Thoughts on FTMs?

Thoughts on FTMs?

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Another B&A ftm. Very manly

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FTM B&A 3.

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FTM B&A 4.

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Manly FTM

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Last one for now. Thoughts on FTMs?

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They're either lesbians who can't accept what they are. Or they're straight girls who's first exposure to sexual content was trough Fujoshi fandoms, leading to them not understanding regular hetero sexual attraction.

wish there were less ftms and more straight cis tomboys.

you'd rather date a regular girl instead of a basedftm?

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top surgery is so manly

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going on T was the best decision of his life

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Sorry, but tomboys are told that they're trans nowadays. If you act outside the gender norms = You're trans, or one of the 62 genders.

That being said, i do feel sympathy for these people and i hope they find happiness. I just wish they would feel happy in their own bodies without the need to drastically change it. I'm looking at these pics and i can't help but feel its a severe downgrade.

>Sorry, but tomboys are told that they're trans nowadays.

only in your diseased mind

From a not bad looking girl to a disgusting globing looking twat, kek'd hard

Good job on ruining a decent looking body just because you're fucked in the head

They're garbage for diluting the dating pool
M2Fs on the other hand are based because they reduce the competition and provide an alternative to pussy

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Why would you willingly give away ez mode?

It's not like u can reset the game.

So instead of a feminine girl they just look a dyke?
What's the fucking point?

femininity bad cuz twitter said so

honestly I find it funny bc they get slapped with the reality that men have a shit place in society compared to women. outside of that idc not my problem

>Or they're straight girls who's first exposure to sexual content was trough Fujoshi fandoms
I can confirm this. For a very long time in my life I wanted to become a guy, but even then I was fully straight in the sense that I felt zero sexual attraction towards girls. Even now I wouldn't "mind" suddenly transforming into a man, but I've learned to embrace and enjoy my femininity.

The ones that used to be cute girls are a waste desu but all in all I couldn't care less about them. It's not like they are going to be around for long.


You have been muted for blablala

>yoooooooooong yeaaaaaaaa

Same shit with guys into yuri, the more they are obsessed with it the more they want to become the girl

i didnt know markiplier was ftm

i have an odd respect for them. Maybe im making a huge assumption here, but I almost always assume FtM trannies are more sincere and authentic than MtF ones. In fact I view most MtF's with disdain and disgust, but I kind of admire FtM's in a way. idk.

because you know they aren't doing it because of a fetish.

She's a transgirl?

I hate dudes with vaginas but tomboys are ok.

No, it's a guy wearing a dress.

I would date one if he were cute like pic related. I don't mind adopting children or using a sperm bank down the road.

every single one of these is ugly/fat
the only ok looking guy itt

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thats why a lot of them never fully transition, they always identify as "trans girl", "Intersex" or "Non-conforming".

they need that special snowflake LGBTQPPSTI++ status because if they went 100% male (dont even need the fake penis) they would be just as miserable as the rest of us and destroy and feminist ideas they still had about males and male privilege.

Funny how the ugly chicks have an easier time passing as a guy.

So fuckable before, why did she ruin herself like that?

"Doctors" who do these operations are criminals. Instead of treating insane people who identifiy as attack helicopters with medicine they help them to self destruct and self harm. Fucking bastards. And the thing that's the most evil is that they as doctors KNOW this shit is a mental illness yet they still choose to help these people to do this to themselves.

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"Surgeons" who cut off healthy boobies off of cute chicks should be put to death without trial.

It's on par with going along with schizophrenic people and saying all they're fucked up thoughts are true. It's a shit future user, we should be trying to cure these people, now injecting shit into them and cutting parts off.

Sexual preference is way different though, since you're born like it and you don't require any fucking surgery.

i know right, her tits and ass were actually decent and she was very attractive, why the fuck would you throw that away?

duuuuuude weeeEexxeeeed

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imagine looking like an anime girl and throwing it away to become a mutilated gay boy

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from cute to mental illness

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normal girl to deformed

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punk chick to sweaty lenny

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Snowflakes. Even on testosterone you notice how uncomfortable they are with being treated like actual men. Being FTM is another dumb fashion statement.

They mean just as little to me by default as an average person

Imagine willingly going from cute tomboy to eldritch abomination. Same with m2f trannies, they could have been effeminate guys but they'd rather look like ghouls with their masculine features jutting out of the feminine frame they forced themselves into. This age has rendered everything open and direct, there is no mystery or intrigue anymore, that qt big tiddy goth gf shaved her scalp, cut off her tits and got a hot dog stitched on her cunt.

Hahaha this makes my day knowing my ex wants this so bad hahaha

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My neighbor is one. I have met mrie of them than the mtfs.

Relatable post

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Anyone see this FtM-kino?

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This whole thread... when you think females reached maximum stupidity and they surprise you with more.

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infinitely less insufferable than ftms

than mtfs*
I think it's mostly because most FtMs don't do it for like weird perverted/sexual reasons. Like the sheer number of times I've seen MtF troons go on about how excited they are to finally get to touch a boob (their own) + the notion of autogynophilia suggests a decent number of them are in it for purely sexual reasons. Plus they always act so overtly sexual in ways cis women at least try to hide (sometimes). Most FtMs just act like regular dudes and aren't insufferable.


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>>Sorry, but tomboys are toId that they're trans nowadays.

>only in your diseased mind

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local gal

she wasnt that good looking but things went from bad to worse

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I would 100% fuck a MTF more than a FTM, call me gay or whatever I DONT CARE.

Fuck dykes

>call me gay or whatever
this suggests you think it isn't gay? it's quite literally the purest definition of gay - you'd rather hook up with someone without ovaries than someone with ovaries. it's ok to be gay (sort of)

I'm thinking you're much gayer for hooking up with a disgusting FTM.

Fuck one and tell me you didnt fucking gag once. Literally 0 feminine features, and a disgusting looking vagina isn't enough.

>The current world population is 7.7 billion as of July 2019 according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by Worldometers.

Stop acting like you're forced to be gay.

We're talking about a fucking mtf vs ftm dilemma without considering real women here you fucking braindead faggot

the FTM is the obvious choice. Don't fuck a gay guy in the ass.

>disgusting looking vagina
sounds pretty gay user

also >actually getting tricked by stupid shit like long hair and makeup
mtfs always still look like men - they don't have the hips or cellulite or tits or nipples that look like actual female body parts. it's always just a bit too like "firm" if that makes sense

ok bearded titless women lovers

she looks like eggman now lmao

Agreeable people that are fun to booli because they either sit there and take it because they're 5'5 120lbs or they complain like women.

she went from tame impala to RATTLESNAKE RATTLESNAKE

Looks like a fuckable woman

Turns into a lesser verson of a twink with huge scars

Lol such a loss

such is the life of the modern tomboy

Why do they all look like Nick Robinson

I'd give my life to look like them before. Just why.

Jesus God that dude is hot, who is that

Yes, was thinking about it while watching these mutants

Man I don't know, like I care about other people's decisions.

Why are there so many ftm trenders?
Half of 'em are like "uwu I'm a boy but I still want to look like a girl don't question it call me he"

Dumb ass thots
Masculinize or fuck off
Also this shit's hella gay

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no, she's a transgirl

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I would rather play with this awesome guy's dick and play videogames than be anywhere near this disgusting trash here

>no, she's a transgirl
looks like a guy in a dress tbqh

The ones that still look like dykes or soft boys make my dick hard

You can tell just by the face this person is autistic, as with many other trannies. It's sad because autism must be confusing and difficult enough as it is.

>Same with m2f trannies, they could have been effeminate guys but they'd rather look like ghouls with their masculine features

Yeah. They can be male and still wear makeup and fashionable clothes. Feminine men look so much more clean and presentable than mtf trannies. It's like transitioning automatically turns them into greasy looking creeps.

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