whinge whinge, moan moan, edition

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First for Shippys a dirty noooonce

Why don't people like the Speed Racer film? I love it

shippy is a small nut administrator

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You're an empty kinder surprise, a broken oven, a free-lance confectioner, a cordless dressing gown, a disgruntled flautist, an analogue man, a ball pit squatter, a lazy fielder, a secret tree house builder, a skateboard tamperer, you're the Wacky Warehouse.

He's a backstabbing racist but he's not a nonce

you're a sapling bandit,you're a custard fancier, you're Micheal Jacksons chambermaid, you're a 3 phase plug socket, you're a pre-teen brave

Feel proper bloated after that pizza wizza and ben and jerrys. Like I'm going to explodeywode.

How many Manchester boys do you have on the go on kik moni?

another nonce and fake drama thread, think I will go to that poker game after all, cya later losers

I thought you hate pakis?

byedle pip

Known shippy filenames. Look for yourself, make up your own mind whether shipanon is a nonce
The Cross.jpg
desuarchive.org/r9k/search/filename/The Cross.jpg/

>lord lucan

notable posts

The most worrying post is this one
>Eventually after about 2 hours of frantic searching I found a picture of her at her 28th birthday. Crisis averted
Anyone else think it's odd that it took 2 hours to find a) find a picture on instagram b) figure out how old someone is any other way
Anyone else think maybe he just added that bit at the end and he is actually a nonce who literally raped a school girl

And this one is concerning, it's just the one word
>16 would probably be the lowest I'd go
But who am I to determine shippy's intentions?

This usage is fine because it does not call Zeus, Host or Edgbaston a nonce.
If you call any of them nonces, oooh you'll get a right telling off!!

Shippy, if Ebin killed someone and wanted your help to hide the body, would you step up to the plate and give him a hand?

But we have proof Shippy's a nonce because he specifically said 16 is the lowest he likely would go, and 16 may be legal but in another way it's also noncery. Whereas Zeus offered a known underage tranny room and board.

based hindu lads strike again

How did he backstab you Poley, by refusing to help you with the Mercedes discount for your cousin?

Poley you are proven nonce and your opinion means very little

this is so fucking tiresome lads, give it a rest for gods sake

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There was no reason to go public with that and then completely blank me on kik

He ended our friendship over it

>bullying a good lad
shame on you

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Poley defending Shippy is like Gary Glitter coming out in support of Jimmy Saville

Poley remember when you called the children at the arcade where you used to work cunnies, and would invent excuses to touch them? Because I remember

Ebin defended Jimmy Saville for a week in one of britfeels weirdest arcs.

Poor SCEA will be proper upset when he finds out his old mate Shippy is a dirty wrong un

Religion is the cause of all division in the world.

What do you suppose Ebin meant by this?

>you thought yer was meeting a 15 year old but it were actually me!
>dont worry, theres going to be plenty of intellectual conversation in the courts yer filthy animal


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But wheres the proof thats Shippy! Why anyone could have made those posts! Shippys intentions could be anyones guess!

Cola come back and save /britfeel/

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Watch out, boys. All I'm saying. I'd just be very careful if I were you.

I think he found a forum dedicated to defending Saville and he got sucked up in it. He's a prime candidate for radicalisation, and I honestly believe he'd be dangerous if he wasn't so viciously incompetent.

>Mr Nitsua Gerg
Chuckled at that lad

Whos this aimed at lad, the nonces or the hunters?

There's closed FB groups like that.
I know there's one dedicated to defending Gary Glitter's image which he himself used to post in because they were talking about it on the radio, they were trying to get Gary Glitter for an interview and went via that.

>implying it needs saving
No rest, no quarter given, until the last nonce is driven from /britfeel/

Why have you shopped this lad

>almost a year ago Shippy was viewed as some John Rambo figure who would tear the head off any man who dared to threaten Poleaboo
>fast forward a year and he is largely despised after outing himself as a nonce by obsessively posting about age of consent laws
Its a funny old world

I was going to say, Cola looks odd here. A bit more feminine though.


My room has a resident spider hanging around the window. I've been removing the web every week, should I leave it alone this time?

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Put the thunderball on again
Think I'm addicted lads

Is Shippy the guy who used to make the harold shipman posts?
I always thought that was more than one guy, I did a few of them myself.

Why do I feel more comfortable playing Western MMORPGs like Runescape and World of Warcraft instead of Eastern MMORPGs like Maple Story and Final Fantasy XIV. Is it because I'm more familiar with Western culture?

Elllooooo ello
dis da council spounsel ????? da govamunt????
one BIG fackin flatty watty pls wiv da sofa wofa n da oven woven nex to da pizza wizza parla big stnka cheezer barler
pls i herd a firework next doory woory and made my shelly shocky wock make so sadder madder

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going to do a parody channel called anastasia kingsnorf

video ideas
me n bazza handcuffed togeve forra day
i eat gregs for twenne four howa
tour round me council gaff

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hungry but catto is on me lap
just cat things

wow you posted a picture. fascinating.
time to rewrite the lore book.

>Chika [RETIRED]
>Crona [RETIRED]
>Shippy [RETIRED]
Who will the Noncedust Crusaders eliminate next?

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Do we have to? I've just finished updating the fifth edition.

the heroes we needed but didnt deserve

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>Crona [RETIRED]
Wonder if we should demote that to a sort of semi-retirement if they're coming into desuarchive to search for themselves.

>menacing moon runes with England flag colours
Nice touch lad, hadnt noticed that

when we gonna see it dear lorekeeper

don't care you creep

what the fuck the mad bitch cut off his dick

>Why yes, I will be participating in Comeback August. What gave it away?

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I don't think anybody really saw Shippy like that lad. He was being laughed at then as he is now.

went out in the rain and now my trousers are absolutely soaked

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Hallo ihr Inselaffen

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Don't forget his short-lived renaissance post-Birmingham meet as "Don Shippy", a man too classy to get personally involved in fights but with the connections to get you sleeping with the fishes.

dis is fookin INGERLUND mate, we dont speek frentsh ere

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Shipanon sitting at his own table at the Purple Mango as he plans his next scheme.

any norferners on? Am back home t the norf on Friday and could do wif pints in spoons in Newcastle mayb

tomorrow is a first day of a pretty stressful job, I'm scared, help

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Fancy having a few pints in South Shields lad?

loved the scene where SHIPPY throws a Mercedes Benz at Bazza.

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im in nofrenderland so wed have to plan it a bit ahead lid but it sounds awrite. u hav a email?

Only the purest of heart can browse the tomes

My sister told me that my room stinks and that she can smell it from the hallway

I told her to leave, I don't waste her time by talking to her so I expect the same courtesy back

I didn't know oppo did cheesecakes, fuck

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sometimes i think i might be a nonce

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run was a bit shit but my boy gimli has a nice looking cape now

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Creasing at this, if you made it in response to the above posts Im impressed, quick work lad

IS that the sister you fantasied about domming you Poley? Thought you would have enjoyed the abuse

We know you're tired all the time, but you could probably fit some cleaning in occasionally

you can run way more often. you can also run and lift on the same day. im assuming you dont have a job if you're making a chart like this so you can actually do everything on this list every day if you really wanted to. 500 ml of water? why not just drink entirely water and coffee

YOU ended the friendship by being a typical greedy paki

>Look, no one ever said Big Bazza was a nice guy. I beat the crap out of people, more than I have to. Some are even still in the hospital. I've had idiot pub mates who like to talk big, so I taught them a lesson, and they never came back to drink. If I go to a restaurant and the food's bad, I make it a policy to stiff 'em with the bill. But, even a bastard like me... can spot true evil when he sees it! True evil are those who use the weak for their own gain, and crush them underfoot when they're through! Especially an innocent child! And that is exactly what you've done, isn't it!? And your Stand gets to hide from the victim, the law, and the consequences! That's why... I will judge you myself!

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Anyone from Coventry here?

more shitstains on the mattress

absolutely LOVE it when the norf fc memes have a cheeky anime spin on them :)

A mate of mine is down in coventry working. Why don't you go suck him off

Cried tears of happiness when Bazza freed that noncehunter from SHIPPYs mind control bud

You're locked in a room with a gun with 2 bullets in it. In front of you is a paki, a tranny and a sex offender. What do you do?

>Anyone from Coventry here?
yeah whats up?

Cause I don't do ass to mouth mate

I'm just curious brah nothing to do this evening

You ever find yourself near Earlsdon?

I ASKED, there's no harm in ASKING, I didn't demand or expect anything

A nice majority Pakistani town

>anime is for nonces
>watches jojo

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shoot amir and still have a bullet left

We actually got bare Sikhs here from the Punjab

Re-watching this kino classic. Unironically crying of laughter, genuinely the best video ever made

Yes I live in Chapel Fields

What the fuck
Glad I never bothered getting through battle tendency

Nah. He'd only want a blowie

shut up you noncer