24 virgin

>24 virgin
>receding hairline is getting worse
>no driving license
>no car
>still live with my mom
I think this may be my last year with hair lads, been getting in decent shape and i'm no longer fat just chubby, just got myself 3 different smartphones and learned how to spoof my location i am installing tinder right now. My plan is to swipe right to all the 30 year old+ whales out there that happen to live in this goddamned city wish me luck

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good luck user, i hope your plan works out

thank you user, now if you excuse i have whales to hunt

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sounds like a recipe for disaster, you're gonna get cucked by a fat cake down the line

this is my last chance besides hookers

Take finasteride to keep your hair dude.

tried that and minoxidil, my hair is a lost cause.

on the up side now that you're balding theres nothing stoping you from taking roids and getting a lean gym body

Fuck bro. Ripperoni to you hair your only hope is to rock a shaved head and get jacked.

The least you could do is shave your head, like a Military buzz cut. That shit looks good with a receding hair line.

>look at me. I am complaining that I am virgin, but I am not willing to pay a bitch to fuck me
Get the fuck outta here.

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>just got myself 3 different smartphones and learned how to spoof my location
teach us bro

I did what a a fag on quora said and it works quora.com/How-can-I-change-location-on-the-Tinder-app-on-Android

That is probably the dumbest plan I've ever read. Good luck with that.

doesn't this mess with your hormones ? I heard even trannies use it as treatment

>That is probably the dumbest plan I've ever read.
i have math and probability on my side

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sneed ori

It can but the dose for hair loss is low. I take blood tests to make sure my levels dont get out of whack

Good luck user try not to get a STD

Also it can cause infertility so that is something to be worried about. Maybe Im not fully considering the consequences

>>receding hairline is getting worse
>>I have a driving license
>>no car
>>Live in rented accommodation with some students.
>>Have a degree and a teaching qualification with some teaching experience (teaching is something I can fall back on if other plans fuck up)
>>Moving to a new city in September for a masters in Geophysics.
>>Want to work in the oil and gas industry in the future.
>>Have an interest in Russian, Church history, Theology, Politics, and geology/physics.

I don't think I am a failure in general, however I have always been absolutely autistic and socially retarded. I was working pretty hard and long hours at my teaching job so I was only able to make one tinder date with a fat chick. It didn't go that well and I was scrambling for things to talk about.

Hopefully, when I move I will have more free time during my masters course. Maybe I'll be more successful there. Hopefully, I can get back into BJJ or maybe try out Muay Thai or boxing; something I have always wanted to learn.

Thank you, i just got my first like but i have no idea if this is just the way of baiting you to buy gold to see who the fuck did, i am also afraid someone did it by mistake

Go to India and get a hair transplant, it's roughly around 1000$-2000$