Loli isn't pedophilia

>Loli isn't pedophilia
What did he mean by this?

Loli is 100% drawn pedophilia. If you want to Loli you want to fuck kids.

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not at all.
people who jerk off to loli only want to fuck kids when they are horny bust most would never do it even if they are horny because most are still moralfags and fear consequences.
anyways, why would you care? its called free expression, faggot.

Finding lolis attractive means you are attracted to childlike features which is pedophilia

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So if you went to a museum and saw a painting of a grown man fucking a little girl you would not consider it an expression of pedophilia?

that would be an expression of pedophilia and it wouldnt be good. but thats because a museum isnt internet.
if you disagree with stuff on the internet you can always ignore it, mostly only people who enjoy loli will actually see it.
and btw: if you are a pedophile it isnt your choice. fucking real kids on the other hand is a crime and not nice.

>this thread again
Great content

Doesn't he have like five videos about this already? Why don't you watch those instead?

Why don't you suck my ass

3d children are disgusting.

that's the very defitnition of pedophilia bro

Anyways this is what animu does to you, turns u into either a cocksucking fag sissy or into a pedo, if you have a weak mind

Aminu not even ONCE

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loli and all that isn't satisfying, only pedos find it satisfying.
that's how you know if you're actually a pedo or not.

i don't search loli or view it, there's some on my HD because saving porn isn't that thought out, you kinda just shotgun it into folders and forget it's there.
but i found i wasn't satisfied with it after a while and returned my big titty, big ass porn.

i never said that loli isnt pedophilia retard.
read what i wrote.

you literally did faggot pedo

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why dont you read it and tell me where i said loli isnt pedophilia?

Why are all pedofucks so dumb?
>Loli is 100% drawn pedophilia. If you want to Loli you want to fuck kids.
>not at all.

fuck you, reported to the feds

>If you want to Loli you want to fuck kids
>not at all. people who jerk off to loli only want to fuck kids when...
dumb faggot

>moral fags
i dont get what is the big deal about having morals. isn't it good know that you're not suppose to fuck kids?

Lolis are often drawn not with childlike proportions. A lot of they time theyre quite curvy, just petite. Look at the prisma illya designs for example. You cant tell me those aren't hot. When they actually look like kids its fucking gross and weird though

yes but they aren't doing it because of morals which is stupid. there are a number of good reasons why not to fuck a child, but not morals.
for example: it hurts the child, it will only increase your tolerance meaning you will need to do even more fucked up shit and it will make it even harder for you to overcome sex and pleasure which are lies.

>>not at all. people who jerk off to loli only want to fuck kids when
it still means they want to fuck kids retarded pedo subhuman

Man, Jay really let himself go...

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>you can control what you want
also: why cant you speak to me without using slurs? did you get mad by what someone said on the internet :(

I'm just calling you the pedo subhuman you are
is that offensive to you?
>i s-swear i would n-never fuck irl kids i'm too much of a pussy

yea right, you belong in a camp

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i am not a pedo and i do not enjoy lolis.
i probably live a much more disciplined life than you.
people like you, the edgy ones who tell people they should be murdered for their opinions, are mostly internet losers who are often the actual degenerates.

>i am not a pedo and i do not enjoy lolis.
tell that to the feds who are gonna be v%nning you soon
>for their opinions
you mean the opinion that raping kids is okay?

what a delusional psycho, enjoy tyrone's 11" cock faggot

Why is Digi so fucking dogshit bros. All he ever does is sit in front of a camera and talk for 3 hours.
Will he ever make good content again?

>tell that to the feds who are gonna be v%nning you soon
if you werent a pussy and would actually call the cops on me thats exactly what i would be telling them and im pretty sure they would understand, implying:
1) loli is illegal (its not)
2) i dont have a vpn (i have)
>you mean the opinion that raping kids is okay?
>what a delusional psycho, enjoy tyrone's 11" cock faggot

>oh yea officer, c-can i call you officer i s-saw it on t-tv it's okay to be a pedo r-right?
ahahah we have freedum of expression here G*d bless A-america amirite

>c-can you imagine those d-darned l-libturd taking away our freedum to say r-raping kids is okay officer Rodriguez?

>i dont have a vpn (i have)
as if that would help you, they will subpoena it to release your actual IP fag. But thanks to admitting your "opinion" is criminal nonsense that WILL be prosecuted

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So what? I'm not gonna stop fapping to kids for you

you are delusional at this point

>you are delusional at this point
how new are you?
Jow gives out ALL info if the police requests it
VPNs give out ALL info if the police requests it

u should stick to reddit friend, and avoid making public your opinions that u wanna rape little kids bc "muh first amendment"
holy fugggg XD

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i havent seen this level of stupidity in a long time

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Does playing video games also make you a psychopath? It's the same logic.

>Does playing video games also make you a psychopath?

Depends if playing video games makes your pp hard

Psychopaths don't get a boner when they kill people, you dunce.

I was just pointing out the wrong equivalency lolipedo

cope, enjoy jail newfag
ask Jow Forums help for deleting all the evidence btw

t. psychopath in denial

shit. i guess i will go to jail now :(

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Lolibros have my ultimate respect honestly, imagine having to put up with crusading normalfags constantly and then still being such a gentleman, truly they are the light.

keep digging your grave brainlet, defending pedos who WANT TO rape children bc muh 1srt amundments XD

pretty much, yes, bet they gonna find somethign

>Pederasty is as old as humanity itself, and one can therefore say, that it resides in nature, even if it proceeds against nature....What culture has won from nature will not be surrendered or given up at any price.

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Those exist. Dostoevsky wrote an entire chapter into Demons where (spoiler warning for a book that's been out for a century and a half) the main character rapes a little girl and watches her kill herself.

My question is, where do you draw the line between art and porn?

Ok, I do...
So what? what is your point?

i will go to jail for indirectly raping kids through my opinions

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Of course not, I jerked off to some hentai with lolis but I can't fucking stand children irl, from their smell to just their aspect, I would never fuck a kid

Here's the important question: What does it matter? There's nothing inherently wrong with mere desire.

You have to be over 18 to browse this website

It matters because OP has hit the wall and now men aren't paying attention to her.

It's either that or they're the type to go after kids for real

enjoy tyrone in yo ass bc "muh principles" xD

sick fucks

>There's nothing inherently wrong with mere desire.
Sure this guys TALKS alot about blowing up the San Diego stadium
but it's just opinion lol xD

Neck yourself psychopath, you're just as bad as the pedos who jack off to loli.

t. pedos digging their own grave even deeper bc muh principles

fuck you're pathetic

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cute selfie

>cute selfie
I'm a black marxist, but okay

Truth is only wh*te people sink to this level of insanity as you two. Normal humans can tell wrong from right and know any interest in fucking little kids is wrong.
Sad fcuks,,.

>I'm black
>Barely knows how to write
Seems legit

Loli is an art style, so not even close