Itt give a presentation on a topic you don't know anything about

>itt give a presentation on a topic you don't know anything about

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There's nothing I don't know anything about.

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Great, tell me all about Rwanda's economy. You have five minutes.

Who is Rwanda?

Your government mandated black gf

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I am literally doing just that at work. I'm not a systems engineer. Writing a presentation on a whole new data model. Thankfully I am smart enough to work through it


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>Tell that to 45% of the people on this website


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Ok I'll start off. I literally know nothing about this topic but here we go: Christianity is right about eternal life and its absence: oblivion.
Your conciousness is something very special. Physics say no energy is ever truly lost, things just take a different form. When you die, some say your immortal soul moves on, some say your mind simply disintegrates and turns to dust, and you "feel" just like you felt before you were born - nothing, you don't exist. These two states, pre-birth and post-death, aren't the same though. After your death you have existed. Before your birth you hadn't existed. New information was added to the "universal hard drive" during your life, and this can't be undone. But the real question is, can the information be saved? If it can, how, and who deserves to have their mental composition exist forever? I believe it's as simple as wanting it. That's it. Even Jesus said eternal life is something you get just by accepting it, as he offers it. Not many realize this is Jesus' message in a nutshell.

What about "hell"? I don't think the hell in mainstream media exists, but it's more of an oblivion: you cease to exist. Nothingness. But it seems unfair that atheists perish just because they couldn't believe in God. It's not their fault they can't accept something that is in conflict with the world view they've been indoctrinated with.
But, I don't believe anyone gets punished like this. I truly believe that no atheist even wants to live forever. An atheist is fundamentally a person who accepts that he will disintegrate in 80-100 years and doesn't want to be reincarnated or to exist eternally. This removes the problem entirely. Everyone gets what they want. Atheists get the oblivion they want, Christians get their minds saved for later.

yugioh is a japanese card game where each player takes the role of a wizard of some sort and various cards are played in turn to attempt to destroy the opposing wizard.

how did i do?

I don't know where the wizard part comes from but you summed it up pretty well.

idk what you're meant to be in yugiho but i figured it was a wizard or something as youre making spells and creatures and shit
also thanks user

You're not supposed to be anything really, you're just playing. No problem user.

Obviously you've never worked with them if it doesn't give you flashbacks to stupid shit they did. Get a job.

So basically magents are all homophobic and show the universal rule of a negative and a positive, yin and yang, balance. Daoism is a universal truth by looking at how the universe always wants to go from a place of high energy to a place of low energy, balance.
Magnets only attract when their opposite is facing them which shows that they long to fulfill the yin and yang dichotomy and achieve balance. Magnets whatever the fucks that are microscopic are also all aligned and they straighten out any non aligned microscopic whatever the fucks in metal. Being homosexual doesn't work, for men it gives them AIDS and for women there is more domestic abuse because all women hate each other.
However too much difference leads to conflict which is why interracial couples lead to ugly children. Its literally the universe telling them that what they did was wrong.
Also the japs have the right idea of never advertising black people as desired so they understand that they arent wanted

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Vased and magnetpilled