Would you date an anorexic girl? my bmi is 16.4

would you date an anorexic girl? my bmi is 16.4

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i would but i would also try my best to get you healthy
if you refuse to change then no

Can I feed you a protein shake in a bottle like a baby?? And clap for you when you eat a full meal and celebrate with you?
If so then yes absolutely.

psh hahah gitgud
i'm 14.6

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I think anorexic girls are much more likely to get boyfriends than overweight women, let alone obese women. I used to lurk this anorexia forum and literally everyone on there, regardless of how severe their disease was, had a boyfriend. Men don't really care about mental stability in women - just their appearance - so you're probably in luck.

>be bigger in middle school days
>made fun of and called fat
>forced into extreme dieting and becoming skinny
>made fun of for being a twig

The game is rigged. Now i'm sitting here depressed because I have no boobs or ass and look half my age.

the more skeletal you are the more you look like a boy

>would you date an anorexic girl?
would you at least eat my cum?

i did and never a-fucking-gain. i'm not going through that shit anymore. how fucking retarded do you have to be to put some arbitrary number over your health? go fuck yourself.

of course i would, so long as she won't do crazy shit like try to get thinner and thinner and end up dying on me. if she's anorexic but not actively trying to make it worse or even trying to make it better, then it's fine.
but ofcourse like all women, you have to do anal.

>Men don't really care about mental stability in women
you say this now, say it after you date one of these whack jobs with a straight face.

You have to be in the middle you dumb ho. Literally just be normal weight and you'll get chads thundercock.

Yes. Most guys would date you. You only doubt that because you have low confidence, which contributed to your developing anorexia in the first place.

>Most guys would date you.
at their detriment.

Are you a virgin? This is important.
If yes, I can arrange good treatment (I work at a hospital laboratory).
If no, then no thank you, sorry.

If you're talking about MPA I was a member there for years and they did. There were a lot of megastacies there as well. I didn't though cause I'm ugly.

yes because i, myself, am anorexic

If she's not at the point were her reproductive capabilities are non salvageable.

if you're ugly then you're ugly
being a skeleton won't fix that
you do know this right?

it will fix you being fat though

in your screwed up mind
stop trying to be what YOU think is attractive and be what MEN find attractive
all women are like this it's pretty dumb
that's why you see girls covered in tattoos/stupid haircuts and coloured hair/excessive make up etc.
they actually think this makes them look better
that's what you are, a god damn clown
I know you don't want to hear it but it will improve your life if you just focus on what men find attractive and be that

im a guy retard
>still thinking women come here
newfag exposed

>stop trying to be what YOU think is attractive and be what MEN find attractive
i don't care what you think loser

says the retard killing herself because she's obsessed over some number.

Wow. What a healthy relationshit dynamic.

yes exactly but your life would improve if you did

a very difficult concept for women to understand since they aren't wired to think this way

if a (reletively normal) guy wants to find a gf, he isn't going to do whatever he feels like doing to make himself look better, if he has any brains, because that would be disastrous, instead he'll figure out what women like and try to look like that to whatever extent he can
approximately 0 women do this and then they complain men don't find them attractive