Can anything realistically be done about this?

Can anything realistically be done about this?

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nothing reasonable outside of coping

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>Can anything realistically be done about this?

Incel death camps

What's even funnier is that one of the only red dots appears to be Northampton, MA...which is red because it's a notorious DYKE town.

That doesn't make sense strictly speaking without there being more males than females. In reality we're very close to parity, with slightly more females in the north west for example.

This is most likely rather an artifact of the sampling, and 17/1000 you need to remember is only 1.7%.

So my questions are:
1) what is that map actually displaying?
2) how was it sampled?
3) do something about what?

The map is essentially showing a blank from what I'm reading.

Northeast fag, can confirm. Sadly nearly all these singles are used up thirsty losers who got used up in high school thinking sex was gonna make them cool.

See here for example:
Red = female
Blue = male

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Data is from 2012, keep in mind stuff like Tinder either didn't exist or was brand new back then.

That's skewed by all the elderly women.

The reason there is an inherent bias toward males at birth is because males are more likely to die. In addition males tend to have shorter lifespans (mostly related to likelihood of death), so as you average it out over time you'll see over age 30 parity is reached (enough males have already died to eliminate the bias from more male births) and by age 50 there are significantly more females. By over 65 in the United States you'll see there are 5 females for every 4 males.

>Can anything realistically be done about this?
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>That's skewed by all the elderly women.
Not by much, and it means you've got a GMILF extravaganza of floppy meaty jerky pussylips to chew on!

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This map would be mostly blue if it was age 20-50

wars usually fix that.

people troll about death camps and killing people off, but honestly since the Area 51 thing and talking to people, i think people really want to kill other people in the back of their minds.

like i thought i was desensitized and cynical, some people unironically want other people to die for no reason really.

these fucks need help out here, mental help.

What the fuck is going on with Russia?
Why are there so many woman there?

This but unironically for promiscuous women who fuck guys they dont want to be with

>it's not possible for one Chad to have several side hoes
>must be national sampling artifacts
The absolute state of bluepillers

Those women would also be single. So that would reflect an issue with sampling the data. Technically single means "unmarried". If the data is self-reported it's 100% certain to be extremely biased and flawed.

For example: the "record low unemployment", but I don't count as unemployed. I haven't been employed since 2009.

Also I collect welfare/assistance. I'm not included in employment statistics... although I'm definitely both unemployed and employable.

A shit ton of men died in war.

>Those women would also be single
No, they wouldn't. They're dating someone. He just happens to be dating others as well.

It's sad that the only solution seems to be "kill men". Being male is fucking garbage, I wish society would just admit that.

they're not joking too. they should be thrown in prison.

Single means you aren't married or common-law partners (living together > some period of time.)

A proper self-reported survey would have the following options:
1) Married by law
2) Common-law relationship
3) Live-in relationship
4) Fornicating
5) Dating (non-sexual)
6) Single

fornicating: choose if you have had sexual relations with a partner outside marriage, common-law or live-in partnerships in the past year

dating: choose ONLY if you are currently dating/courting one or more partners and NOT sexually active in any sexual relationship

Without ALL SIX OPTIONS you could never gather accurate results.

Single = 4 + 5 + 6
Non-single = 1 + 2 + 3

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