4 days since leaving discord. ATTEMPT: 27

4 days since leaving discord. ATTEMPT: 27

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good luck with that user but the isolation will only draw you in further

I mean i had always had been alone by choice and that had never affected me. I just get really bored and i want to fill my time by doing something.

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tell me more anonn

What do you want to know ? I'm not the type who can post walls of text when asked vaguely like that...

I honestly could never get into discord. You really that hard up on it?

Is discord really like a social community thing??? I've always treated it like ventrilo or team speak and only use it for voice chat during high lvl content. Occasionally as a medium for sharing memes between mates. But you guys seem to be like in a big weird discord community of a bunch of random internet fags like it's a form of social media

there are specialized servers which are usually just circlejerks
i use it as a replacement for instant chats like aim or yahoo messenger

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I saw this thread yesterday and I'm looking for a guy called Nekomajin, he seems to know OP so I'm gonna leave this here

0 days since leaving Jow Forums. ATTEMPT: 1000

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does any one of you have that methamphetamine?

I only use d*scord to talk with my online friends when we play vidya or raid other shitty servers there.

What do you need from neko? I can relay a message to him.

There is a board called soc. You need to try it sometimes. Who the fuck is neko by the way ?
This is a form of social media itself.

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take your own advice and fuck off to disgusting discord tranny

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I'm not a tranny but thanks anyways.

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Why are lainfags so insufferable

>not a tranny
Most lainfags on discord are trannies btw

I'll answer all baits because i'm like really bored but just be cohesive. You understand ?

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maybe stop posting your gay little "depressed" anime pictures and whining about not being on discord? fucking autistic tranny

Days without Discord: 74.
I used to be a huge Discord lurker and was in several self improvement, porn/kinks, and games related servers, until I decided that I've had enough of fuckery and deleted account completely.
That's because some jackasses are cynical pansies with unbearable personalities and can't socialize properly or work on themselves, and they think they are cool if they post and LARP like a schizoid anime girl.

>maybe stop posting your gay little "depressed" anime pictures and whining about not being on discord?
I can't see how my anime picture is gay. I also can't see why you think i'm whining. I also can't see how refraining from posting would help.
>fucking autistic tranny
You can refer to this post. You can see that i even tagged it. I feel for you because ADHD is very hard to cope with. You need to stop fapping and browsing the internet everyday, user.

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how about you take your own fucking advice again since you are just shitting up the internet with your insufferable tranny posting, mentally retarded homosexuals like you should not be allowed online, or anywhere else for that matter

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>discord faggot
>has to mark every single one of his posts with the same gay anime character

are you just obsessed with attention or something, you retarded tranny? do you understand the concept of an anonymous imageboard? just go back to discord and stay there, nobody wants you here faggot

Hasta la vista mentally ill dicksucker.

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>how about you take your own fucking advice again since you are just shitting up the internet with your insufferable tranny posting.
> mentally retarded homosexuals like you should not be allowed online, or anywhere else for that matter
I'm not a homo either. I don't really watch anime much as a manga guy myself but i'm pretty sure this is an anime imageboard. How new are you ?
I appreciate the input, user.
I'm literally shaking. I had never been banned. You'll have to admit that what you just said was pretty cringy though.

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That shit is for fucking faggots who chug cum by the gallon. Anyone who shills that shit "join my discord bro" is a fucking gay nigger who needs to kill themselves, because it is useless trash.

>My online friends though user
They don't give one fuck about you moron. They never did. All they use you for is attention and then log off to go do something else. They think you're a fucking worthless loser and you obviously are since no matter what time I come on Jow Forums or Jow Forums as a whole I see a brand new thread made just like this constantly. You literally do nothing else, except post these threads all day. That is some sad shit.


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Well i have never really considered any of them my real friends. It was a fun pass time sometimes like anything else. I always kept my distance and never really cared geniunly for anyone. I had been on discord for 4 years and in other places before that. I'm not stupid. I make these threads because i'm geniunly bored and i know how autistic the r9k population is. Better make use of it.

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Poor tranny, i feel sorry for you. Discord must have obliterated your brain.

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Do you actually have a million images of that same anime character saved on your PC to be an avatar fag with? From the filenames it seems like you don't have them named properly to find them quickly, but I could be wrong. What is the point in being an avatar fag? Do you get off on people finding it retarded or do you like the general negative attention it receives? I am actually curious why people bother doing this on an anonymous imageboard. It's almost as strange as the trip fag posters.

>angry because nobody likes him, even discord faggots

discord is fine to find people who are into the same shit as you, like if u wanna find someone to play vidya with, i think it's kinda cozy.

Trannies are just fragile subhumans don't lump me with those. I'm pretty sure i had been anormal from the get go but atleast i had a sense of logic that enabled me to not be a tranny, a fag or an incel/thirsty beta.
You'll just have to guess.

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Tranny is starved for attention, so they pretend to be a cute anime girl online for (you)s

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>they pretend to be a cute anime girl online for (you)s
I find that odd too. People actually live for getting responses on social media type platforms. To an actual question or something that deserves a response I don't see as odd, but the people you see (you can usually tell by the post if you see it enough when you're on) who practically try farming replies (yous, likes, etc depending on the platform) is odd. It's like they're addicted to it and I don't understand how they could be when the responses they usually get are horrible, plus who wants meaningless responses that don't answer a particular question? Maybe that is what having a mental illness does to some people.

You probably have a folder dedicated to that anime character, which could be 6.00 GB or higher in volume. You might also make subfolders, such as:
>Blank stare

Then sort each image according to what they are and name them:
>00 and continue depending on how many images you have
>00-1 and continue depending on how many images you have

That is pointless to me when it is easier to post without including an image like that (being an avatar fag is what it is known as), but I guess some people get happiness from weird shit.

>This is a form of social media itself.
Never said it wasn't. Retard.

That is actually false. I like to give each number a meaning.
I don't really feel happy but i sure feel less bored. Thank you robrots.
I never said that you said it wasn't either.

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People like OP have no redeeming qualities, so they get ignored all the time, even more so online. LARPing as a cute anime girl is the only way for them to get noticed, which leads to getting hooked on free attention and finally wanting to be a girl for real.

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Is that how you became a tranny ?

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Hewwo retards! I am your typical underaged Jow Forums avatar faggot UwU! I even call myself Lain on discord because i have no personality! I am incel, have a totally overblown ego and loooove edgy replies (thinking i BTFO everyone while actually being super cringe!) but yeah, please don't be mean!!! ;_;

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Did you just unironically use BTFO ? You must be that guy !

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You're as silly as when i had left you. I thought you actually grew up after all the /sig/ crap you had been shilling recently.

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What are you on about, I'm not one of your tranny discord friends, faggot. I just know your kind from /vg/ unfortunately.

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