The only argument against vaping is "you're more likely to start smoking cigarettes"

>the only argument against vaping is "you're more likely to start smoking cigarettes"

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smoke cigars

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you get chemically addicted to the nicotine
if youre smoking non nicotine vapes then you are just a poser fag

Studies show vaping with nicotine is actually more worse tha cigarettes. If you need to vape, use CBD oils instead.

>addicted to something that doesn't harm you
Yeah idc

harms your wallet you faggot

It's like 20 bucks a month

inject bio-degradeable tap water directly into the bloodstream

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Makes you look like a fookin gay. Just smoke you bender

Enjoy cancer, jackass

>smoking cigarettes
Stop trying to look cool

funnily enough, cigarettes are more addictive than nicotine, despite the fact that the only addictive chemical in cigarettes is nicotine itself. The majority of addiction to any drug is psychological. I vape all the time, but can go without it easily, no addiction despite the supposedly addictive nicotine.

i will come to your house and inject the tap water in your bloodstream by my own hands

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If you are going to smoke do it properly.


Is not looking like a faggot not a good reason not to vape?

don't kill your body this painfully

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you can't feel the pain when injecting heroine you nigger

That, an you look like a massive homosexual.

These are all things that will grant the sweet release of death. How can you not like them?


Do it mate. I look forward to seeing you.

Nobody should be putting heroin into anyone's bodies

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wow what a cringe moment

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Because they are bad for your bodies' health.

i will do it in your sleep and then kill your mom in her sleep tonight if you don't reply to this post.

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Breathing anything that isn't fresh air will lead to the build up of carcinogens and impurities in your airways. Enjoy your COPD and your empty wallet.

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What? Are you literally 12? It doesn't matter how much nicotine you do it's a harmless chemical and it can't be made more or less harmful the worst thing that can happen is that it will be harder to get a boner after year's of useage.

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You do realise you are dying right now ? Just super super slowly

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studies have shown that people who breath fresh air will die atleast once in their life

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What if you just like making smoke circles?

I smoke cigarettes because I like feeling like Aragorn/Gandalf/the hobbits in Lord of the Rings. Although I'm still unclear if pipeweed=tobacco

there is literally nothing wrong with doing drugs

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uh no. . .


Popcorn lungs orig

what studies?

Vaping makes you look like you aggressively fiend for cock. That said, it tastes alot better than cigarettes and its pretty convenient

buy your own papes and tobacco and roll them like the man of high class you are

>drugs are bad except for when the big doctor man says it's ok.
Are you this retarded?

The only girls that talked to me had bfs for some reason

How can you be so cringe and based at the same time

>except when prescribed

Why would you start vaping if you never smoked cigarettes? Never understood this

i let slaves in america do this for me
i am not an animal
*dabs on all americans*

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Because you look like a massive fag while doing it

You're either a phoneposter or retarded.