My hips hurt very much please help me

My hips hurt very much please help me

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how come your hips hurt

>how come your hips hurt

it's from all the gay sex

>No other information except that they hurt
Definitely cancer

probably bones crumbling due to HRT

whoa really
whoa really

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I am not 100% certain but other trannies try to tell me it's hip growth
But I feel like it shouldn't hurt this much

>tfw no pp in bum

Aids actually

Yeah would have been my second assumption
But anyways, just go get some painkillers.

Please rate me on a scale of 1-10 how dumb I am for genuinely not thinking about taking anything for the pain

6 maybe, I genuinely wouldn't think about it either up to a certain point because I only take meds if it's necessary especially when I already took something else.

>tfw no pp in bum
just get some dude to fuck you if youre that desperate?

that's because your male hips aren't meant to do female things.
Take some morphine to take the pain off and if you don't do it you're a pussy.

I can help put you out of your misery

No one wants to!!!

I'm the same but honestly it's really constant and pretty bad.

Where am I supposed to get morphine?!

Please family do it

Use your imagination.
Ask some shady people or people that do drugs. People that regularly do drugs will know people that deal in substances, and when money is involved, the people dealing in the substances are likely to want to sell you whatever they can... if they are popular enough.

Well then depending on how hard the pain is throw in some standard stuff like aspirin or something similar or if it is really bad go see a doctor.

>No one wants to!!!
i want to

>No one wants to!!!
okay okay I do it Bandage, bend over.

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>tfw not popular or pretty enough to sell your body
Why am I live

I'll try some baby tier pain stuff but I have a high tolerance to them for some reason grrr


On a scale of 1-10, How suicidal are you? Notice how I didn't ask IF you were suicidal. Suicide is a tranny rite of passage

sure dude, when and where?

Constant passive death with with psych ward hospitalisations approximately every 6 months
So maybe like a 7 or 8 out of 10

It Pittsburgh! Now!!!

Just throw in one or two more if the dosage is that low, be careful about it though.

Nah get fucked hippie

hmm i live right by pittsburgh

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>It Pittsburgh! Now!!!
only 10h per plane, no problem babe

Pls gib pp unironically

I'll be waiting for you

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>Pls gib pp unironically
fr fr? whats your discord

lol I wasn't even implying selling yourself?
It didn't even cross my mind. Goes to show what the tiddy pills do to your brain.

post a pic of yourself first


How embarrassing for me...

No you'll just ghost me
At least we can PRETEND if I don't post a picture

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Warn me before you destroy my sides like that

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ghost you on Jow Forums? i promise you that i will give you a reply to your post with my honest opinion if you post a pic of yourself, i am a man of my word

I'm pretty sure you promised to kill yourself earlier today, do it, we're waiting.
If you want help, I'm sure another user nearby would gladly travel to your location to extinguish the pathetic life of another tranny

so are they

>honest opinion
Why would I want that, I'll just get mean words

I hope so cuz I'm too much of a pussy to do it!!

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how come you want to kill yourself bandage?

cute butt, show us your face cutie

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Because I'll never be a girl or even able to just LOOK like a girl

No my face is ugly

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I'm gonna jerk off to it

>No my face is ugly

Come on I want to save it so I can post your picture in every of your threads to bully you

>Because I'll never be a girl or even able to just LOOK like a girl
how come ? your butt looks pretty feminine to me

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Have fun user uwu

No that would be pure torture. I can handle the butt but not the face

Because my face and torso are both outrageously manly

how tall are you? would you like to be dominated?

6' tall, kms
I would but no one wants to dominate a giant ogre!

yeah you're probably right
why did you start hrt knowing you won't be able to pass?

Post them anyway, I'll decide how masculine they look like

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oh my sweet cute doppio

I was convinced I had a chance
I fell for the bait
Also I ran out of options, repressing it completely just led to suicide attempts

No thanks I've done that enough and have been affirmed that my claims are true plenty of times

how long have you been on it? can't you just stop taking it, what would happen if you did? it's not like you cut off your dick, right. perhaps stopping and reverting and then seeking some mental help would be better than living this torture, considering the fact that you believe you won't ever pass

I did try and receive mental help, the conclusion was to try and transition because I really am too miserable as a man

The ultimate solution is suicide

>I really am too miserable as a man
but are you any less miserable right now?

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>The ultimate solution is suicide
No i'll miss your posts

I'm not trying to kill myself as often even though I still wanna die so it must help at least a little bit

That's a price I'm willing to pay...

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how long have you been taking hrt?

hey trannies

go larp in

12 months worth of botched hrt where my testosterone was too high, 5 months worth of proper levels, so you could say I'm only actually 5 months in

i suppose it might get better then, although the height and shoulders don't seem to be working in your favor
also what happened during botched hrt? just wondering, it only had no effects or?

Post location and if I'm nearby I'll help you end it, I promise to do it as painless as I can with maximum chance of success.
Not even gonna ask for some stupid gay sex before helping you die, seeing trannies die is more then enough satisfaction for me.
Obviously I can only speak for myself and not for any other user here.

Pretty much nothing has happened while on botched hrt or "better" hrt. I'm switching from pills to injections to bypass the kidney to see if that will help the growth hormones start doing their job but my hopes are not high.

I'm in Pittsburgh

hook-ups should be on

Okay a bit far to travel for me from Europe, but I'm sure some NY user could do that trip otherwise I have a friend in Ohio, im guessing he needs some prep for the trip but I do know he has some guns so should be easy enough