Be rich and famous singer from France

>be rich and famous singer from France
>aryan genetics
>acces to prime french pussy
>still fucks and impregnates a negress


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Ahem, black pussy is prime French pussy.

She's cute.
And it's just one white guy, OP. I'm sure the white race won't suffer over this.

She is French incel.

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At least his son will be an athletic chad and not some white virgin robot


The girl in the OP is Cuban. She has a child with R&B singer ex husband "The Dream".

I'm not a tranny I'm a boy.
She's French now incel.

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I had not known she and the Dream were even together, black folks age so good. I thought Lil Wayne was her first civil union

If you can't flush them out, breed them out. It is the only viable way.

woah woah woah woah woah woah wait you're telling me the person in the picture is a guy?

No she's a girl I was talking about myself. I'm a boy.

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>aryan genetics
you sure about that?

guy looks white to me. get off Jow Forums

He's clearly 5ft 2 so is light Arab not Aryan who tend to be 6ft 2.

He's 5ft 11inches

What do you care about other peoples business you fucking spergcel

>interracial marriages with black women tend to last longer than all other marriages
>hwite incel mad because he can't even find a woman their own race to fuck them

Could you be any more butthurt

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>>interracial marriages with black women tend to last longer than all other marriages

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Do you have a source on that? Source? A source. I need a source. Sorry, I mean I need a source that explicitly states your argument. This is just tangential to the discussion. No, you can't make inferences and observations from the sources you've gathered. Any additional comments from you MUST be a subset of the information from the sources you've gathered.
You can't make normative statements from empirical evidence. Do you have a degree in that field? A college degree? In that field? Then your arguments are invalid.
No, it doesn't matter how close those data points are correlated. Correlation does not equal causation. Correlation does not equal causation. CORRELATION. DOES. NOT. EQUAL. CAUSATION.
You still haven't provided me a valid source yet.
Nope, still haven't.
I'm still waiting.

a copypasta is not a source user. could have just said you didn't have it.

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>man has a child with an attractive woman
>internet virgin who hasn't spoken to a woman in years calls him a cuckold

I'm not the guy that said it. It's just the constant "Source?" shit is idiotic when you can look it up far quicker than someone else can provide it.

shut up homo i hate you

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>marriages between white cucks who are afraid of their black kwainz and psycho sheboons tend to last longer

What a surprise. I know this white cuck who has been with the same psycho black bitch since he was 16 and he is 50 now, she regularly assaults him and beats their kids, and everyone is too afraid of her to stop or do anything about it. Marriage length says nothing about the quality.

Nice response, retard. Imagine having to use your brain? I've already found a couple of sources proving the original guy wrong. But you're too idiotic to take a simple look.

That's anecdotal user

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Yeah but nah. White male/ black female marriages have been shown to have the second highest divorce rate of interracial. Just behind black male/ white female by 0.18

Its funny cause her kids hate black women now despite being half black. They actually despise their mother and resent their father for being such a cuck.

No sympathy for oil drillers.

Its funny, I know two black moms married to white guys and they are both psychos whose kids hate them.

Right and non-black women are so much better at child rearing. White women are 3x more likely to kill their infant children than black women.

The french are literally subhumans.

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>he forgot 1/3 of black babies are aborted...

The reason for that is poverty. White women kill their children due to being mentally fucked.

If you have kids with a black woman your daughters will grow up to be ghettogagger self hating whores and your sons will be low IQ violent thugs who will most likely end up in jail. Not my problem though, nog free zone here.

What does this have to do with anything? Abortion isn't child rearing. Having an abortion doesn't make you a bad mother, it makes you not a mother.

That's incorrect. For the last 40 years blacks had a higher rate of more than double the likelihood of killing a child under the age of five. Only recently has it dropped to double the rate.

Every black kid I know was beaten as a child until it made them borderline sociopathic. At least white women are capable of love and empathy towards their offspring.

Black women abort 1/3 of their kids because they are dumb promiscuous whores who are too stupid to even use a condom. Wife material right? Lel.

Don't listen to him. Blacks have a significantly higher case of killing their kid in the US even though they're a significantly lower population size.

why do mutts care about yurpoors anyway?

Typical nigger doesnt know how to adjust ratios for population demographic.

>self hating
Mulattos tend to identify with their black side and be very proud of it. The self hating thing is a side effect of hapa-ism.

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>white women are capable of love and empathy towards their offspring
That is grade A horse shit and I am living proof of it.

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It's based on statistical rates per 100,000, you fucking troglodyte. Not percentage.

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All the nigger cope in this thread.

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why don't u take a fat n word dick and shove it up ur BUTT IDIOET MORAN!!!

I've yet to see an interracial couple like the ones you Jow Forumstards describe so I'll be okay I think.
Yeah white women are everything good.
I said mothers killing their children. Is that what this is counting?

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Just say you are a pathetic cuck and leave this board.

>posting porn as if it's proof of anything

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>does it anyway

Lol what a retard.

Who are you quoting incel

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Small brain energy.

>Is that what this is counting?
I don't have exact figures by race unfortunately by it does state 29% of these figures were by mother, while 31% was by father. The rest is 23% by male acquintance and the rest is by other or stranger.

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Just go ahead and admit you are intimidated by black women possibly thinking you have a small penis instead of pretending that you are some noble warrior for your race. Is there even a stupider meme you could fall for?

Can you even be more sissy and mentally cucked than actually believing that fucking and impregnating a woman is losing in the game of passing on your genetics?

>posting porn as if it's proof of anything
>procedes to post porn as if it's proof of anything

Darkskin pussy/asshole looks and smells disgusting. Even black men want nothing to do with them.

I didn't post it as proof. I posted it to show you how easy it is to find porn that fits whatever narrative I'm trying to tell. Which is why porn isn't proof of anything. Retard.

>Darkskin pussy/asshole looks and smells disgusting. Even black men want nothing to do with them.
you are gay

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this board is subhuman

>rightfully call out an obvious white knight for MUH PUER WITE WIMINZ
>n-no u le kuk
Cant say I am surprised, got anything a little more original that goes beyond le cuckoo bird and potential wojak edits, champ?

He's only french by culture. His family are polish

>anyone who fucks a person who doesn't look like them must have issues with their parents!

>aryan genetics

Exactly. His father is genetically Polish and his mother is genetically French. No northern Germanic there

Aryans are from Asia.

In the ethno-linguistic sense, yeah. But we're talking about Adolph Hitler's idea of the Aryan supermen based upon the Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophical novel Thus Spake Zarathustra.

So the fictional version?

>well yeah that's what it really means but we're talking about fairy tales

>>well yeah that's what it really means but we're talking about fairy tales
Yeah we are

Somewhat. Nietzsche used the ancient Iranian (Aryan) prophet as essentially a parable to present his ideas of the Ubermensch to his fellow Germans.

Aren't you a fucking pedantic faggot.

Which is also a fictional character.

I just don't go by made up fantasy definitions of words made up by a psychopath, user.

>using the literal larper version of the word
The Uebermensch was an ideal for mankind as a whole. Anyone could become one if they actively tried and desired to.

What's your point?
Good for you

stop being cringe you're derailing the thread

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>not based
ok virgin

It's not a fantasy definition when Hitler was literally referring to people of Indo-European heritage of which the Aryans or Iranians are decended.

>he says, alone in his bedroom with no gf

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he has polish ancestry and used to be hot shit in the early 2000s

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This is very based my racist fellow. The dude is in his right to demolish that rotten white race.

Extremely based.

You can't claim to be the based overman if you don't even own a single black woman. It's pathetic how unironically cucked the whole maga crowd is.

Poles aren't Aryan, they're subhumans.

I hate how Jow Forumsfags lump all whites together. This polish nigger needs to fuck off back to his country, and his stupid fucking ancestors probably fucked a frenchie and ruined both of their bloodlines.