Femcel Self-Improvement Thread

What are you doing lately to achieve staceydom?

I've started a new diet and exercise regime. I'm limiting myself to 500kcal per day and walking 20+km. I want to be 85lb. Currently 170.

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>500kcal a day
>doing "physical exercise l" without even eating healthy

You're a retard. You know that is not gonna be healthy right. Simple. It's easier to lose weight that way but once you get some and have lost what you want you are more susceptible to eat even more due to what you've done to your body and metabolism. And you'll get fat again or even more fat than you were. Best thing is to calculate the exact kcals you need per day, and based on that start eating not less, but healthier, and of course physical exercise is included. You can lose weight gradually and which is even better, you'll keep that healthy life even after you already lose what you want. Stop following shit advice from retards from here who go full stupid on diets not even eating at all. You've got enough info on internet that is not r9k.

I don't want to be healthy. I want to be emaciated. I want to scare people. I want my parents to worry about me. I want to look sickly.

Well then don't even try. You were naturally born loser.

Im too ugly to be stacey, but i do want to be fitter and happier with myself. My body is ok, even hot to many but im chubbier than ive ever been. I think exercise will be good for my mental health more than anything. Ive also finally found another job so i need to get over the hurdle of getting used to talking to normies.

Also want to start getting my hair done properly.

>hot for many virgins who'd go for anything with a vagina
>Body is ok
Cope harder no?

The fuck... I burn 750kcal a day. Just do 15000 steps a day and eat whatever you want.

Its not cope. I know i have many traits considered objectively desirable. Im not a landwhale. Just a bit softer than id like to be. medium large boobs, wide hips, cute vag, pink nipples, smooth pale unblemished skin. I gave a realistic view of myself there. Theres literally no cope. Im not going to downplay the only thing i have lel.

I decided to stop relying on my emotional BF for support and now i just use my other two orbiters.

Where are you located? You sound cute and I'd lose weight with you together.

is your face deformed or something
if you're not fat then you are already better than 70% of women

Im not cute im really ugly facially

Why do women always get so fat?

Its a 4 at best but really just a 3. Id rather be fat and pretty. Fat chicks have plenty of admirers and the ability to lose weight anyway

I'm ugly too so that doesn't matter honestly

I'm 120 pounds, flat chested, flat ass, butterface even with makeup let alone a 0/10 without. How do fix myself? I've thought about working out..

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If you're ugly as fuck working out is pointless. But still you're a retard femoid and any loser from here or in general would go for you.

Just get cheap tits and ass surgery you stupid nigger

being pro ED is disgusting and you won't realize that until you're in the ER because you had a stroke. i would take it all back if i could.

i've started waking up earlier. you get a lot more out of your day.

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I'm trans, been on HRT for nearly a year now and have small natural tits
What else can I do to attract a lonely robot bf?

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>20 km

dude 2 km will hurt your angles

>I want to be 85lb. Currently 170.
What the fuck?
That's not being Stacy
You should aim for like 120 or something unless you're a literal midget

stream your sucicide
you will literally attract the attention of every robot and they will post you everyday like that girl who was murdered, what's her name I forgot

>flat chested
just gain some butt and youll be 8/10. whats ur height fembot ?

whats ED user ?

>any loser from here or in general would go for you
That's what I said but I don't want just some loser up in my ass.

I'm worried about scars or if it comes out looking bad.


Come to Dubai. I'll buy you new tits.

Eating disorder; it's an unfortunate acronym.

>120 pounds
>flat ass
work on building muscles on your thighs, calves and ass. dont forget to do cardio to build a curvy shape over your muscle butt

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I've been doing longer bike routes and trails now that I finally have an actual sports bike. Forcing myself to eat more in order to get out of the eternal underweight zone has also been going well. But most importantly I've started reading again (right now it's White Eagles Over Serbia).

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no, if you're normal weight you are automatically average looking.

The thing is I must have a fast metabolism or something because I actually eat a lot but I never seem to gain weight. I've been a twig my whole life.

You haven't seen my face so your opinion means zero.

>flat chest
>120 lbs
Be my gf femanon. hows ur face ?

>You haven't seen my face so your opinion means zero.
no, shut up, all girls that are not fat and do not have face deformities are all average looking.

then even eat more. i was a twig at 5'11" 110 lbs too until i ate more than my stomach could handle to gain more weight.
but work on getting a muscle butt and legs despite being skinny. slim thicc is better than slim and no ass/curves.

>cut refined sugar out of diet
>started doing 100 situps a day, time to bump it up soon
>eating more healthy foods like blueberries, turmeric, honey, raw garlic that i normally avoid
>showering every day
>playing more DDR/PIU for cardio
>practicing archery for mind and body
>going to the library more often and reading non-fiction that i normally wouldn't to gain knowledge
we're all gonna make it

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hmu if any of you make it to staceydom, I'll pay you to bully me desu

>hows ur face
Shoeonhead without makeup is better than me with makeup

That is your personal opinion

I don't want to eat so much that I throwup though, should I try those shakes that put on pounds quick or are those a snakeoil meme

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in an original fashion

is this supposed to be a bad thing ? because shes cute . btw makeup just seems unnatural desu, only acceptable in social settings like in social gaterings like marriages where everyone uses it

Jow Forums bullies women and is not a safe space. also the only women that do post there are stacies. r9k is the homeboard of fembots, and as such this thread belongs here.

wtf is this, i typed "desu" and it became "desu" ? jesus christ this board

Not her, but you don't seem to understand the function of makeup. Most women use just a teeny tiny bit to get a natural look; without it most average women look like boys.

>makeup seems unnatural
Makeup is literally my face.

Correct in saying without it i'll look like a boy


What is this newfaggotry, Jesus fucking Christ the absolute fucking state of this board is unbelievable.

I'm trying to fix my goddamn posture

f*males don't belong on this board

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Yes, thank god, finally someone who gets it