or hypersensitivity, everything else is just a bland excuse or an ideological problem.

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I wish I had phimosis instead of being circumcised. A hypersensitive cock is a million times better than a numb one.

Absolute whiny cutfag retard.

Wow. 21 years of living on this planet and I had no idea I had slight phimosis. It always just made sense to me that the foreskin would somewhat overlap the head and keep it covered up.
>How are you holding up phimobros?
Lmfao. You idiots are always so desperate to paint yourselves as victims.

I don't think you even had phimosis in the first. You're just the average lucky normietard who can't realize that there are people who experience serious problems with this condition. I'm a 26yo virgin due the post phimotic hypersensitivity which literally makes me unable to have sex. So fuck off.

There are stretching exercises that you can do and the sensitivity goes away with exposure.
You are a virgin cause you are an ugly autistic retard.

>I don't think you even had phimosis in the first.
You're not getting any pictures, faggot. I'm not going to sit here arguing with you about whether my dick's state gives me victimhood or not.

why are phimosisfags so retarded? literally just stretch it you lazy cunts

how was your last penis inspection day anons?
Did you pass?
Was there any nice comments?

Go and fuck your mother you piece of fucking shit

so you failed penis inspection day?

You fucking moolie brained shithead. Any kind of penis inspection is going to give failing marks to a goddamn mutilated hunk of shit that is a circumcised penis. Kys

man go bust a nut or something. You honestly sound like a closeted homo

I'm a closeted person who wants to have sex normally. But guess what! It ain't never gonna fucking happen. I can still bash some skulls in though. You think this is a fucking joke? Well fuck off. You're a goddamn retard.

Functionality is more important than anything else you absolute tiny-brained mongrel. As long you can penetrate and ejaculate nothing else matters you hedonist piece of shit.

Are there countries that truly do this? I thought this was just a meme created by this place.

You can keep to yourself the photos of your dick faggot

Have you not tried to use a condom? Or viagra? Is there anything to do about it other than circumcision?

I actually never got to the point of having sex because my condition made me constantly insecure and anxious, unable to interact properly with any girl and build any kind of relationship.

Continuing: sadly I'm good looking and in nice shape, I had several opportunities through the years but I somehow felt to ignore them or turn them down because of my psycho-physiological state.

Stretching doesn't work for anyone

I managed to retract my foresking 100% with my penis being flaccid a week ago and have been doing it every time I shower.. But when my dick is erect I can only pull the skin for about 40% of my glance than after that is starts hurting. Whad do I do phimobros?

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Continue doing stretching and it eventually get looser.

Ok but my dick is now really fucking sensitive and I am afraid of touching it even when in flaccid.. So I just pour water over it when im showering. Is this enough? How do I get rid of the pain when I touch my glans?

Might as well just forego the sex experience altogether and just inject sperm into a bitch like dairy farmers do, huh? And maybe then stare at paint and pick up sticks and stare at more paint when there aren't any sticks to pick up.

Pathetic whiny bitch, there are people literally incapable of having sex let alone gaining "pleasure" out of it. People like you make me sick, just kill yourself please.

>people literally incapable of having sex
Sounds like that's on them, huh right pal? Didn't we already discuss that they should just have their sperm inserted into a vagina clinically by a rancher? You wouldn't want them to have sex, would you? No, because that would be fun! That would give them satisfaction, that would let them connect on a human level! And god forbid, it might actually feel good! The hedonism! Oh the horror!

So when are you cutting off your dick and balls and living a life of asceticism and hermitage?

>t. vocaroo.com/i/s1C9hsaM4Gt7

Stretch it carefully, get the dick cream from your doctor if needed. Whatever you do, only get cut if you actually tried everything else. And even then look into getting the incsion procedure or whatever it is called where they don't actually remove your foreskin.

I haven't done anything to fix mine since I know I'll never have sex. There's no point.

All of this discussion originated because you're whining that mum and dad cut off your skin as a baby and as result your dick got dry and you think you cannot experience sex on the true pleasurable level, but still you're functional to the point of literally having no concrete problem.

Again it's all a pathetic excuse because you probably failed as a human being in general, it has nothing to do with connecting on a "human level". If someone cannot connect with others it's probably because he's worthless and not because your peepee doesn't feel good enough when you put it in a vagina. You will never got past the argument that functionality is more important than anything else when it comes down to sex.

Grow up and learn how to build dignity out of your sexual desires, you will understand they doesn't really matter and the hedonist urge is just temporary euphoria. If you love a person you don't care about the pleasure you obtain out of it, but you probably never known love. I loved and I couldn't hold up because I just wasn't lucky and functional like you.

>discovered I have pinhole phimosis 4 years ago
>haven't done a thing about it.
Well I tried stretching a bit but it does nothing. The opening is so tight I can't even get my fingers in there. What do?

Foreskin sometimes can't retract without cracking.

Can anyone tell me the name of the medication to fix this? Is it available from the pharmacy? Or does it require a description?

I beat phimosis with phimocure, but now i have frenulum breve, what should i do?

How bad was your phimosis before treatment? How long did it take you to fix it?

I have even more foreskin then the right cock but I can pull it back easily

I couldnt even pass foreskin over limp cock, i started with ring 9, now im on ring 16, the last ring

It took me a year, but i foolishly made pauses for months at a time
Also stretching IS painful

i got it removed when i was 12, that easy.

Reminder that if you werent strapped down to a table as a newborn while some guy shoved a metal stick between your foreskin and glans, causing unimaginable agony as he forcibly separated the two, and then ripped off your foreskin without administering any anaesthetic, you are a normalfag. I experienced more heinous and cruel torture in the first few hours of my life than you will probably ever even come close to experiencing in yours. Not only that, but I now have to live with the mutilated, scarred, desensitized remnants of that torture.

Go to the doctor, they do a small cut in the frenulum and the problem goes away. It's a 10 minute procedure.

If you're american, you may have to explicitly say to your jew doctor you don't want to butcher your foreskin.

You were an unconscious being and still whining about that as and adult literally makes you an eternal baby.

The first time I had sex I had to take it super slow because of phimosis. Was scared of tearing my foreskin. I still take it slow and cant go as fast as when I wear a condom.

What stage of phimosis do you have?

>tfw phimosis fetish and not a single user has posted a pic in this thread

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