6 foot tall are not real robots

You can't be a real robot if you're at least 6 foot tall (1.83m). You have chad genes. 99% of girls love 6 foot tall guys and want to fuck them.

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i am 6'4 and i post on this board
how does that make you feel

Can a 6 foot tall robot punch me in the face?

You are no true robot with your chad tier height

I'm 6ft and I'm a robot due to social anxiety and lack of social skills. Conclusion: You're wrong.

I am 6'6 and I post on this board.
How does that make you feel?

too tall mutant giraffe ass motherfucker

You could be tall as a sequoia but have a fucked face and still end up a robot.

thanks for these digits virgins

I'm 6'2" and have had pussy throw itself at me since I was 16. Not the best looking pussy, but pussy all the same.

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Reads like it could be a rap line.

shut up micro man, keep being a jackass and i'll put your favorite toys on the upper shelf

>99% of girls love 6 foot tall guys and want to fuck them.
they love attractive tall guys you dumb fucking retard

6'0 is manlet 6'1 is minimum acceptable

If you're 6'+ and not above like 6'6", you don't belong here

Unless your face is deformed, there is literally no way you can't slay

>there is literally no way you can't slay
I have autism

sure, unless you are ugly and lanky. fuck this meme


>tfw only 1.82m
life is suffering.

I have autism and alexithymia

>m-muh self diagnosed autism

congrats, you are now "socially awkward tee hee!" Enjoy your robot gf

try being autistic at 5'5",see how that plays out

>self diagnosed
cool, what if it's professionally diagnosed though?

It's more of a round number thing, in metric nations it's 180, not 183

but i'm 184 anyway who cares

6' 2"

>inb4 eat more
I've gained 10 pounds in a month at 3500cal a day. Thx Jow Forums