I wanna start a game stream but is it worth it? Smol femanon likes to play Witcher, FFs to 7 and then 15...

I wanna start a game stream but is it worth it? Smol femanon likes to play Witcher, FFs to 7 and then 15, some indie games, some casual games like WoW. Is it worth it?

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hi femanon!

I used to stream and quit because it's WEIRD. As soon as I started, my viewers started growing exponentially and I started getting people coming back on a daily basis. I was told, "I will cut out your liver and fuck the hole where it was," I had someone try to have a debate on libertarianism (this was the worst one), people who tried to offer me money for nudes, but honestly I wasn't really bothered by people threatening me in DMs. Feeling like I was a television channel that people came back to look at EVERY DAY was what broke me. It's the point of what you're doing--to build a community. However, the community is built around YOU. I don't recommend it. You might think "I play games anyway" but it's completely different to be playing while entertaining people, it's a lot of pressure.

It's very difficult to be "on" all the time, even if you are socially competent.

thanks for the adv! I was a little worried abt ppl losing their shit and sending weird dms. There was a thread on x abt me a long while ago and the anons there could get fucking weird and nasty. I'm glad it died down eventually.

Dont listen to this LARPing fag. Just be careful not to give personal information in the stream and you have nothing to worry about. Weirdos like that are actually rare, even here on Jow Forums.

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hello larping faggot
if u are an actual girl u should stream as it's almost as good as camwhoring donations wise

U need to have a decent camera and mic tho

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also ur orbiters will buy u new gpus, cpus, gaming chairs, headphones and stuff

or u get them for free from the manufacturers for free adv

as long as ur not a boob streamer yes

nah witcher is poo, Geralt a mary sue.

ah :/ th-thankies

do you have any recs what area I should stream to? I tried a stream to So. Korea and got like 10 views for like 1 minute of me flailing in Witcher 3 haha

Yeah, stream to the US so I can watch numbskull.

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what really??? Do you have any advice where to stream to? I kinda figured out the platform, and as long as my internet behaves I think I could do it...

oh haha are we allowed to post links here? I don't wanna break the rules or anything

most e-thots stream on both YouTube and twitch for maximum betabuxx

Lazerduck#6874 you can send it directly to me via discord if you are worried about that.

Please don't underestimate how many idiots there are out there who want to be your bf / would murder you if they found your info

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look at this thirsty retard

I feel bad for him but I do the same kind of thing myself. I'm fully aware of my thirst and pathetic behaviour but it can be difficult to resist at times. Go easy on the poor guy, this is probably the only way he gets female contact.

Experience intercourse, involuntary celibate.

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>OP abandons thread without linking channel

heeey sorry I thought maybe I wasn't allowed

You can find me on twitch as panzerschocolade

same as on discord orc

my brain is flatlined today :/

What time do you usually stream?

Hope to around 1 (ish) EST. I'm a bit stream remedial and I'm still figuring it out.

you guys can come hang out in my discord if you wanna- again I'm still a freaking moron and I have no clue what to do, so be prepared for that

haha plz don't be mad at me

Ok, what is your discord? Osowksheriginal

You can find me as panzerschocolade#7662

i think


omg guys I did it! I actually did a stream I'm so happy TvT

I know it's elbow quality, but I'm so proud of myself I've never been able to do it before!

Oh, I missed it. I went out to eat

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If you don't cam and don't try to act like an e thot most of this whores problems arent going to happen.

No worries, thanks for the thought! I was thinking of doing some more later, anyway

I guess I'll try not to be a thot? thanks user. I don't want to involuntarily be a thot, but I'm not a thotty person in general

if anyone has any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them

If you have bobs and vagene they will come

Be as boring as you want, youll still get a shitload of viewers

Just be careful and have fun

Thank youuuu! I will be :3

Sorry for the last video ending so abruptly I'm still learning what ends the video.

wth is a boob streamer

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based mirai kuriyama poster

Kuriyama is the shit yo

>casual game
wew kys

how it wrong tho

WoW is casual as fuck, dude.