Living in rural upstate ny is the worst thing that can happen to you

Living in rural upstate ny is the worst thing that can happen to you

>live in upstate ny
>worst place in the world
>literally the coldest place in the world
>look up cities that are quote on quote cold
>its 20 or 30 degrees here with 8 feet of snow
>look up weather in ohio
>50-60 SUNNY
>look up weather in Chicago
>50-60 SUNNY
>look up weather in Alaska
>slightly warmer less snow sunnier gets warm out quicker
>look up weather in Sweden
>50-60 SUNNY
>look up weather in Russia
>50-60 SUNNY
>literally everything is warmer than upstate ny
>literally the coldest places on earth dont have shit on this place
>Sweden Russia Chicago ohio and Alaska are subtropical compared to here
>even like 1/4 of canada is even warmer than where i live
>literally the entire world is sub tropical
>fucking shit hole places like Chicago, BC, and the northwest have fucking palm trees and warm weather
>everyone is mean here
>nothing but bitchy old white people
>the people here are crazy
>everyone is angry, everyone is a dick to you, everyone is snippy sarcastic and rude
>the people here only hang out with their cousins and exclude everyone and everyone just shit talks and hates each other
>look at the local social media here
>girls with tattoos
>girls with 5 kids
>fat chicks dating typical ugly sunburnt looking rednecks with beards and a beer gut looking ugly as fuck wearing dirty unstylish clothes
>all we get is basic doctors every specialist is 5-12 hours away
>if you ever need on the spot surgery GUESS WHAT...FUCKED
>have to have a fucking helicopter come out from 5 hours while you sit there and bleed out and die and they have to airlift you 300 miles before you receive any medical attention
>fucking non stop icy death trap roads

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>roads are all thin, dark, not enough room for 2 cars, fucking twists, turns, hills, fucking bug ass giant trucks coming at you 70mph with big ass bright lights blinding you, fucking deer running out in the road, nothing along the roads besides fucking dense as fuck woods and giant fucking snow banks, with fucking ice, snow, unplowed roads, fucking massive potholes on roads with not even enough fucking room for 2 cars
>if a big redneck truck is coming on the road on the other side you literally have to stop slow down and pull off to the side or drive 60 mph through the dirt on the side of the road to get by
>not even cool drugs out here like ecstasy xanax and lean just brain dead rednecks shooting up synthetic heroin and drinking beer and smoking cigarettes
>worst laws in the world
>even if you commit a minor crime here its like 10 years probation, worst strict probation in the world, go to prison over crimes that wouldnt even get you in any trouble in other states or countries
>nothing to do but get drunk and high
>nothing but fucking overfunded cops here harassing people killing what little fun there is
>5 hours from an amusement park
>25 hours from a beach
>7 hours from a big city everyones too poor to visit
>people just sit here getting drunk working shit jobs and angrily hating each other and fucking fat chicks or fighting all day
>fucking literally everyone i know goes to the psych center in straigh jackets and has to eat a handful of pills every day or they snap and go crazy

I FUCKING HATE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Accurate, all of it. If not the weather stuff then the people, I'm not quite rural but the people here fucking SUUUUUUCK

If you live in Binghamton or buffalo or something you have it 10000x better. Imagine your life now but 10000x worse. I fucking HATE god

Thank you for this, probation-nigger-user. Thank you.

The more detail that you add to your suffering the more I enjoy it.

I really like the touch of the deer running out into the road. That's quite beautiful, really. That actually convinces me that you've lived this experience.

>I fucking HATE god

Why did your parents impose themselves on a nice white rural town?

You describe them as total deadbeats. In a city they'd live in the local nigger housing project. That would be better for you - more black girl JB for you to try to fuck.

I really am trapped in the coldest place in the face of the earth and the saddest and worse than Africa

Closer to Rochester

>closer to nyc
>closer to darian lake
>semi functioning economy
>close to the city

Yeah no. That is mild suffering but this is like cold sub 3rd world country African suffering

Get really into videogames user, thats what i did when my parents moved to the middle of nowhere

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It looks like hell. I drove from New York City to Montreal recently and there was just nothing. It was kinda pretty there but it just seems unpleasant

I tried but I already played them all. I got into sim racing because I cant play video games anymore but it costs 1300 dollars for just a decent setup. I got a 300 dollar one right now and need to spend 1000 more to make it serious plus my body is fucked up and hard to play it

I have sat in my room and played games since 12 years old. I have played just about every genre a million times on every console since the original Xbox

I kek'd irl, have a (you), friend

why the fuck do i always see this image?

>That is mild suffering

Man, when you're jealous of the Rochester user...that's pretty low, brah. Rochester is one of the worst places in the country. Rochester is Gary-tier bad.

You make it sound worse than it is

Im 6 hours north of Rochester in Canada and it was 44 Celsius the other week

Its literally worse than hell. Its worse than anything you can imagine. Imagine being in the coldest most rural poorest part of all this shit and trapped out with the worst life out of anyone here. I FUCKING HATE GOD.

And then every time you go outside god strikes you down and makes your life a living hell and traps you here. I even got a shit load of money off running a successful scam/business but i have no reason to have it. I cant spend it on anything. Theres nothing to do out here. Theres nothing i can that i enjoy. I dont wanna spend it and be a poor hillbilly trapped out here even worse. Literally m entire is just in limbo and wasted

At least in high school i had a few girlfriends and smoked weed and had friends and shit but even that shit was mediocre compared to the rest of the world and everything outside of that has just been hell. Total fucking hell. I hate fucking god

The only time I leave the house is for more suffering and I am so god damn sad. It is fucking cold and dark here all year and my house is so god damn cold I cant leave my room and I dont even get Christmas or anything


sorry i got no advice but is there any way to change your circumstances?

Dude I know. Imagine it being more. 6 hours from a small city. Even more poor. Even more isolated. Even more sad

Buffalo and Rochester are fucking hell and my life is 100000x worse. At least in buffalo you get concerts and Darien lake and shit. NOT ME. I dont even get that. Growing up I had no amusement park, no concerts, no friends, NOT EVEN A FUCKING CHUCKY E CHEESE OR AN ARCADE



And the only fun shit out here like paintball and four wheelers I was too poor to do and had no friends anyways. Not even a shitty person just no one out here. As soon as I get money god rips away my ability to get dirt bikes cars and move away

Holy fuck I hate god

Nah man not with god I just wanna come here and complain otherwise I scream at the walls and punch them or just lay down and scream and cry

Where you live, OP? I grew up in Oswego, and it's about as shitty as what you're describing, though your hometown sounds more like Gouverneur

Fav 360 game?

I like bk nuts n bolts and dragon age origins

Ah, the story has grown to two posts now. This is a fascinating family of pastas. Notice he still makes sure to mention probation to bait out replies about him being a criminal so he can spam "I hate god" and create conflict based on the perception of misplaced blame. Cold, probation, I hate god user is a true fixture of Jow Forums.
Truly remarkable.

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I really only do sim racing I dont think I have any games I like anymore. I used to like halo 2 and call of duty but its boring now I cant even look at it

I used to like getting stoned out of my mind and playing mmos

I wish lol gouveneur is like a massive city compared to this hell hole. Everything up at the north border from Plattsburgh to Syracuse is a fucking hell hole and worse than anything. I wish there was at least one fucking girl out here or one nice person

>I even got a shit load of money off running a successful scam/business but i have no reason to have it. I cant spend it on anything.

Uh....use it to move to a city that you think doesn't suck ass? Seems obvious. God probably doesn't exist OP so you've got to get out yourself or your situation won't change.

I cant do that. God sabotaged me so I have no options otherwise I would. My life is literally impossible and god strikes me down

What mmos fren

I got really into phantasy star online on a gamecube hack server last year, now im playing ffxiv this year

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I used to play wow I tried playing RuneScape again but its pretty fucking stupid. When I was a fat dweeb in middle school I played every generic Korean mmo there was

Gta online was probably the best one

Would you stop ranting about god and actually explain why you can't move? It sounds like you're the only reason you won't leave. Just get out. It sounds like you hate your area with a passion so use common sense and leave.

>Would you stop ranting about god and actually explain why you can't move?

He's on probation and his PO won't let him leave his county.

Get with the board lore, newfag.

try edmonton alberta fucktard
it's like detroit
but less niggers
more poos
and c o l d

Yeah that sounds like shit man, i live just east of Syracuse about 20 minutes. Please share some stories I didn't know it was this bad in the more rural areas.

I must have missed that in the thread. Still doesn't parole end eventually? Save and move when it's over.

Its 10000x linger in ny then anywhere else and its worse here than anywhere else and the way it goes with god if that doesnt trap me here something else will

i know how you feel user
my stupid parents used to always bounce from east pembroke to corfu, leroy and pavilion

its like bumfuck texas but cold and everyone is rude

hope it gets better user

shouldn't do illegal shit if your gonna get caught m8.
learn your lesson, stop blaming things out of controll and fix yourself, fucking lazy degenerate.

Man if I had the warm and beaches and shit like Texas I would not be mad plus no where in Texas is 8 hours from a city

It's not that great. summer is full of construction, winter is full of ice.

Its god god sabotaged me plus there is nothing out here to do but get high and it was an attack from god

trust me its still hell
small town texas is your last bus stop before hell

>everyone either does meth or is filthy fucking rich
>Jow Forumstards but 40+
>no one is really happy but tries anyway
>no fucking privacy
>walmart is only place to buy food at a decent price
>no fucking jobs anywhere unless you want to play the oil worker game
>no way to educate yourself

basically the only way you get out is you win the lottery or join the military

Trust me dude my life is worse. In Texas you can move to Dallas or Houston cheap as fuck. Its literally -20 degrees here every day for 8 months out of the year and my house is so cold i have to wear a hat and mittens to leave my room and still cold. Plus i have ptsd and god traps me in my ptsd and my parents are poorer than people in Africa and i constantly have god making my life a living hell on top of this literally suicide is the only way out