Would you rather date a 10/10 with 100 IQ and a 5/10 personality, or a 5/10 with 140 IQ and a 10/10 personality?

Would you rather date a 10/10 with 100 IQ and a 5/10 personality, or a 5/10 with 140 IQ and a 10/10 personality?

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5/10 with 140 IQ and a 10/10 personality for sure

5/10 with the proviso that she is physically healthy.

Those are pretty solid stats on both sides. If they love me it wont matter which one.

This is a no contest. I dont know any man that would choose looks over personality. Having to deal with a woman with a bad personality is insufferable, even if shes pretty.

>5/10 with 140 IQ and a 10/10 personality

Not even a question. This one.

I would like to be smarter then her, so neither.

10/10 with 50 IQ and 10/10 personality.
but only if she was a virgin.

7/10 with a 120 IQ and 8/10 personality

Obviously the second 5/10 is above my league anyway and 140 iq is literally genius. Get her to help me with business and become a billionaire then get surgery to +2 points or even just dont bother because you wont need it

What's the 5/10's BMI?

To me it would be literally impossible for someone with a 10/10 personality to be fat, but I don't know what nonsense OP has in his mind as he asks this question.

I just have to point out that OP is asking whether we'd want to date the world's smartest and nicest 10/10.

I laffed originally

A woman with a 10/10 personality does NOT exist. If you believe she has a 10/10 personality, it is a digusting tranny.

high IQ gfs where are you

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It's true, though. The "normal" 10/10 has a 2 or 3 personality. And the IQ part speaks for itself.

So the people saying they'd date the second one are literally claiming that they would turn down the world's smartest and nicest 10/10 in favor of Mayim Bialik.

I somehow don't believe them.

You know online IQ tests are fake or far from precise. A real IQ test takes up to 3 hours.

10/10 100 IQ and 5/10 personality
>100 IQ is literally the average IQ
>10/10 appearance is nice
>The only problem is her personality

well I have a first MEng (4.0 GPA in amerishart) if that's a more reliable measure, brainlet scum

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5/10 personality isnt even bad just means you dont stand out as being a great talker or social butterfly

I'd rather date my equal.

10/10 personality would literally turn their looks into 10/10 very quickly. Women who are smart and funny and charming and most of all match perfectly with you are incredibly attractive. As long as the 5/10 attractiveness doesnt imply that shes fat, because a 10/10 personality would imply she had standards for keeping in shape and she wouldnt be fat. Fatness is a personality flaw