Belle Delphine on bed

>Walk into your bedroom
>You find Belle Delphine on your bed
How do you react to this suprising situation?

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fuck her.
Everyone who would not is either gay or an helpless incel loser

.25ACP bullets
all 7 of em

Lick her armpits

I would push my dick in her poophole
And it would stay there until one of us dies

ask her to spit into a vial.

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>fucking a "woman" who looks more like a trap than an actual woman is somehow straight now
I'd tell her to get the fuck out of my house.

oh wait did i say ask? i meant tell. at gun point if she doesn't comply immediately.

Nigger your mind is so warped from fapping to japanese anime tentacle fag shit that you dont know what a supple young slut looks like.

I have a shotgun I bought for use against unexpected visitors
But I think I would rather beat her to death with a baseball bat

God why is that word so intoxicating

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Tell her to get the fuck out. No women allowed in my house.

i dont fuck with no old hoes only new hoes

>that face
>like a trap
kek trannie will never ever 'pass'

i dont want an STD so i'd probably kill her since, as an invader in my home, she has no right to live.

I dont know how to explain it but im not interested in her on a sexual way.
I would really really like to be her friend, she seems to be very frendly and derpy.
The kind of nice guy/girl you want arround joking and playing.

Tell her to get the fuck outta my house cuz my girl ain't gonna have no e-thot other than herself on my bed

Well, for one, they have ass and tits and don't look like a 12 year old boy

go for the dropkick

You mean like this OP?
Well it would be interesting..

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I would tell her that mom doesnt allow me to have women in my room

I bet you dont have trouble enforcing that rule LOL

I really dont see the appeal, an e-thot that clearly has self image issues that manipulates younger guys and singlefags for money is disgusting to me. Maybe I've been married for too long. Also, shoot to kill, intruders will be shot.

Raep and murder her, allegedly.

Kill her
Literally strangle her to death just so I can be the one who did it
The last person to ever feel her touch