Both pepe and wojak are mainstream and anyone who uses them are normalfags

Both pepe and wojak are mainstream and anyone who uses them are normalfags

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op is a reddit transplant whos offended by chan culture

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literally no cares fag

frogshit was never chan culture, you reddit tourist faggots just flooded the website and try to astroturf

>Jow Forums culture
Posting pepe and wojak repeatedly for years and years even after it became mainstream goes agaisnt Jow Forums's counter culture retard

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Jow Forums was never counter culture. You probably listen to punk you gay retard. Fuck off.

>Both pepe and wojak are mainstream

Also stop being a hipster.

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>4chans was never counter culture even though it had a history of rejecting things it used to like because it got popular
Off yourself you shitskin normalfaggot

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yeah and garfield is much more obscure and cool

>A few contrarian hipsters is chan history

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newfag dettekted

grasping at straws here op

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>counter culture
Posts nothing but anime, porn, and reddit-tier memes. What did op mean by this

>pepe and wojak shitter cant refute my claim so he'll just greentext what i said
Swoomer merf faggots jeed to peave

i think he meant that hes fucking seething

Porn pisses off the trannies though

trying too hard newfag

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>he says as he posts pepe
Kys shitskin and have sex

OP is in my sights, now awaiting order.

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fire at will sgt!

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>This is OP
>OP came here from r/greentext after the reddit mod he sucks off told him that how Jow Forums deals with e-girls dying is wrong
>OP is, without reasonably doubt, a fag

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its time to bring back EFG

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>calling people normies
>posts garfield

>frogshit was never chan culture

I've been here since 2012, you're full of shit.

Sgt basedboy has killed infamous hebrew R. Eddit Goldstein. As planned, based lieutenant general tux. I know these psyop propoganda spreaders are on psychotropic drugs, so permission to double tap this demon while chuffing back at a fat dart would be nice, lieutenant general.

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This new plebbit meme is being spammed across the site, I saw it on Jow Forums too yesterday

Must be some discord trannies or bored plebitors

kill em all and let god sort em out!
in an original fashion of course

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>78% have STDs
80%-90%+ of the entire population, not just gays, has herpes.

>Chan culture
>post-2015 Jow Forums

Choose one and only one, normalfag.

All done Lieutenant. The brews at echo bravo are elimianted. It's time to celebrate with a fat cuban.

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