Things at school that killed you

>assigned partners
>"ew, you're with user"

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>penis inspection day
>"uh-oh student 352, your male reproductive organ is too small"
>principal gets sisscors

now im a fucking grill

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Math class: I can do math but my teacher thought he was SO clever

>assigned partners
>End up doing all of the work

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>have to do a group presentation to the entire class
>everyone else forces you to do most of the talking

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consistently being picked last for gym class despite being tall and not fat

I made this literal robot blow me after school under the benches he cried a little but still sucked me off said I would beat him if he didnt swallow

You must've been a faggot in school

>biology class
>sexual organs topic
>"user don't look it's not for you!"
>entire class burst in laughter for few minutes which feel like an eternity spend in abyss
roasties laughed the hardest

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>group work
>everyone finds a group but you
>whatever this project is easy I can do it on my own
>finish it and hand it in
>"user you were supposed to do this with a partner. I'm taking off 50% because you didn't follow instructions."

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>>assigned partners
>>End up doing all of the work
>>End up explaining this to the teacher
>>I represent alone
>>My representation was bad and i get a bad grade
>My classmates hate me too

>you're not funny.
kids are so fucking cruel

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>your smile is so gross
>where's your chin?
The girls were always nice to me though

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In highschool, me and my 2 closest friends went out every friday to eat kbbq at this place (they have a deal that's 10$ after 10pm) and we saw one of the "pretty and popular" girls outside after we were done eating at like 3 pm.
>I didn't know you guys went out
whatthefuck. as if everyone besides the "popular" kids can't go outside.

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i think she was calling you gay user

>sit down at lunch table
>everyone immediately stops talking and looks over at you

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I know what saved me through high school. that short chubby goddess that always defended the weak and everytime someone made fun of my stutter or pimples she was there to tell them to fuck off. I ended up stalking her every day after school until we graduated and she went to study abroad. she even asked the only guy that didnt have a date to prom so he wouldnt feel left out. 6 years later i still think about her all the time fuck

Based and Jose Mourinhopilled

>be loner
>didn't speak to anyone unless I had to
>teachers and school's therapist decide it'd be a great idea to threaten me with a suspension if I don't find a friend
>repeatedly tell them that I'm fine
>they don't believe me
>start lying that I made friends outside of school
>they actually believe it
I think they just didn't want to be blamed for not doing anything in case I shot up the school

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This thread is giving me fucking PTSD, school taught me to hate humanity.

Frik you OP I will post things that make me happy about school
>Having the option to do group projects by yourself
>Being the only student who read the assigned reading and was prepared for a quiz
>Finishing a term paper weeks before the due date and enjoying the hysteria of the other students the day before its due
>Having such a good grade in the class you can miss an entire test and pass with an A
>Being friends with the instructor and having them bump your grade
>Getting invited to a lunch for being a good student

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Fucking the janitor's vacuum isn't cool dude

Lunch time. No friends. Sit in library. Before cellphones. Just finish homework and die inside

When the college professor tries to tell you you cant leave until the bell rings.
mfw someone does anyway.

>That strange kid with no friends sits at our table and pretends he is our friend even though I was only friendly with him that one time we got paired up in class a few months ago

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>everyone thinks you're annoying

fuck my life

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>be very extrovertite in first year of Highschool
>talk quite a lot actually
>was feeling good
>classmates start telling shut up
>started overthinking and being too self-conscious.
>stopped talking all the time
>become an introvert
>actually feels kinda comfy even tough I want to hit my head on the walls.
>education system is shit
I realized humanity is doomed with all the stupid people polluting.

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>Don't shoot up the school user

>everyone doesnt like you because you have the best grades

Being smart is super comfy tho.

quick rundown on this kid
>terminally ill
>make a wish cucks get in touch with her, ask for her dying wish
>she wants to meet the ghostbusters
>they send the cast of the shitty remake instead of the original
>kid literally dies on the spot from an intense heart attack brought on by the shock and dissappintment of her final wish being cruelly ignored

>in highschool
>group of girls from school do "group rates" where u send them a selfie and they all rate it from 1-10
>my friend sends a selfie and gets 5's and 6's
>i send mine in and get 2's and 3's
>one girl doesn't even rate it and instead sends a crying laughing emoji

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I actually never minded group work excessively because I just made a deal at the start that I would do all the work and in exchange they'd do the presentation and leave me alone while I work.
What really fucked me over was when the school decided I should go to group therapy for my anxiety. Being about 14 I actually thought this would help me at the time. It was a group of 5 with 4 females and me, the therapist started the session by asking people to think of a time when they felt confident. The females all talked about being at parties and hanging out with their friends, and I legitimately couldn't think of anything. Cue the "you must have SOMEthing user", no you vapid whores I really don't.

>have circle of friends i played WoW with
>be the "weird" one of the group
>all the guys got hugs from the girls except me

>got caught jacking off in class

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>some dickhead made a fake account with my name and sent a bunch of threats to the school. Was labeled as a domestic terrorist and never fully recovered from the whole thing
>be innocent
>when one of the people you trusted or viewed as a friend calls you a terrorist or a school shooter for no reason
>people start being rude and ignore you for no reason
>when girls would be nice to you in your face but make fun of you once you leave
I was a nice person until I was forced into being a mean dickhead. I was nearly thrown out of school for beating up 22 kids in one year. I am now numb to all insults and pain you can try and inflict on me.
Though alot of girls were generally nice to me, the ones who actually came to know me became good friends with me. Some would even defend me against accusations and stuff. To those girls, I thank you you dont know how much it ment to me that you cared

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>basketball was what all the guys played
>always picked near last
>only really allowed to play because I was one of the tallest kids
>I was only used for rebounding
>hardly ever given the ball
I mean I was not really athletic but I was absolutely as good at shooting as those other fucks

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Sit in bathroom stall for a whole period. Listen to people taking shits next to me. Wish I was at home playing Rainbow Six

>last day of hs
>everyone says goodbye
>guys shake hands and pat each other on the back
>with girls it hugs and kisses on the cheek
>all I got was awkward handshakes

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I left early because some annoying Chad got his jaw busted.
Burned a patch as long as the school as I left

>accidentally liked oneitis's old facebook beach photo
>next day in class she asks me if i was on her facebook last night
>"i got a notification that you uploaded a new photo then i liked it before realizing it was old, i dont know why facebook did that"
>she buys it hook line and sinker
>fuck yeah
>accidentally like another one of her photos a couple days later
>get blocked the next time i check and she never says a word to me again

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do chads have post mordum boners?

They still like you enough to joke about you. Somedays I'm thankful I'm not that one kid that nobody talked to and everyone avoided. Those type of kids only hear their name from kids behind their back.

executed people can have boners, it's called a death erection

Demon trips

>not just downloading all her photos to view at your leissure offline without any risks

A chad can't hurt by a virgin. It's second grade science my man

Damn, they don't even want likes on their photos anymore, dumb bitches

>Be 5'11" 130lbs skeleton
>Everyone at my table starts to arm wrestle
>They ask me if I want to join
>"N-no, someone could get hurt"
>They all laugh at me
>Retard decides to arm wrestle standing up
>Falls over and sprains his ankle

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positive attention from unattractive men is insulting to the roast.

>I was 6'1 with similar weight
>same situation
>only that girls would challenge me
>a lose lose situation when you are considered a fucking creep that nobody likes

lol i never showed up on the last day, fucking hated my class

real talk right there
great times we live in

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Never happened to me but if that happened during high school, I would fucking die. It's such a killer phrase, bites through me like a fucking shark.

Suspension for being lonely is bullshit, I got away with so much even spitting on a teacher

>assigned partners
>my partners sigh because I am an autist and nobody wants to do a project with me

>free partners
>I end up alone because I have no friends and nobody wants to do a project with me

To be honest I preferred it like this. I dont trust any dumbass to even do half the work so I'd rather carry

Were you fucking 12? Cringe

>what's wrong with your face?
said randomly by a little kid while I was going to the bathroom