There are bigcocked robots reading your posts

there are bigcocked robots reading your posts

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for you

I want a smelly neet user bf to fuck my throat~

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aw that's a freak of nature

>there are bigcocked robots reading your posts

Yes most if them are femanons

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Fucking same I just want a bf to hold my head down and use my throat like a fleshlight while I gag like a slut.

I want him to flip me over with my head hanging over the bed and feel his balls slapping my face with each thrust he plunges his dick into my esophagus. When he finishes I would happily swallow most of his babies and have him pull out near the end to coat my face in his perfect seed, leaving me a used mess with streams of runny makeup, saliva and his cum down my cheeks.


wish i could please some nice cockheads with my mouth

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Thats very gay user if you aren't aware of that

I love men and cocks

have you told your dad that yet?

>I love men and cocks

loving men and cocks is gay user sorry

are you a cute twink or something at least

I wish I could just Thanos snap the gays away.

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Remember the last time you posted a shitty opinion and your argument was completely BTFO right in front of everyone by another poster so bad that you even blushed IRL? His soft penis is probably bigger than your hard. Imagine the smirk if he saw you in the locker room.

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Reminder that some of the posters here are having their cocks worshipped by someone under their desk right this very moment

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i'm a 6'3 neet and hairy and pretty fat but losing weight and my dick is like 6.3 inches hard and pretty thick and i need to jack off three times a day

good job son. now put back mother's hachi-tachi and clean up.

>tfw no giant 6'3 neet to dominate and pound your manlet body every day
why live

The only thing that I don't hate about myself is the size of my dick

>depressed robot stops thinking about suicide when he notices he's twice my size and suddenly feels good

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how tall are you? do you like anal

I know I'd gladly worship that cock

damn what kinda toy is that? gotta get me one of those for my small cock

Some sort of massager wand, no idea about that penis sleeve thingy though

>penis sleeve thingy
it's a fucking condom

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What? I'm pretty sure it isn't. It's got these nubbly things inside and it seems actually connected to the head of the massager

no it isn't its a sleeve

how is the jizz leaking out of his dick and going all over his stomach if he's wearing a condom

tfw average in every way with no huge cock to choke a cute twink with

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>tfw only mildly aroused but not actually enough to be gay
Is it just that I'm projecting myself onto other people's dicks and imagining myself as them?

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im not gay but i wanna eat his ass and lick his balls

gross picture

I'd drool and make lots of gagging sounds as I take your cock down to the base~

why? like how do you take someone seriously enough to find this anything but silly, especially when in all likelihood they couldn't wrap their heads around gr. 12 calculus

I wanna suck a nice big smelly neet cock so fucking badly~

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>tfw really wanna post pics in hopes some horny user will worship my cocks but too paranoid

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i havent showered in 4 days my cock smells pretty bad

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I don't think anyone's gonna ID your cock, and especially won't be able to trace it back to any real person. What's the hold up user? I'm waiting!

your dick sucks shut up retarded asshole

I don't get it, what is the plastic thing around his dick for

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stimulation what else

Sorry user, I'm not horny enough to do something stupid.
I hate having lewd thoughts, why do they have to feel so nice

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Please tell me, what's stupid about posting your cock here?
If you don't post your face along with where's the problem?

is that 2 orgasms in a row or just a bit of left-over cum?

Just doesn't seem right. Even though that horny side of me wants to feel nice. But I know I'd regret and feel stupid afterwards.
Sucking dicks is great but there has to be more to it.

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Please elaborate why would you regret and feel stupid afterwards?
You are doing no harm, quite the opposite.

>tfw ywn have a degenerate robot friend and play with each other's cocks

It's just very intimate and I don't have the confidence to expose myself like that.

>tfw dicklet
I want to die bros

ywn ball tease anons

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Gonna shag my gf (bf). This thread has made me horny

;; that looks too cute and fun
I wish I could experience it with a robot just once in my life

Yes and i have a very strong desire to breed with as many women as possible knowing full well they'll enjoy it even if they say they dont want to get creampied.

>tfw horny
>tfw wanna erp with cock lusting anons here
>tfw remember that they don't even remotely look like pic rel
>tfw most of them are unattractive and that's why they are here
>tfw get turned off

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These would be hot if uncut.
Cut cocks are disgusting

I thought it would hurt a bit, but he's probably too horny to feel it

Playing with the balls feels nice. I can't imagine it hurting at all.

it would be really gay if they touched though

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There is also small cocks here to like this guy

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What about hugecocked and Asian?

my preference is fat/chubby guys with fat, big cocks but theres none in porn and it makes me sad

is this chubby enough for u

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>my preference is fat/chubby guys with fat, big cocks
Same, but with big musky balls and uncut cocks as well.

I want to smother my face in a chubby guy's smelly crotch after he hasn't showered for a day and then have him fuck me prone bone with his sweaty body crushing me.


>I want to smother my face in a chubby guy's smelly crotch after he hasn't showered for a day and then have him fuck me prone bone with his sweaty body crushing me.

are you me?

this is me but i also want him to be married hung and make me do stuff like eat his ass and let him fuck my butthole bc his wife doesnt

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>reading my post
>not fucking my throat

Rude desu

>writing posts
>not getting facefucked by my dick

wtf looks like a black cock with a white hand lol

I thought black cocks was supposed to mean hung

I'm a little over 7"
So not bad, but no horsecock

Not all of us user, some of us come here for the lulz

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No, just if you're black then you have a black cock.

most black guys have absolutely normal penises and are nothing like in porn

are you both fem?

fun and friendly Jow Forums discord server. join now for frens!!



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ah you must be new

wishful thinking on my part I guess..

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