When did the joy in your life die?

When did the joy in your life die?

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On 9/11, just like every other adult.

Mom beated me since early age, so early that my first memories of it are arround 3 or 4 years old. She didn't beat me always but she did on a regular basis.

When the the girl i was in a relationship with for nine months left me. It all went downhill from there.

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it never was there user, just never was there

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2016, I thought it would last longer

for me it was on 2016 when my oneititis was a hs senior and left to college. never saw her again

Never did, never will.
but it will forever be tainted by pain and sorrow

some time during the beginning of highschool

When my oneitis moved.

When I stopped growing and I realized I'll be a manlet forever and when I acknowledged my severe phimosis.

somewehere areound 14-15 but it came back at 17-18 when I found out aout drugs and how many there are of them

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I moved, what's her initials?

The year 2012

mine comes back and dies again every few years. most recently it died about 6 months ago, before that it had lived for ~1 year, and had been dead for 3 years before that.


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Early 2005, when I met my first bully: I soon leanred that no, not everyone wants to be friends and yes, sometimes violence is the solution

Around 11-12 didn't know that I suffered from anxiety and so on back then. These days only a little of this helps me deal with it at the end of the day.

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everyone i have known have bullied me

doesn't it get cold?

When I started to get bullied really bad in 6th grade.

when my parents moved from the comfy lower-middleclass area apartment to a bigger house in a rich neighbourhood where I had no friends.

around 13. it came back at the age of 21 with alcohol, but now i cant drink anymore because damaged my stomach and pancreas so it left again

At age 18 when i realized ive done my fair share of fucking up my life with bad decisions and now im an 27 year old hermit

At the age of 10 everything started to go down to the bottom of sewerage. Now I'm struggling to get back to surface.

when my dad was accused of rape falsely, I've been empty and constantly tired since then

At the age of 8 halfway to my middleschool at 6.50am. At that Moment everything got clear and i realized how nothing matters, it never got any better

Only when anxiety and paranoia hits me, so whenever I leave my room. I want to move out so I can get help without my family knowing so I don't disappoint them, but i'm too anxious to get a job to move out.

You're a fool to believe it was ever alive from the start

when i was about 13

After about a year of college

When a friend of mine died