Let's have some fun Jow Forums

It's a 4 minute test robots, let's see who's a real pink wojak here or not

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i have no words but this test is probably not legit though

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well dats tuff

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Huh, don't know if this is good or bad

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Here, do the edgy one as well for bonus points lads, let's see if the board reputation still applies

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This can't be right
Though it was a pretty good week

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I mean I am stressed at the moment, but I doubt the accuracy shown

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Not bad desu.
Congrats fellow non-stressed, non-anxious bot

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i scored in the 70%'s for stress and anxiety and 100% for depression on the other test.

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Just be yourselves, bros.


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Holy shit, what are your secrets that big pharma wouldn't like us to know, user?

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pretty legit bro imo

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I take everything in stride and have generally low ambition.
Also, not a virgin and I genuinely act like an asshole to women for my own entertainment.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is bulllshiiiitttt

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And this is despite being a KHV at the age of 26. Not bad.

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seems aight

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20.33% less stressed than the average person.
16.67% less anxious than the average person.
45.57% more depressed than the average person.

I'd post the picture but I don't feel like it

watch out I'm a crazy fucking psychopath

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I dont think this test is reliable.

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surprising how high my stress percentage was, rarely feel stressed out at all

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Lulz get gud plz 1312

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Got the big edgy

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The plight of the modern man

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I'll take the edginess test next

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well then you're just a larper aren't you
if this was true you wouldn't be very stressed

Talking to people now so less depressed, but goddamn is it hurting the other 2.

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Seems like a good sign or the early stages of depression...

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Oh ok. I didn't know what to expect but I'll take it.

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and darkness result
>psychopathy endows them with high stress tolerance
I guess that explains the 0 stress.

how come this screenshot has 10 results but the test only gives 4?

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I used the wrong test link, here is the right one

Man, I thought I was bad till i saw some of these other fuckers.

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Why am I even on this board..?

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end up getting the same average anyway

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i don't see the fun in this but k

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Ehh sounds about right. I'm in vacation and have a very easy boring job so no stress. But i'm unmotivated and bored all the time, so no joy either. You guys are part of the reason it's not gone to 100%, which would probably make the rest rise too.

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This is what finding a girlfriend looks like. Sad but true.

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Do you have the one that lists schizoid as a trait? I like that one but I don't remember what it's called.

sure whatever man
hello fellow magyar

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did Jow Forums test instead, other tests were boring. I'm a worthy president, all hail me.

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Cant say I'm surprised. Looking forward to when my therapist gets back from vacation

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Do this test then and see the real politician within you, it's based on MBTI and I scored Lenin

This test is bullshit. Just because I hate my family, despise most humans I meet and cant into strong relationships does not mean I'm a psychopath.

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Did somebody say real power?
>cyka blyat
i'm kind of badass. don't worry, always follow "with great power comes with great responsibility."

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clicking the im not a robot captcha makes me think i'm a liar.

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i highly doubt this test is accurate

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I think the joke is supposed to be that all robots were that kid who's dad owned microsoft

Whatever the case, it's measuring something that on normies would be low and small but exceptional in robots

ok l guess...............


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Excessively drinking out the cheap champagne, life is but a treat when you're on easy street.

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I have no anxiety at all I am chill

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Am I the worst one out there?

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(Very original comment)

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anxiety lower than expected

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Life is mostly pointless but just go with the flow and enjoy the small things, chin up kings :)

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I got Albert Speer.

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