Have a bad thing for women with scars/burn marks/bad injuries

>have a bad thing for women with scars/burn marks/bad injuries

Anyone else know this feel?

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Once knew that feel, that was until I talked to one of them and she was bat shit crazy.
Scared me off from that type forever.

Can you elaborate a bit user kun?

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Been thinking about picking up chicks at the local sanitarium

Is this viable

Like big scars, small scars or just scars in general? I have a nasty one on my throat but it's kinda small.

As long as its noticeable

I like damaged women in general,phsyicall or mentally

I blame Katawa Shoujo for getting me into this

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I'll show you my 12cm scar if u add me on disc user

I'll show u my 12cm scar if you add me on discord user

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Kinda, I have a thing for the damaged girl. Even more so when it's their head. All my exs have been crazy except for one. I don't know why but insane girls get me. There's a line though of too crazy and just enough. I'm kinda lost in the head myself from head injuries and drug abuse.
I should do that to find a 3d Wraith waifu

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but do you have a thing for real life scarred women, user?

real life isnt anime gayboy
girls with scar irl will look like a swamp monster instead of your average uguu innocent imouto type girl

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It's weird, I have a thing for scars too, but self harm scars just turn me off. I really only like the kinds of cuts and scrapes you naturally get. I thinks it's tied into a tomboy thing for me, if you roughhouse and do things you'll always end up with at least a couple scars.

Yeah i like IRL scars too,self harm cuts are good too but i like unintentional stuff more
3D Wraith?
Also all my ex's were nuts too

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I dont wanna see your penis user

>3D Wraith?
Wraith is a character in a game woke up in a crazy house with no memory of herself. She hears voices and can travel through the void. 3D as in IRL.

I was almost sent to the crazy house once when I went full psychosis and started fighting with hospital staff during an ODing ER trip to the hospital. The next day I had to go full sociopath and pretend I was normal as best I could to convince the Dr not to send me to the crazy house. Maybe it would've been fun to see all the crazy girls there.

it's not a penis anymore, it's a 12cm gash now

Girls in mental hospitald probably aint that cool but id try it

my brethren
>comment not original
suck my dick hiroshimoot

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Thats a fucking bruh moment if i have ever seen one
Dont like this image

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I dont like this everytime i see it i get sad

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I have scars from self inflicted burn. Post moar things so I feel less disgusting pls

I knew a girl who struggled with self harm in her teens. She let me look at and touch her scars while she talked about them. I wasn't aroused or anything by it, but it felt really good to be trusted like that.

I had a girl show me her cutting scars and i got hard

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Where are they located?

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Inner thighs, belly. Most were second degree burns inflicted with a 410F hair curler

Thats kinda hot (no pun intended)

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What is this you're posting? My scars look like hers desu. But if I ever had it on my face, I'd kill myself

Nobody cares about guys faggot

I've got a few scars from abuse when I was a kid. I keep them covered up though.

Some random comic i found

Honestly facial scars/burns are cute imo

what kinds of scars? where as well?

Holy fucking shit nothing hurts more than knowing I'll never get a girl like this

Cut scars from belts and occasionally ornaments, maybe glasses sometimes. I have one across my cheek from his ring when he slapped me once. I hate it.

>scars from belts

While scars can look cool and sexy... There's a reason they have them. Depression, psycho weird shit, ect. I've had 2 gfs who had them and I had no idea how to help them.