You're walking home from work and see this

You're walking home from work and see this.
You lock eyes for a millisecond and turn away continuing your stroll home. That's when you hear...


You turn around and see her bolting towards you. Before you can even make a step she grabs you by the scruff of your neck and lifts you 2 feet off the ground. Her manly hand grasps your chin and pulls your head in her direction.



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Steroids turn you into a man

>squeeze her boobs and beg she kills me by suffocation with those thunder legs.

she tugs on your dick and makes you a woman

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I'll do this

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Cum in my pants, but in a manner that is original.

Pull my CC and shoot till that thing is dead. FUCK! Thicc is one thing but that bitch is on some better roids than the boomers at my gym.

w-wh-what are you talking ab-bout.. i'm just walking home... please leave me alone!! *naruto runs outta there*

How could you say no to this.

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>walking home from work
when did I get a shit inner-city job and when can I move back out to the suburbs so I can drive home?

how can our eyes lock if I'm too busy staring at her delicious thighs?

I want to get my face sat upon by her and have her kick me in the balls for 2 hours a day

>implying she doesn't get regular attention from guys from whatever source of social media she consumes to the point where she doesn't even think about 8+ men passing by her let alone entertaining the thought of a sub-6 having the gall to ask her out

Sorry, I'm not a fan of Varbies. I prefer my women natty

I want to put a walnut in her ass to see if she can crack it.
>if she could I wouldn't know if I should be very turned on or very afraid

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Is that a typo?
If not, why do you want her to kick rather than lick you?

Some guys like their balls busted for reasons I cannot fathom.
Whatever though

>You turn around and see her bolting towards you

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I'd punch her square in the face because she won't punch back since she doesn't train her arms at all because legs are the hip new thing. There's like a 20% chance she'd kick me into the sun with her Chun Li legs, but that's better than just fucking dying

Ask her out
then she rejects me, laughs at my manlet ass for trying and I go home and cry in the shower

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>steroid supply runs out
>turns back into a weak bitch
like pottery, she can't fight biology

bitch can lift 220 pounds of cunt off the ground in the hardest way possible Id probably have to say yeah, if you ask nicely

this is why we own gunz

Worship her. The pillar men are to be feared

>Say yes
>Asks where
>She puts me down
>Say i can pick her after 5pm
>She turn around

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I would tell her to let me go and then I would call police because she assaulted me.

If she could lift my 250 pound fat ass 2 feet off the ground with one hand I would probably assume the position so she could mount me with her freakishly large clit

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>hey.. calm down... lets hang out.
>go back to hers and fuck

who is she?????

Say no, than look her up on Instagram. Save as many photos and videos as I can and make a slideshow with this playing over it.


idk I think I'd cum myself then black out from both fear and that fact that a woman touched me that much

Probably get a fear erection and freeze. Why do you ask?

>that video of her pulling
Why does it look like she's working so much harder than what it should take?

sorry bruh i'm just not into muscle girls...

but if you were to cover those muscles in a good layer of fat I might reconsider

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suck her cock on the spot and ask for seconds

reminder that all muscle girls have the nastiest protein braps imaginable and they fart constantly