Every brown guy that has touched a white woman will get decapitated

Every brown guy that has touched a white woman will get decapitated

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Good, can we also decapitate every white guy that has touched a brown woman and call it even?

>Every brown guy that has touched a white woman will get decapitated
are they at fault tho? assuming the white slut was wiliing..

Cope. Neither of these things will ever happen

Kill yourself you worthless subhuman

>are they at fault tho?
>rolls a 711

subhuman trash

that's where you have gravely miscalculated as every subhuman shitskin who touched my women will get their heads chopped off

>Cope. Neither of these things will ever happen

This. If we are ever to avenge the honor of the white race, it will not be by mass movement or large-scale violence. The 20th century was uniquely suited to that kind of thing, and that time is past.

No, what we need is for the progress of technology to continue until expensive and difficult to master genetic modification technology becomes cheap enough for a small and dedicated group of men to use it to devise a pathogen to wipe out all browns and all people of mixed race. AND we need to do that before a similar group of dedicated BROWN men does it to us.

>my women
How can they touch something that doesn't exist?

It's my country and what I say goes. Brown guys who touch my women have to get decapitated and will get decapitated. Especially after all the 'snip" pysops they tried pushing on me. All brown men who touched a white women in the States will get their heads chopped off clean for trying to go after my dick

Don't worry shitskin you will get decapitated

Don't worry, white women won't touch brown guys with a 10 foot pole

what about yellow guys? why didnt you include me, are you a r*cist?

>It's my country


thats me and im yellow. you mad?

judging from the videos you're black

I only date and breed white womens

Tell me more about this pathogen idea. What would we need to get it started? In minecraft, I mean.

no im yellow

I suckle on white womens titties every week and neitjer of us disclose it to friends or family

Stay mad cumskin.

the joke was your videos only show a black screen with no footage, so it must mean you're black. But now I see you're actually just retarded

you have issues with your women to deal with

It is my country and I was showing mercy after all this time. Regardless if your an NBA player or a drug dealer if you touched my women you will get decapitated.

You'll get decapitated for touching my women

>shitskin speak

You're going to get decapitated
*chops your head off*


i got the joke.
you mad? im yellow

Take your schizo meds whiteboi before you start another school shooting

yew mad? im yellow r yew mad?

>*chops your head off*
beta as fuck.

I could do a lot more
you will get decapitated for touching my women. Asians are genetic trash like the subhuman browns

If i hear about one single beheading i will storm every white neighborhood in that area with a few friends and our .22 rifles the day after.

In minecraft

don't worry you and your subhuman tranny
brown friends will get decapitated

>this entire thread
You're only making me want to breed a blonde-haired, blue-eyed women with pale skin even more.
t. brown man

and you will get decapitated

You'll burn your OWN neighborhood down and then your inherent brown laziness and disorganization will take over.

Rhodesia will look like a picnic once we're finished

Dont try us cracker

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i touched your women. and it was sooooo gooood! (soo good)

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it was HELLA good (hell yea)

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absolutely and unironically based

also original

you're going to get decapitated you stupid tranny retard

not a tranny. im yellow and your women are sooo good! (hella good)

you clearly are a tranny as I helped you realized it

what i am is hella good! white women, fuck yeah!

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that girl in your image isn't white as she is some prostitute from brazil that has a crush on me


Germans migrated to SA. she's so goood! hella good

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You are going to get decapitated along with the rest of the vermin subhuman's who touch my women

as the subhuman shitskin think they won when they all will get decapitated

i touched your women. and i plan to touch them again. your women are just sooo goood.

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and I will decapitate you and all the others that have touched or have tried to touch

Stop spreading blasphemy while posting with that name you Satanic spic nigger cuck retard asshole moron seething dog KIKE

I am God you worthless subhuman tranny

as the subhuman shitskins try to co-opt me to conspire against me by stealing and trying to use my own impetus

i will touch your women. theyre just so good

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Keep seething, you're not making me want to breed a blonde any less.

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Deal. Let's unite the world by hanging all race traitors.

you trannies will get decapitated

i will touch your women, its so good.

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As the shills try to push psyops off of me they will get decapitated

And you will get decapitated you subhuman tranny

im going to touch your wonderful women. theyre so good.

>tfw accidentally touched white girl's hand when handing her a pencil
w-wwill i be okay right?

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does this bitch have a name or sauceee

I really wish I knew, user. Can't find a name for her anywhere.

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Any other black guys here who fucking love white women? I even had multiple fall in love with me, but I rejected them because I'm autistic as fuck. Gotta work on my personality so I can finally start fucking white women.

This originiggiloli

Post yfw the wh*te race will go extinct in your life time

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Not in our lifetimes. I give it a hundred more years.

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Maybe in those hundred years those sissies will learn to serve brown bulls

Respect your lord and saviour Jesus Christ you sinner!

I can't wait for mine

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I love how you're namefagging as "Christ" and then spout vile hatred. Kudos.

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How do you like your sissies, fellow bull?

>Yes, goyim
>Racemixing bad
>Keep fighting each other

I am going to get decapped by you then? Good to know. I have fucked some white women in the past, they love my cock. Can you say the same cumskin?

It's the whore woman that should be beheaded.