Whats making you sad today robots

whats making you sad today robots

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i have to get another fucking root canal

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I have to go to work in 1 hour

I got screamed at by retarded people who want things at work for the first half of the day.

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It's too complicated. You wouldn't understand..

work in 12 hours

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I can't remember since every day I wake up and get blazed af lnao 420 blazeit. Literally too stoned to feel up or down ayy. Just gonna catch up on a few seasons of American Dad haha yeah.

I'm a demon trapped in a human body.

I have no idea, just my period.

I'm a 20 year old virgin with dead parents and no other family trapped in Peru because I was born in Venezuela, I can't pay for college and I have had no job since march, money ran out this month and I can't pay my rent today or food for that matter, can't get a job because foreigner and I have no friends

I'd like to see someone worse off than me in here

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Say your a political dissident and apply for asylum in the US.

I'm in a pretty shit situation myself. I haven't received any money even though it's the 31. Don't know how I will survive. Stay strong brother.

someone told me that I look like a school shooter

Nothing. Feeling good. I have some money, an intact happy family who loves me, I don't have to work and nobody wants me to, I'm healthy, white and live in a first world country. I also look prettey good (tall etc) and have some freinds. Seeing all you sad fucks make me realize how fortuned I am.

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All my friends hate me, my family disrespects me, my father is going to disown me, my girlfriend ghosted me to go fuck her ex and I'm a shitty non-passing tranny who will never make it anywhere in life and the moment I acquire a gun it's lights out for me.

>be me
>see this
>want to reply
>im not a robot verification thingy

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i had all these things i wanted to do and i still have all these things i wanted to do and i havent done them

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I'm pretty sure my favorite person and I are drifting further and further apart. And none of my online friends want to watch a movie or anything and just hang out, they're all doing their own thing

Realizing when my Mom dies I'll be homeless and friendless since all my friends are online and I don't have any interests or personality beyond what's on the internet.

tell me why you're sad dog friend

>I'm pretty sure my favorite person and I are drifting further and further apart.

what happened, I'm going through the same feels myself

>whats making you sad today robots

>be me today
>look out the window
>beautiful sunny day
>decide to leave the house for the first time in almost 3 months
>get in my car
>drive 2 blocks
>see beautiful woman crossing the street
>feel so depressed immediately
>turn around and go home
>why did I leave the house....

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Sounds pretty comfy user... Enjoy that shit.. I'm stoned no.w. but sitting at the park alone. Pretty lonely vibes

Everywhere I look are girls prettier, hotter, skinnier and with bigger tits/ass than me. They're all dressed in itty bitty shorts and halter tops, I have to cover up because I have cellulite and scars. Why does everything seem so much easier for other girls? I'm so jealous.

Im so alone, i cant find any love or friends at all, the one person i was friends with never wants to hangout and makes excuses every time i try to hangout with him.

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gonna have to get a quadrillion fillings if i wanna redo braces

fuck this, another 2 years of springs and coils and screws and rails in your mouth reee

Nothing "happened" we just talk less and less and they seem less happy to talk to me. I think they're just losing interest as always

Do you like guns, freedom, and not being a socialist? Then come to America.

my friends are all doing shit without me, i'm just sitting alone doing drugs. i burned myself badly making food today and now i can't play video games to numb the boredom

my cat is cuddled on my lap though :)
pic related is him, snug and smug

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>I have to go to work in 1 hour
>work in 12 hours

f-fuck, so sorry.

How long have you known this person? sounds like you're nearing the end of the honeymoon phase which is only natural in most if not all relationships

Gonna be my last day at work tomorrow. I landed the perfect gig but fucked it up hard over the course of 4 months because of my social anxiety. Everyone was so nice and I just sperged out and started avoiding interacting with them which eventually made me perform really poorly.
The worst part about this is that I thought I'd gotten over my social anxiety after trying LSD, but it came back after a couple of months even stronger to the point I couldn't sleep for weeks straight.
Just feel like it's never gonna get better.

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Less than a week I think. I still get excited when they come online but it's taking longer to get responses. This always happens but never so fast before

Glad someone asked, but I just don't have it in me to even talk about it anymore, thanks for asking anyway

Farm gold on Old School RuneScape and sell it for real world money. That is what a lot of your kind is doing. I am not sure if it is still highly profitable for people in your area, but it is an option to look into.

Because I'm on summer holiday, home alone for a week, relate to none of my "friends", and have no idea where to meet people like me