What the hell is down there?

What the hell is down there?

Has anyone been inside one?

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well that would depend if its a storm drain or sewage pipe

That's where waifus live. Go see!

Depends on what's it for, I've been inside some that had networking cabinets and others that had traffic light controllers.

Don't go in or this will happen to you.

>What the hell is down there?
secret underground society's

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I live in California, so sometimes there are bums down there.

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Crime fighting turtles who love em sum pizza

>college campuses are no longer going to allow them to be called "manholes" due to gender politics
>all are being replaced with gender neutral labels

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Sure gets a lot of natural light for being a sewer.

Tunnel Snakes
That's us
and we rule

They run an underground arena

My dad and his buddy used to go hunting down there sometimes, they took me down there with them when I was younger, I was the only one to make it back, I don't want to go down there ever again. Stay away, robots.

What did he hunt, user?

Probably those poo monsters in the sewer dungeons in starbound. They can be on any planet so I assume it is the same on earth.

Thats just radioactive glow from the sewage

probably again just Jotaro waiting to kick dio's ass
nothing much to worry user, just pass it by and dont look inside

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Teenage mutant ninja turtles and rat kings

are you like, literally 50 iq?

Why do you think indian people are called poos, they use the sewer system to travel interdimensionaly via excrement.

evil clowns

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Thats photo is obviously not a sewer, but the storm drains do have hobos in them.

Sanitary sewers have sewage water and poop in them. Storm drains are full of water that runs off concrete into the drain. There is nothing in either of them out of the ordinary. I work in my local sewer department, i can tell you all about it if you want. I go in manholes every day for my job

Do you have some pictures to share? not OP but interested.

do you like going to poo poo land everyday?

Tell us more about those man holes you go in every day for your job.

I want to know how I can find a drain that I can use to hide in or escape if necessary

These guys


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Mike Rowe could tell you :)

Are storm drains secure for living and sleeping? I mean when it's not raining.

Damn, this is cool but you're wrong.

There are several otherss aswell, some have district heating running through them, others have telephone lines others are escape ways from buildings.

There'a also some leading to the insides of bridges, there's some that have underground passages into artificial lakes.

Tons more.

If you live near old military bunkers, there are soem that goes into them.

I've been into one that just goes to some weird underground place, it's really huge but there's nothing of interest.

i don't have my phone with me at work most of the time since the boss would chew me out. I don't have any pictures but you could find a ton online of big sanitary interceptors if you wanted. Some of the pipes have 84 or 96 inch diameters so you can walk in them.

it's not that bad, sewer water smells more like grease anyway. I've been up to my waist in it before. I guess it's a dirty job but someone has to do it.

manholes are used to access the locations where two sanitary sewer or storm drain lines connect. We go in them to clean the lines, send the tv camera cart into them or to clear debris blocking the flow of sewage. We have to fix manholes all the time. I think it's kind of fun going inside the manholes and walking through the big pipes

go in a storm drain, not a sanitary line. Storm drains will always flow out to a river and don't have any toxic gas

if you can get in them, probably not. they're wet and musty, and usually have animals and bugs. plus you will get swept away if it rains.

so what's the strangest thing you've found blocking a sewer? Like I know there's disgusting fatbergs made of grease, shit, and those baby wipes that are supposed to degrade but don't. but surely you've found something more interesting?

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Sometimes pipe collapse and they will be full of dirt and clay. Grease is usually the main thing blocking the lines though. Sometimes people will pop a manhole cover off and dump wood and metal in them. One time a whole manhole was full of concrete someone dumped in and let harden. That was a bitch to get out

pedo clowns

neat thread. i used to explore sewers but never found anything out of the ordinary. mostly just trash and stray cats.


I hate how they fall apart into smaller, more erratic little poops

why don't you crack one open and find out?

thank you user very good for this piece of fallout related commentary goddammit R9K let me comment fuck!

It's full of lots of things you never asked for.

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the other day I went for a night walk and there were some workmen gathered around one. as I walked past they pulled a boogie board out.

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You must go for more interesting night walks than I do. All that happened tonight on my night walk was there were a few people looking at a snake sitting in the middle of the walkway, and scared to walk past it. I told them good evening and walked past the snake to get on my way.

Rock music CDs, beer, and BBQs.

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Ninja turtles prolly

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