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take a wild fucking guess

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because i'm an idol and idols must be single

Because I want a boyfriend

I would like to save my money, thank you very much

I do. Here's a picture of her!

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Idol for what, beyond Suicide of course?

How is this anime related?

I'm saving myself for the Shiburin!

Im a disgusting creature in 3d which is why I seek refuge in animu and mango

A slut that gets railed by every last man in the idol industry is asking me why don't I have a girlfriend?

3D girls are disgusting

>spending money on 3d girls
No thanks

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Because I have never fallen in love with anyone in my life. There is a girl that likes me and she's kind of cute but she also swears and gets into arguments with people a lot. I hate people who are annoying and loud more than anything so I think I'm fine being on my own honestly.

Either too friendly or creep them out

You need to train her well then.

Cause I find nobody at work atractive.

Because you keep turning me down.

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Fat and ugly


Ugly, physically and mentally ill, neet.

the things i do to make me feel like i'm looking for a gf are things i know will not work well. I do it to not forget that I want a gf, but I don't really think i'm in a good spot in life to be attractive. Need to get more well-established

I've never fallen in love before, and have never felt compelled to ask out a woman. I'm at least a 6/10, pretty fit endurance rider, and can hold a conversation. Ive had girls that I've crushed on but the feeling is gone after a week or so. Maybe I'm broken? Closet faggot? No idea.

Same reasons as in that /v/ thread

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Girlfriend? Lmfao I dont even have any friends

they're scared of me.
all of them.

That's a bit of a rude question, but it's ok. I'm just shy, user. No more, no less. The reasons behind it might be deeper, but I've just never really tried once in 25 years. Please don't judge me too harshly. I'm working on it.

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Just havent met the right girl yet is all

I don't really know how to find girls to talk to let alone ones worth talking to.

I don't like wasting time and money if it is not worth it.

Well you see, my current situation doesn't allow me to have one since I wouldn't have time for her furthermore the only thing I seek in a female right now are good genes and her womb

Because I don't view girls/women as equals,
I can only see them as sexual meat that should pleasure me.

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I live in the middle of nowhere where most girls here are literally gold diggers since I'm in the top 5% of income.
Also being single is great not to mention I'm an autist who is unable to feel affection towards people.

If she knows me already she'd know.