Post your ideal gf

Post your ideal gf.

I'll start.

>pic extremely related

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would not bang


The only way I'd be attracted to that girl is if I knew her personally.

Pic related is my ideal.

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god wants to punish me

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>tfw never marry into a qt traditional cantonese family and have a happy life

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Gross. Her head looks like it's about to fall off of her tiny underweight body.

Eh, she's alright. A little TOO cute, in my opinion.

I love the confidence a woman like this exudes. My ideal is a very sexy black or latina woman who knows she's the shit

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>my perfect gf

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Here's an artistic rendition. Any girl that looks like this is legit girlfriend material in my book

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Ideal gf and original comment

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jesus fucking christ, i'd literally do ANYTHING to be able to get cucked by her

Li Ziqi would be my ideal wife.

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Funny thing is i'm actually that skinny and it fucking sucks. I wish I had bigger tits and an ass where I didn't have to wear heels and do some complex yoga twisting position to make it look like it isn't flat.

I just want to suck Elsa's toes.

are you a norfener or summat?

shesl like 12 you fuckign epedo

idk who she is as a person but i will build my ai waifubot to look very much like her.

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I'd love for her to carry and finger me

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Lotta shit going down in HK right now.

I always imagined girls like that take massive thundering shits.

Literal perfection. originalidad

She poops but her ass is so big that it's like pushing playdoh through a gap

quit posting traps OP
>implying pic related looks like she has a remotely tolerable >iq 100 personality

>tfw no smart physics gf with soft voice

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>tfw no smart physics gf with soft voice
wrong picture

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>loves me
>thats it

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Fat girls are almost like BDSM to me.

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An angelic smol qt

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looks a little young

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>implying pic related looks like she has a remotely tolerable >iq 100 personality
Implying I give a fuck about IQ and don't just want a qt who is a cool person

It's possible. You have to eat good to have an ass that healthy.

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oh no! how terrible .. . ...

I would give my arms and legs for a gflike this.

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i was going to post her, but no need. another based user with presidential taste.

My dream gf.

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she had red hair before, that was better. not complaining about bue tho

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picture is my choice
her teeth are so nice, god i hate being subhuman

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I don't really care what you guys think tho

I just want a cutie wife that occasionally (very), would travel with me to las vegas only to be a turbo slut nigger fucker desu

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That one video with those young male students surrounding her is fucking cringe.

Is that rose??
I absolutely like her positively alot

This goddess tbhfamalam

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Tfw ywn sit under her ass while she farts and pushes out multiple BBC loads into your mouth, why even live desu

Delicate features, feminine figure, submissive and traditional personality and beliefs, cute clothes and really long hair
Why must they be so goddamn rare

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preferably one who is interested in me

she looks the opposite to what you wrote m8

I'm also young

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All subhuman taste

I care about the hair the most to be honest

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i only know one woman with hair like this, and shes a hippie boomer

less cringe than 90% of coed interactions in STEM

why are her hands so damn big?

So a blonde with no ass, no tits and an ugly face?

OP here,

Wow, you couldn't be more wrong. This little cutie right here is the epitome of what a goddess looks like.

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Her ass is lush, plump, and magnificent.

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girl i knrow from schgool

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She's cute.

Got any body pics?

I bet she has nice little tits

There's literally nothing there. Just a continuation of leg.

I think you're overreacting, she is OK. That's it.

can anyone recommend something like this but a german speaker? i dont want to understand what she is saying

Not having a pic only Snapchat nmilitowska7

That little expression is so kawaii :3

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How many times are you going to post these ugly blonde girls, Chang?

I doubt you're white tho

Yeah she's alright, she's kind of an attention whore though because she literally had a boyfriend while at the same time was making videos for lonely faggots. Her boyfriend was cucked also.

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Used to be a chad but 2D ain't for me anymore
T. 21 6ft 2 goodlookin white guy

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Patrician taste.

Blonde girl with a tiny cute butt.

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Another blonde goddess with a tiny cute butt.

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these are just white girls you beaner

stoner gf

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i'd start at something like pic related tho. After a few kids she'd turn into a nice fattie

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She probably can't sit for half an hour without being in pain. She's sitting directly on a bone.

do you have enough penor for this goddess?

>cute face
>light eyes
>long hair

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Where do people get the misconception that you need a huge penis to fuck a woman that weighs more than 110 pounds?

small penors can't even reach their butthole

>Where do people get the misconception that you need a huge penis to fuck a woman that weighs more than 110 pounds?
real life
most w*men need 8" 2h sessions not to shit on u with thier friends nowdays

one time i was at taco bell and i saw this 5'2 girl who looked to be in her teens or early twenties wearing all black with black hair in a pony tail and heavy black make up and that was by far the most attractive person ive ever seen on the internet or irl. i was such a stuttering autist when i tried to take my order. i should have taken a picture of her to keep.

>new york fries


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Yep, my dick might be average length, but 98th percentile thick

That one video of the teen girl in the black thong on the street. Maybe with a little bit bigger boobs though, hard to tell since she had a shirt on. (someone post vid if you have it)

a short hair tomboy with a big ass

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>teen girl
>black thong
>in public
you have my attention

my ex looked like that but a bit chubby and her nose was thinner

I want to marry the Pigeon Whisperer!

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>all of this 3dpd faggotry
come on Jow Forums you're better than this

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tfw no gf like her


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Pic related as well. Sex wouldn't even have to be a part of the relationship

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traditional chinese clothes look so beautiful but would look nicer on a qt white girl unironically

Mary I from tudors was best waifu

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My ex. She hasn't said a word to me in over four years and I still frequently wake up to a panic attack because I had been dreaming of her.

Imma find one of this pale bitches and pump her full of mulatoo babies and then move on to thje next and there's nothing u can do abot it

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Why is she making videos on that fucking jee exam. As a pajeet it awakens my PTSD of how I miserably failed it.

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this minx for sure

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im lovin these flat ass white girls, and im white
whats up with all this shit taste rn?